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Sammy Lee, First Asian-American Man to Earn Olympic Gold, Dies at 96

In the golden California summers before World War II, Sammy Lee, a Korean-American, was just one of the “colored” boys in the Pasadena pool on Wednesdays. That was “International Day,” when Asian, black and Latino children were allowed to swim. After they were gone, the pool was drained and refilled with clean water for the white children who came every other day of the week.

Years later, fulfilling a vow to his father, he stood on the high diving platform at the Olympic Games in London and looked down at cheering crowds. It was like standing atop a three-story building. But he had long ago conquered his fear of heights, and of bigotry. He was a doctor and a compact athlete representing the United States.

He ran forward and rose majestically into the air.

Dr. Sammy Lee, who died of pneumonia on Friday in Newport Beach, Calif., at age 96, faced prejudice growing up, and discrimination when he tried to buy a home in a white community in Southern California. But he also became the first Asian-American man to earn Olympic gold, and the first American to win consecutive gold medals in Olympic platform diving. (The Filipino-American diver Victoria Manalo Draves won a gold medal two days before he did.)

The University of Southern California announced his death on its website.

Dr. Lee won a gold medal in 10-meter platform diving and a bronze in 3-meter springboard diving at the 1948 Olympics in London, and a gold in platform diving at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, Finland. He also won three national diving championships as a collegian in the 1940s and was named America’s outstanding amateur athlete of 1953 by the Amateur Athletic Union.
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Their Golden Years JULY 21, 2012

He became an ambassador to the Olympics for Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan; coached Greg Louganis, Bob Webster and other American diving champions, as well as the American diving team at the 1960 Olympics in Rome; and was elected to the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1968 and the United States Olympic Hall of Fame in 1990.

An ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr. Lee was an Army major and medical officer in the Korean War. But in 1955, as he ended eight years of military service, all his achievements did not spare him from racial discrimination when he tried to buy a home in Garden Grove, a booming postwar community in Orange County, where he wanted to open a medical practice. When turning him away, real estate agents were candid.

“I’m sorry, Doctor,” he remembered one telling him, “but I have to eat, and I’d lose my job for selling to a nonwhite.”

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Whatever pretense, and it was always a pretense, of America being a melting pot of “post-racial” rainbows has been wiped off like yellowface makeup.

Donald Trump, a vile, racist, misogynistic, sleazeball is the new president of the USA.


Who voted him in? Tens of millions of primarily white men and women.


Education, gender, age, and income all made a difference, but race was the key factor, by far.






The Idiocracy has arrived


There are many dangers and blessings ahead depending on where you live.

Asians living in America

You are in danger. Trump is a demagogue

political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

He ascended to presidency on a platform of racism, hate, and empty promises. He promised Americans a miracle…which he cannot deliver. That is…

● The greatest danger of all - the combo of empty promises and scapegoating.

The risk of making grandiose and unrealistic promises is that when reality dashes those inflated expectations people become even more discouraged, more cynical and perhaps even more prone to violence

Trump’s empty promises - Baltimore Sun:


Why is this dangerous?

Manufacturing jobs haven’t disappeared just because of trade deals and imports and foreign tariffs. Today’s manufacturers use everything from robots to product-tracking systems to trim costs and increase efficiency and quality…other countries are not responsible for “stealing” them for us. Instead of blaming China, Japan and Mexico for America’s loss of manufacturing jobs, Trump should instead blame the innovative “Made-in-the-USA” technologies

Why Donald Trump won’t be able to bring US factory jobs back - unless he can negotiate with progress and technology - AEI | Carpe Diem Blog » AEIdeas:


The areas of greatest danger are the hollowed out manufacturing areas. I predict many more Vincent Chin-like situations because Trump can’t get those jobs back and he will continue to point fingers at innocent people like us for “stealing them”.

● He legitimizes racists and is supported by the racist KKK and alt-right

Being president legitimizes his dangerously racist and baseless views into the mainstream. What was once “politically incorrect” will be given a new lease on life - to become acceptable and even encouraged.

The white resentment over “political correctness” that has kept their worst instincts locked up will now unleash itself and lash out against the minorities who they hate for any reason - real or imagined eg China bashing.

