Consequences -- European refugee crisis vs East Asian white male sexpat crisis - interesting contrast and lessons for Asian men. [case study]

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    Europe has welcomed [willingly or unwillingly] refugees caused by the illegal invasions led by America and supported by their European allies. As a result, at least according to news, there have been a long list of sexual assaults and even some terrorist attacks. Negative reactions and condemnation has been quick and, I believe, a big push behind the alt-right/nationalist movements across Europe.

    Across Asia, we have an even longer history of sexual assaults and terrorist attacks in the form of actual invasions: first from illegal wars of aggression and later, the epidemic of rapists/pedophiles/sex tourists disguised as incompetent “ESL teachers”. This has lasted for decades. Why isn’t there more of an uproar? Why aren’t these Asian men protecting their daughters, sisters, wives, etc?

    This is one of the main reasons behind the prevalence of afwm. Whites are highly territorial and react aggressively when encroached upon. Asians, especially East Asians, heap undeserved white privilege on actual pedophiles and sex tourists.

    The power has always been in the Asian man’s hands. They need to stop punching themselves in the nuts with it.

    ps - you guys are geniuses at annihilating your soft power - total naturals…fucking idiots.

  • @secondstrike Yikes, when you put it that way, that’s definitely something to worry about :anguished:

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    @natalie_ng Hope so. A common trait among extinct people is a pacifist mindset. I write more about that here

  • Don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say as justification for why AMs are so passive in the face of white rapists/sexpats/pedophiles because I, too, hope to see more assertive/aggressive AMs when it comes to encountering white douchebags. But my theory is that the whites tend to be more aggressive because they are closer to nature/less evolved (hence why their civilizations are newer than ours) so they are still very much deeply connected to their animal instincts such as territorialism. Whereas Asians are more evolved, much further away from base animal instincts (in fact, I think we lost most of it) and as a result, not as aggressive/territorial and treat everyone with hospitality (because that’s what most civilized people do).

    But I still think that it’s completely possible for Asians to relearn that animal instinct just as humans can still learn how to swim even though we lost the natural capability to be able to swim without learning like other animals are able to.

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