Asians in Asia cannot be relied on for media representation

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    This Japanese guy (which again, marks another Japanese on a similar topic) defends the non-Asian cast

    The reasoning used is the same as any other excuse for VA’s. The best voice actor should get the role. Except it NEVER HAPPENS THAT WAY. It’s just another excuse to use all white VA’s. This time, people are getting really sick of it and Kubo is bombing in theaters right now. Aloha, a movie that actually had a hapa role go to a full white actress, also bombed in a similar fashion.

    In one of ThatJapaneseManYuta’s videos, Japanese defend the casting of non-Asian actors in Ghost In the Shell. They even go as far and say that they prefer a white actor/actress.

    Ultimately what it comes down to is this:

    • Asians in Asia live in 99% Asian populated countries. Racial discrimination doesn’t exist for them.
    • Asians in Asia have no problem with representation of their own.
    • With no racial discrimination present, Asians in Asia lack racial awareness and do not even know when they are being discriminated against. For example, in Yuta’s video, it literally had to be spelled out to them that Asians were discriminated against and race played a factor. But in the end, they didn’t care. If Asian-Americans were as indifferent as Japanese we’d have absolutely nothing. The crazy part is that we’re really close to that.
    • Asians in Asia do not live here. They do not know or sympathize with our struggles. If you throw nationality hatred in there, it’s even worse.

    Excluding self-hating PAA trash, I’d say that Asians in America are stronger than Asians in Asia. Some of us are involuntary celibate but that doesn’t take away the fact that we’re thrown enormous abuse and we’re still standing. The relative safety of Asian society leads to spoiled, entitled people who squabble about insignificant shit meanwhile, western Asians like us know that whites want to essentially mix and delete Asia from the rest of the world. We’re actually the front lines to stop that from happening b/c we actually know wtf is going on and what people are saying. Asians in Asia owe US a debt of gratitude. Not the other way around.

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    Let’s stop talking about what we should or should not do and just do it. I have my path, and you have yours.


  • I wholeheartedly agree that the white-worship in Asia is very real and it’s quite sickening. However I attribute that mostly to naivete. They don’t live with whites on a daily basis so they have no idea how whites truly view them. Which is why I think it’s good to educate them (not just for our sake but for theirs as well). I have a friend who’s been doing some translation work (from stuff on Aznidentity and elsewhere) for those in China to read and based on some of the responses he received, it did seem that naivete is mostly the reason for white worship. When they read some of his stuff, they thanked him for the info and some even stated they had no idea about the prejudice that whites hold against them until now. So for now, I completely agree that Asians in Asia can’t be relied on for our representation just yet. But I’m pretty optimistic. If we can educate them, things may change.

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    I already know about that (I know about a lot of things lmao). Like I said, if you want to work with them, then get close to them, get educated and start speaking out. Otherwise you’re not really saying anything to me right now. Work with them and do what exactly? What are your plans? Who are you going to talk to? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being negative. I’m being real. So far all I’ve heard is lip service.

    Meanwhile, I’ve given you techniques on how to get close to influential figures, how to position yourself so that you are seen by the right people, and how to get your message across so that no one else can contest you. You can use this to do some work right now in America where we actually need you. You gotta show up to where an Asian voice is needed and where the right message being delivered is crucial. We have the correct message. Not PAA’s. If you’re not there to deliver it then PAA’s get to say whatever they want and control the narrative. You cannot let that happen. Think back to HyperMasculAzns. We all had to be there.

    Right now I feel that our most important work is done here. Chinese will do what they do best regardless of what anybody else is doing. We have to ensure that we get our message across to these companies and make sure that they use Asian talent responsibly (leading to Chinese talent being properly utilized). We have to keep an eye into politics and make sure that they don’t do anything that could harm Asians, or educate them on what they can do to help. We’re sort of creating a “soft landing” for them to fall back on but at the same time, we’re improving lives for ourselves here.

    Let’s stop talking about what we should or should not do and just do it. I have my path, and you have yours. I’m not blind to your idea. Keep in mind that your idea was accepted and adopted by myself the entire time I was on Aznidentity. I realize that later on, it wasn’t where my talents were best utilized. I have to focus on Asian Americans and that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been very active in August and I was in places you wouldn’t even think. For example on Gamefaqs, there was a thread on the Mongols being cut out of Civ 6 as well as a recent thread on Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’s VR mode allowed gamers to gawk at the girls and even interact w/ them (seen as sexual harassment). So you bet that I was there to point out that white males who developed Civ 6 put in 70% white and those whites were also complicit in murder/rape. I was there to explain the cultural differences and crime statistics for Japan. Why a game like DOAX3 works for Japan but not here.

    Do you realize that just those two things alone (and that doesn’t even touch on the other places I’ve been), provided more awareness to 100’s of people where there were none? Gamers there didn’t know that japanese society ostracizes you for buying games like that. They just think that Japan doesn’t give a damn about SJW’s and they’re right, but they didnt understand the nuances, in this case, the culture. I was also there for Kubo and the whole fiasco w/ non-Asian VA’s. Other Asians managed to speak up for us and they did a good job, so my opinion wasn’t as needed.

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    Check this out.


    Wang’s ultimate goal, he said during the recent interview, is to “change the world where rules are set by foreigners.” In other words, Chinese should make the final calls.
    He also criticized Chinese people who go to Disneyland, using an idiom that means “to be crazy about foreign things and obsequious to foreigners,” adding that “the once-glorified Disneyland is part of the past.”
    Wang embarked on a frantic acquisition spree four years ago and has not slowed down since. He is now worth $30 billion, after spending $2.6 billion for the world’s second-biggest theater group AMC in 2012, $52 million for a 20% stake in Spanish soccer team Atletico Madrid in January 2015, and $3.5 billion for Hollywood film studio Legendary Entertainment a year later, among other deals.

    China’s richest man, Wanda Group CEO Wang Jianlin, has declared war on Disneyland — Quartz:

    It’s possible that he’s appealing to Chinese nationalism for personal gain. However, it makes no difference since our goals align. I see this is a major gain and why I think working with them is better than going solo.

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    In this thread:

    this is what I said, and watch the following reaction:

    While I was outright hostile to white people (and it’s not something to be done when aiming towards bigger audiences), my second comment proved that Asian men had a far lower rape statistic while white men had a much higher rate. I also alluded to how the 3.3 number seems low but is actually bigger than it is b/c whites are 62% of the population. When it’s shown that certain races are definitively better or worse, it knocks out “everyone does it”.

    Here’s another thread, this one has to do w/ gaming but watch how I destroy the guy’s argument and then he tries to undermine me by using useless troll comments (I’m randomoaf btw), start on Maverick’s post and go from there. Main argument is between me and him:

    then I made a thread here and sealed the deal

    Obviously don’t be as hostile as me lol! Asian issues always gets me over emotional and on the gaming board, those trolls have gotten me to a point where I just don’t care anymore. You’ll notice on the 2nd thread, people are just really pissed off at me even though they knew I was right.

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    On the first point, I used performance metrics and databases. If they told me what CPU/GPU was better or worse, I would check benchmarks and see how it stacked up. Often people would use brand to make a point that something is better but this doesn’t work for obvious reasons. What won out in the end was facts. Sometimes you’ll be challenged by different perspectives and in that case you have to know the nuances. Do not dismiss the nuances b/c when you make your case, people will have questions and will try to poke holes or even bring down your argument.

    On the second point, my comments had merit for a variety of reasons. They were demonstrable, applicable, observable, and came from a place of deep understanding.

    On the third point, talk DIRECTLY to people of influence. On social media, I follow relevant people and I RESPOND appropriately. Even if they might not have time to reply back, throw your two cents in and show them that you know more than the average person. Don’t just tweet stuff at them. Read their comment first and then respond.

    Don’t be the average person. For example if a female celebrity posts an instagram photo or any kind of photo, never comment on how beautiful she is. She gets a 1000’s of replies. Instead, make an observation and comment on something nobody else would think to notice. There’s this actress that played on Legends of Tomorrow and she was commenting on how she was no longer a part of the show. So what I did was tell her how much I enjoyed her performance/portrayal of the character and was sad to see her go. She knows she is beautiful but acknowledging her skills as an actress means more. After that, I’ve interacted w/ her on random every day stuff. If I wasn’t banned from twitter I’d still be following her lol

    It’s all about establishing yourself as someone who knows what they’re talking about and is fun/pleasant to talk to.

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    engaged everybody and I proved them all wrong. Did I make enemies out of most people on that board? Yes, but good thing is that competition is more balanced, leading to better more reasonably priced products. Not only that, I managed to create a trend creating gaming capable PC’s with a lower budget. There are YT series and videos to this day.

    Not only did I change that board, but other communities, industry people, journalists/bloggers (which in turn affects their articles that influence way more people than just 1 msg board can do). Before I did tech, I did gaming with Sony (and to a much lesser extent, MS). There was also a stint at Blizzard which most of my core ideas turned it into a 9/10 in which they heavily profited from

    I knew how to stand out, cut the BS, and say something that means something. This exact strategy works on everybody. Politicians, journalists, industry employees, you name it. I’ve had debates, feuds, arguments with journalists, executives, YT’ers (the big ones, not random people).

    Sounds like you influenced a lot of people. Did you have any specific strategies and/or tactics that worked? I figured if it worked for you, volunteers here can just adapt them.

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    @secondstrike said in Asians in Asia cannot be relied on for media representation:

    @suiko_no_shin That sounds great. Did you have any specific strategies? I’m currently chunking up my exposes and will be spreading it with a program.

    what are you referring to?

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