Asians living in Asia

Assuming he sticks to his foreign policy objectives, this could be the end of American hegemony in the Asia region. He promises to pull back American military bases from the region.

He also promises to get close to Putin, which is a mixed bag. It’s uncertain how such a reversal of attitudes will affect the Chinese/Russian cooperation that has, for the past few years, held the American regime at bay.

Similarly, in trade, he opposes the TPP, which was designed to be an economic noose around China’s neck. It seems to have already failed, but Trump’s opposition towards the TPP is welcomed.

He wishes to use tariffs against China, which will likely backfire due to the complexity of trade networks and counter-tariffs.

The only thing that is concerning is his views on nukes and war. I hope the quote of him asking why can’t we use nukes is just fabricated. Otherwise, he’s mentally unsound to command the world’s most powerful military.

The racist blessing in disguise

Without the temporary mask of “political correctness”, whites reveal themselves to largely be the racist we long suspected. And now, we have undeniable proof. This could be a major turning point in the awakening of all Asians that includes the dismantling of PAA “progressive Asian activists”, a sarcastic term for self-hating Asian activists who care about everyone except Asians. In America, these lunatics are one of the largest and most vocal group of activists speaking on our behalf…

Sexpats, losers, and other degenerates in Asia will hopefully get some reciprocal treatment seeing as the gloves are off.

End of American empire. Rise of Asian power. Relative world peace.

I don’t know Trump’s exact plans regarding USA’s militaristic policies. If, however, he does turn more isolationist and pulls troops back especially out of the Middle East, he could unknowingly end the petrodollar system. See…America is in a bind. It’s supported by a endless credit card called the petrodollar. Nations that try to end it by switching to another currency, have been overthrown by the US military [Iraq and Libya for example].

If Trump ends its militarism in the Middle East then the petro dollar system will eventually end and with it the American empire. It’s a big if.

Thinking ahead

Over the next few days and weeks, us Western Asians need to organize and prepare for the increase in anti-Asian hate violence. Britain’s ‘Brexit’, founded on similar nativist sentiments saw a surge of anti-Asian hate crimes.

After some thought, I think it’s only responsible that I share their [white people] perspective.

A more nuanced view

Although for minorities like us, race is the big issue, Trump didn’t just get elected on that alone. To understand why Trump got elected, one needs to look at how whites feel about their country and their candidates. A few themes emerge.

● [not sure about this point. see below]They are sick of candidates that pander to the elites at the expense of the average citizen [see Princeton study, US is an oligarchy]. That citizen has seen his quality of life eroded by changing demographics due to immigration, loss of jobs due to automation and offshoring, and a debt-enslaved society [eg college debt with shrinking job opportunities]. A big part of their disillusionment isn’t something a political party can fix. The American baby boomer generation enjoyed an unprecedented situation - the destruction of many of the world’s largest/developed nations post WW2 leaving USA the sole power to monopolize markets and drain the world of its best brains. It’s much harder to be “superior” when your competitors are no longer in stretchers.

Fact is, media keeps telling the wrong story- they say this is a “white working class revolt”. But people making under 50K went for Clinton. Every income bracket above 50K went to Trump… The WhitePride white person is not the hillbilly or the white guy “on the other side of the railroad tracks” who you never see. He’s your neighbor.

credit to Arcterex

● They are sick of the constant wars that kill its children, hurt the budget, the incite anti-American/anti-white hatred.

● They are sick of the extreme liberals who have pushed political correctness too far by accusing even the tiniest things as being racism.

● They are sick of deep-rooted corruption. Hilary herself is a war criminal as were Obama and GW Bush. These criminals bail out the corrupt while leaving the little guy to suffer.

● The men are sick of extreme feminism and the resulting misandry. Being told you have privilege and to stop oppressing people when they [from their point of view] have done nothing is grating.

● This isn’t just in their heads. Their rates of depression and suicide have been rising in the past few years. The pain is real.

For those reasons and more, it’s understandable why they would vote trump.

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update: It’s worse than I thought. The vile racist, Donald Trump, is the new President of the USA

This is one of the most common excuses and the 2016 American election performance shatters this nonsense, but especially so for white men.

