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I agree that in every ethnic/racial group, women are working hard to close the gap of gender disparity.
However, I feel strange that people would view women of any race as victims under whatever framework.

For example, WF as members of white community, can claim innocence of racism because they are the victims of sexism imposed by WM. If anything regarding race relation went wrong, it must be the fault of WM. Nevertheless, I think sexism and racism are problems of different dimensions; the only thing these two issues have in common is any person believes in equal right should fight for.

I agree that negative stereotype, social engineering are mostly planned and executed by WM, but this does not justify “the perceived innocent” position of WF in racism. A WF can be victim in sexism and racist against people of color at the same time. For men of color, this is true in especially dating scene; arguably, AM have it the worst in some areas within Anglosphere. I myself as a FOB AM have very deep feeling after trying out local dating market in a very white region.

People who advocate innocence of WF explained that WF turn back on men of color in dating scene exclusively due to oppression imposed by WM. I believe this is to some extent true, but nowhere close to the major reason. The thing is WF buy and help propagate those negative stereotypes on men of color. It’s hard to take anti-miscegenation still socially exists against AM in the 21st century. Upon the racial disparity, I don’t see any clear pattern that WF show more empathy to POC than WM.

At the end of the day, both WM and WF are still whites. We can still communicate with white individuals who are interested in struggles of women of color and men of color, respectively. However, it’s not realistic to expect them to fight for us. Most of them simply don’t see much benefit to treat us better. Indifference would be the best gift from most of them. Ones who demonstrate mild attitude are already appreciated; it’s hard for us to ask more.

In comparison, women of color fall victim to both racism and sexism. Although AF practically enjoy more flexible mobility than AM in western society, this mobility derived from different degrees of racism imposed on AF and AM; one group is fetishized while the other group is emasculated. But frankly speaking, AF still suffer from sexism imposed by men of any race from time to time. Women of color, especially AF, are really the ones I should demonstrate full support.

Claiming Lus are majority of AF is simply not true; I don’t wish to magnify their importance, Lus are just pedestrians who may badmouth Asian (men) community sometimes. The harm on AZN caused by Lus are way less than that caused by white society. More controversially, I even don’t have much bad feelings about Lus compared to about WF. For me, Lus are simply soulless follower of WF, aiming to gain acceptance from white society. Most AF are lovely ones who have common visions of life with AM, and are worthy of spending future together. This is the argument from the bottom of my heart which I hesitated to tell in reddit. I am all for equality. Feminism is well-intentioned movement aiming for gender equality. I believe it’s not a zero-sum game between Asian feminists and AM; gender equality is not contradictory to Asian well-being. Truly, some AF throw themselves to WM in the name of feminism; but they are not representative in the demographics of AF. I believe Asian feminists have better chance to reach a win-win situation when cooperating with AM than with WM. Please acknowledge AM are born to cherish AF. How clueless most WM are to AF is just like how clueless most AM are to WF. Although I respect the liberty of interracial relationship, it should be initiated out of mutual respect and common interest rather than racial fetish or colonial patriarchy. Due to some reasons, the difference lies in AF are more tolerant to men from different culture than WF. I actually appreciate this quality and see AF as more open-minded than WF, although factor of social status should be taken into account.

Last but not the least, I don’t believe liberal whites are the greatest asset for any pan-Asian movement. The greatest assets are AF and AM who are willing to dig into the problem, speak out, work together to find a solution, and hand-in-hand build a better future. The greatest assets are Asians, despite most are not very aware of social issues, work hard to build the safety net for their families at the same time ensure the prosperity of Asian community. We might be minority in America, but we are majority in the world. Asians for the win.

Excuse me for my rant. This is anger section, isn’t it?

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I read everywhere online about how AFs in WMAFs are bothered by seeing AMWFs. But what I never understood was why they were so bothered by AMs dating out if all they cared about were chasing WMs anyways? I can understand an AF who prefers only AMs getting bothered by AMWFs or AMXFs because they will perceive that as less choice of AMs in the pool to choose from and since they prefer AMs only, that’s understandable. But not white-worshipping Lus. That, I don’t understand. If anything, shouldn’t the Lus be happy for AMWFs since that would mean Asians are finally accepted by all whites if more and more wfs go for AMs? Isn’t being absorbed/assimilated by whites what they’ve always wanted?

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Asian cultures have long been rooted in conservative ideology, due to having deep roots in Confucianism which emphasized the importance of nuclear families and how husband, wife and children support/respect each other. While many may argue that having our culture with its historical background within conservatism is “close-minded” or “backwards”, I’d argue against that since nuclear families had long been one of the cornerstones of civilization to begin with. Additionally, nationalism/racial homogeneity not only seeks to maintain our own culture as mainstream in our own (Asian) countries (by preventing multiculturalism), but it also seeks to reinforce that we do not racially mix, which for those who love our own racial features and see ourselves as the most attractive, is a good thing. Hence why I hope that Asian countries today are still as conservative as they once were. I do not want us to be overrun by groups of people who look nothing like us nor do I want our (Confucianist/nuclear family) culture completely replaced nor do I want lgbtq to be completely normalized (I have nothing against gays, but in my perspective, I see it as a mental disorder that needs to be treated as such, not normalized. That being said, I have nothing against gay marriage because I do believe even mentally ill individuals deserve the right to be happy). It would be devastating to see our ancestral lands to exhibit the same kind of western degeneracy that promotes women sharing the same restrooms with men who imagine themselves to be women or hatred of our own race touted as being “progressive.”

Note to @secondstrike , I realize this topic is very controversial and if you feel it’s best to remove it due to optic’s sake or whatnot, feel free to. I just wanted to post it here because some of us were talking about it in the slack but I felt the topic was too heavy to discuss it there.

