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This Japanese guy (which again, marks another Japanese on a similar topic) defends the non-Asian cast

The reasoning used is the same as any other excuse for VA’s. The best voice actor should get the role. Except it NEVER HAPPENS THAT WAY. It’s just another excuse to use all white VA’s. This time, people are getting really sick of it and Kubo is bombing in theaters right now. Aloha, a movie that actually had a hapa role go to a full white actress, also bombed in a similar fashion.

In one of ThatJapaneseManYuta’s videos, Japanese defend the casting of non-Asian actors in Ghost In the Shell. They even go as far and say that they prefer a white actor/actress.

Ultimately what it comes down to is this:

  • Asians in Asia live in 99% Asian populated countries. Racial discrimination doesn’t exist for them.
  • Asians in Asia have no problem with representation of their own.
  • With no racial discrimination present, Asians in Asia lack racial awareness and do not even know when they are being discriminated against. For example, in Yuta’s video, it literally had to be spelled out to them that Asians were discriminated against and race played a factor. But in the end, they didn’t care. If Asian-Americans were as indifferent as Japanese we’d have absolutely nothing. The crazy part is that we’re really close to that.
  • Asians in Asia do not live here. They do not know or sympathize with our struggles. If you throw nationality hatred in there, it’s even worse.

Excluding self-hating PAA trash, I’d say that Asians in America are stronger than Asians in Asia. Some of us are involuntary celibate but that doesn’t take away the fact that we’re thrown enormous abuse and we’re still standing. The relative safety of Asian society leads to spoiled, entitled people who squabble about insignificant shit meanwhile, western Asians like us know that whites want to essentially mix and delete Asia from the rest of the world. We’re actually the front lines to stop that from happening b/c we actually know wtf is going on and what people are saying. Asians in Asia owe US a debt of gratitude. Not the other way around.

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They are teaching women to kill men
This is getting ridiculous. When will men stand up and fight them? Their lives are now on the line and men are expected to do nothing. This is the future for AA men in the US unless they stand up and learn to protect themselves.

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John Cho recently did an interview with Vulture and said that:

Particularly Asian men, I feel, we suffer more than Asian women, because we’re told we’re not worth anything in general.

Twitter exploded with Asian American activists saying how John Cho should be checking his male privilege and that Asian American men can be misogynistic and oppressive of Asian American Women.

What do you guys think? Are Asian American men oppressing Asian American women? If so, what’s the difference between toxic Asian American Masculinity and toxic Masculinity from other ethnic groups, particularly from white and black groups?

In my humble opinion, I don’t think that targeting Asian American men specifically really does anything but further divide the Asian American community. Some have said that Asian American men model their masculinities off of white and black role models and thus overcompensate for being emasculated by western society in general. If this is the case, then shouldn’t we be focusing on the root of the issue, the emasculation of Asian American males and the dismantling of the white supremacist system that oppresses both Asian American men and women?

I’ve heard some Asian American women say that Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw are the product of toxic Asian Masculinity. Is this true?

Once again, I have to disagree with this assessment, simply because these two half-Asian American men were products of parents that were a white father and an Asian mother. If these men really got their masculinities from Asian culture, it must’ve been from their mothers… If not, then they must’ve gotten them from their white fathers, making their attitudes white in nature. Rodger’s manifesto revealed how proud he was to be descended from British aristocracy and found Asian men hideously ugly. He was enraged at the sight of Asian men chatting up white women. He killed three of his Asian male roommates by stabbing them multiple times. Similarly, in interviews with his victims, they revealed that Holtzclaw raped them while asking them how they liked his WHITE penis inside of them. These men both clearly identified as white supremacist men.

Some Asian American women say that Asian American men have “privilege”. Do you agree with this?

Nope. Scroll down to “But Asian men are men therefore they have privilege and are part of the problem, aren’t they?”

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