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is a racist misogynist who “grabs her by the pussy”

He wants to deport hispanic immigrants who he describes as low lives and rapists.

He hates China and openly supports the alt-right which is a white nationalist anti non-white group.

Who would vote for such a disgusting white man?

Tens of millions of white men vote for this racist misogynist. That’s who.

The gender split is similarly historic, with Trump’s support 22 points higher among white male registered voters than white female registered voters (69 vs. 47 percent), double the largest gap between these groups in previous presidential elections (11 points in 2000).

Trump leads Clinton 76 to 14 among white men without college degrees,


Donald Trump is splitting the white vote in ways we’ve never seen before - The Washington Post:

Those guys who are voting for this degenerate are the SAME ones that love Asian women because they hate equality, hate feminism, hate modernity. You think I’m joking?

In the 1970s when conservative White men grew discontent with the American feminist movement and White women’s ensuing push for liberation, they turned to the mail order bride industry in East Asia.
with ‘good old fashioned values.’ Guided by sexual stereotypes of Asian women as subservient, these men saw Asian mail order brides as the much welcomed antithesis to the White American woman. Where the White feminist woman actively resisted subjugation, the Asian woman was portrayed as enjoying it.
[Regarding Asian females] She is presented as the perfect complement to the exaggerated masculinity of the White Man, existing solely to serve men and be sexually consumed by them. Oriental Girls (1990), an article published in Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ), described the Western male’s fantasy of the Asian female - She doesn’t go to assertiveness training classes, insist on being treated like a person, fret about career moves, wield her orgasm as a non negotiable demand . . . She’s there when you need shore leave from those angry feminist seas.

White Sexual Imperialism: A Theory of Asian Feminist Jurisprudence

See more here

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I highlighted what I believe are strong angles of attack since Western media constantly violates these areas.

I think waiting until filming costs have been sunk before reporting is optimal to inflict maximum damage. Harsh lessons will educate them quicker.


Beijing (AFP) - China passed a restrictive and long-discussed film law on Monday banning content deemed harmful to the “dignity, honour and interests” of the People’s Republic and encouraging the promotion of “socialist core values”.

Booming box-office receipts have drawn Hollywood studios and a growing Chinese filmmaking industry into fierce competition for the Asian giant’s movie market, which PricewaterhouseCoopers projects will rise from $4.3 billion in 2014 to $8.9 billion in 2019 – outstripping the US.

The new set of laws govern the promotion of the film industry and were approved by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee at their meeting in the capital Monday.

The law states that its aim is to “spread core socialist values”, enrich the masses’ spiritual and cultural life, and set ground rules for the industry.

It forbids content that stirs up opposition to the law or constitution, harms national unity, sovereignty or territorial integrity, exposes national secrets, harms Chinese security, dignity, honour or interests, or spreads terrorism or extremism.

Also banned are subjects that “defame the people’s excellent cultural traditions”, incite ethnic hatred or discrimination or destroy ethnic unity.

It is also illegal for Chinese firms to hire or partner with overseas productions deemed to have views “harmful to China’s dignity, honour and interests, harm social stability or hurt the feelings of the Chinese people”.

The Communist Party fiercely criticises governments and public figures who have expressed sympathy for the Dalai Lama, previously the darling of Hollywood celebrities such as Brad Pitt.

Companies that work on such content face fines up to five times their illegal earnings over 500,000 yuan, it said.

Films must not “violate the country’s religious policies, spread cults, or superstitions”,

insult or slander people.

The law comes into effect on March 1 next year.

Only 34 foreign films are given cinema releases each year under a quota set by Beijing, and all are subject to official censorship of content deemed politically sensitive or obscene.

To get around restrictions, Hollywood studios looking to capitalise on China’s burgeoning market have sought partnerships with local companies.

Co-produced movies can bypass the quota as long as they contain significant Chinese elements, such as characters, plot devices or locations.

The new laws also propose fines for those who provide false box office sales data, a widespread problem as firms have been exposed pumping up ticket sales to generate marketing buzz.

China passes restrictive new film law:–finance.html

What do you guys think?

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