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Europe has welcomed [willingly or unwillingly] refugees caused by the illegal invasions led by America and supported by their European allies. As a result, at least according to news, there have been a long list of sexual assaults and even some terrorist attacks. Negative reactions and condemnation has been quick and, I believe, a big push behind the alt-right/nationalist movements across Europe.

Across Asia, we have an even longer history of sexual assaults and terrorist attacks in the form of actual invasions: first from illegal wars of aggression and later, the epidemic of rapists/pedophiles/sex tourists disguised as incompetent “ESL teachers”. This has lasted for decades. Why isn’t there more of an uproar? Why aren’t these Asian men protecting their daughters, sisters, wives, etc?

This is one of the main reasons behind the prevalence of afwm. Whites are highly territorial and react aggressively when encroached upon. Asians, especially East Asians, heap undeserved white privilege on actual pedophiles and sex tourists.

The power has always been in the Asian man’s hands. They need to stop punching themselves in the nuts with it.

ps - you guys are geniuses at annihilating your soft power - total naturals…fucking idiots.

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In geopolitics, the term Thucydides Trap refers to fear induced in an established power by a rising power which escalates toward a war.

The main actors are an ascendant China and a declining American regime.


National Profiles

Given China’s consistently benign behaviors and America’s aggressive and expansionist behaviors, I contend that if such a war were to happen, America would start it.

Proof for my views.

● Post WW2, after the defeat of Imperial Japan, China allowed Japanese occupiers and soldiers to go home unharmed. This is very rare.
● India started a War against China in 1962. China won and withdrew. This is very rare.
● Vietnam wanted to create an IndoChinese empire by annexing Laos and Cambodia, who requested China’s assistance, which was provided. After the war ended, China withdrew again.

● Founded their country with mass rape and genocide
● Built it through slavery
● Overthrew numerous countries
● Committed genocide across the planet–Updated/dp/1567512526/
● Showed pure brutality towards civilians in its illegal wars based on lies


Drivers for War

● America is highly in debt, at last count, 20 trillion, excluding unfunded liabilities. It’s headed towards bankruptcy and the only thing keeping it afloat is the petrodollar scam.
● The petrodollar scam itself is under attack. More nations are tapping into clean renewable energy as the price of technology continues to fall. The East Asian nations have already begun talks about a super energy grid delivering renewable energy throughout East and South East Asia [possibly South Asia too]. With far less demand for oil, it doesn’t matter much that if oil is priced in USD.
● A RAND report claimed that the window of American military superiority is shrinking fast. Translation: If we have to fight, we need to fight now before China matches our capability.
● America is losing its competitive advantage in brains, technology, and trade. What gave America a huge edge in the past was its ability to brain drain the entire world after the devastating world wars, which advanced its technologies, and gave its corporations dominance in trade. Secretly transferring Nazi scientists also helped []. The countries devastated by the world wars have since recovered/are recovering. The trajectory for USA is bleak and grows dimmer each day. An instructive example is the crushing defeat of GoPro Karma vs DJI’s Maverick. The former was plagued with complaints and even suffered fatal defects. The latter was showered with praise for its beautiful compact design, impressive battery life, advanced AI, and price - a home run. Today, DJI commands 70% of the world’s drone market. In industry after industry in the medium technology segment, this pattern has repeated. The push for Made BY China [not just assembled but designed] will continue that trend into the high tech arena, the last real bastion of American [by America, I mean Chinese and South Asian] dominance. TCL tvs, Huawei telecommunication equipment, and WeChat are just the beginning.
● White Christian racism. For the past 200+ years, Whites have controlled much of the world and have gotten used to this unnatural and illegitimate position to such an extent that they think it’s normal instead of the anomaly that it is. Prior to the disturbance of the world order, it was China, India, and the Middle East that led the world.
● White extreme jealousy and envy and fragility. Familicide is something that is nearly exclusively committed by white, non-hispanic, males. That is, they slaughter their entire family when things aren’t going well for them. Admittedly, it is rare, but it’s clearly a racial trait of white males. This may sound crazy but keep in mind, they think losing privileges = white genocide™. If that isn’t insane, I don’t know what is.
● Less obvious factors are opportunistic state actors who would incite war to weaken both parties. However, I find this unrealistic as the possibility of MAD would deter them.


Drivers against War

● Mutually Assured Destruction [MAD] with nuclear weapons.
● Protesters - Yes, protesters. Whites have consistently been fed lies/fake pretexts to invade countries, but they were almost always weak countries. Wars against Asians has largely been painful for them - Philippines, Japan, Korea, Vietnam - and this time it’s a technological near-peer China. I doubt they want to see their kids come back in body bags especially if they can’t handle sandal-wearing insurgents in the Middle East. This will be an extremely hard war to sell regardless of what lies American leaders tell.
● Trade: especially Westerners with investments in China. They won’t want their investments blown up.
● Governments who rely on trade with China eg Australia. I think one of the big reasons for China’s global engagement in trade is not just economic, but geopolitical. Such dependency upon China, makes her indispensable. Without a word, these countries will loudly protest any action that could kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.



If America learns to stfu, China will rise peacefully, and probably improve lives around the world. Doubters can look at the One Belt One Road, AIIB, and mutually beneficial development already taking place in Africa. One African put it this way, “China has done more for us in the past 10 years than Whites have in the past century”.

If America goes full “Christian salvation”, they will do so against the rest of the world’s objections and leave humanity with a nuclear holocaust that will make their genocide against the First Nations look like a picnic. Most of us will be dead. Any survivors will have to wait out 10 years of nuclear winter to rebuild.

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