How Women Won a Leading Role in China's Venture Capital Industry - Bloomberg

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    White “men” who oppress their own women while preaching gender equality won’t tell you this Asian ladies…


    Chen and her peers have become part of the mainstream in China in a way that’s proven elusive in the U.S. American venture firms have faced accusations of sexism and discrimination for years, including in an unsuccessful lawsuit filed by a female partner against storied Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Despite the criticism, the firms have made little progress in promoting women. Among the top U.S. venture firms, women make up about 10 percent of the investing partners and only half of the firms have any women of that rank. China is already more balanced: About 17 percent of investing partners are female and 80 percent have at least one woman.
    Their success is bringing more women into China’s technology industry. The Chinese government estimates females found 55 percent of new Internet companies and more than a quarter of all entrepreneurs are women. In the U.S., only 22 percent of startups have one or more women on their founding teams, according to research by Vivek Wadhwa and Farai Chideya for their book ‘Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology.’
    Chen and her colleagues are building on a tradition of opportunity for women in China that dates back to before the days when Mao Zedong declared they held up “half the sky.” Women worked out of necessity in fields and factories when the country was poor, and fought alongside men during the country’s civil war. By comparison, collaborating in an office is simple. Lu’s mother, who served in the People’s Liberation Army, laughed when she heard about her daughter’s diversity training at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. “She said ‘That’s ridiculous.
    China has quietly become one of the best places in the world for women venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.
    “China is fundamentally different,” said Gary Rieschel, an American who founded the China-based Qiming Venture Partners, where four of the nine investing partners are female. “The venture capital industry in the U.S. has been a private men’s club. It has been much more of a meritocracy for women in China.”
    She thinks being a woman gave her another advantage: It was easier for her to tell an entrepreneur he was wrong than a male investor. “It’s very politically incorrect to say this, but as a woman I can say things, they do show a special respect for women. Because it’s seen as motherly, you can be much more stern.”

    How Women Won a Leading Role in China’s Venture Capital Industry - Bloomberg:


    It’s quite strange to hear Asian women complaining to Asian men about the pay gap. Your bosses in the West are white guys. They are the culprits. Look at their actions. They oppress women at work…and sexually harass you.

    A major tool for maintaining this inequality is on the job harassment - Women and minorities often face hostile receptions in traditionally male and White dominated domains

    Workplace Harassment: Double Jeopardy for Minority Women


    Here’s some more comedy that “egalitarian white men” don’t tell you

    China has the largest number of self made women, with 93 of 124 self made women billionaires worldwide

    China Has Largest Number of Self-made Women - All China Women’s Federation:


    Here are the ladies enjoying gender equality in Asia.





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