I agree with @Danger . I think being exposed to other narratives on the internet helps a lot in re-shaping how AFs think of white men. It’s like an educational process. The things we post here, on the AI sub, the AsianMasc sub, the hapas sub, random blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even other places such as Quora or Yahoo Answers are helping that process along. We’re allowing them to see why the white gentleman stereotype is false and how whites are not as perfect as they first imagined but more importantly, we’re giving them reasons to be proud of their heritage. Before the internet, whites controlled the narrative 100% but I believe that’s slowly coming to an end. More and more POC everywhere (not just Asians) I’ve seen across several media platforms are now reclaiming their roots. There are tons of Tumblr blogs (some even by Asian girls) dedicated to exposing white lies now while displaying Asian pride at the same time (one of them is called “ReclaimingAsia” and there was another recent post that I was surprised to see went viral on Tumblr; it was basically a collection of images of Asian men and the caption talked about how it’s time to celebrate AMs and fight their emasculation. Around 90k tumblr bloggers reblogged that, at least half of which were Asian girls.

Of course, memes like this helps too: