Asian Feminisim and Paradoxical Fight for Respect and Agency

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    Imagine Asian men called white women crack whores, claimed all white men men were pedophiles with tiny dicks, and told these women to get on their knees to suck their dicks. In response, the white women said “Yes, please! I only date Asian men”.

    Would you respect such women?

    That is how many Asian women are perceived around the world. You’re seen as a total joke. This is the main reason many people look down on you.

    Full Version

    Gender Respect is Earned through Resistance to Control

    Women test men’s boundaries by attempting to control him. They make unreasonable requests, restrict his freedom, control his fashion choices, etc. If he submits, she losses respect for him.

    Similarly, men test women’s boundaries by attempting sexual control. They try to get them into bed, play around, etc. If she submits, he looses respect for her.

    There are variations, but that’s the crux of it.

    Asian women and Respect

    Whites invaded, raped, and killed you in wars of aggression, degrade you with insults across all media insinuating you’re whores, insult your entire race, ridicule the way you look, the way you speak, the food that you eat, and continue to target you for rapes in your adopted countries like America and Britain while blaming you for “wanting it”.

    They often hit on you with racist lines like “me luv you long time”.

    How do many of you respond? With joy and enthusiasm. Many of are too happy to be approach with any white male - bald, fat, hideous, old, poor - perhaps all of the above as is common in Asia.

    Do you think anyone will respect Asian women who can be insulted, degraded, raped, murdered and then admirer their oppressors?

    Do you think anyone will respect Asian women who hold such low standards for the men they sleep with?

    Here’s what white men think of the Asian women who only date white men.


    As long as you’re a yellow cab [their phrase, not mine], no one one will respect you. On top of that, no one will respect Asian men either. By being such weak minded push overs, these types of Asian women drag our entire race down. They are no different than Ken Jeongs except at least, Jeong gets paid to be subjugated and humiliated. These Asian women do it for free while thinking they’re being “liberated” from the so-called “evil Asian patriarchy” [exaggerated by white males].

    The Paradox

    The problem is that many Asian women do not understand this. They keep thinking that they are exercising their “agency” by sleeping with white males. You are not. You are degrading yourselves, being subjugated, and giving more power to your real oppressors.

    Racialized images can cause Asian American women to believe they will find greater gender equality with white men and can cause white men to believe they will find greater subservience with Asian women. This dynamic promotes Asian American women’s availability to white men and makes them particularly vulnerable to mistreatment.

    Asian American Women And Racialized Femininities ‘Doing’ Gender across Cultural Worlds


    Through the re-generation of racialized discourses of masculinity, male dominance is configured as uniquely Asian rather than a pan-racial problem. Respondents focus their resistance of gender inequality on that form linked with Asian males, whom they construct as monolithically male domineering, overlooking those committed to gender egalitarianism. This racialized construction of Asian masculinity obscures the patriarchal practices of white men. Resistance of male dominance in these accounts reproduces white (male) racial and gender dominance.

    An Intersectional Approach to Resistance and Complicity - The Case of Racialised Desire among Asian American Women


    The lack of self-respect from Asian women is so atrocious that everyone sees it.



    Let’s do a thought experiment by switching races.

    Imagine Asian men called white women crack whores, claimed all white men men were pedophiles with tiny dicks, and told these women to get on their knees to suck their dicks. In response, the white women said “Yes, please! I only date Asian men.”.

    Do you think anyone would respect the white women?
    Do you respect these women?

    That’s many of you. That’s exactly your current reputation across the world - gook whores, chink whores, yellow cabs, cumsluts, etc.

    The Simple Way to Get Respect

    Focus on protecting your personal dignity.

    When people think about respect for women, they do not think about education levels, workforce participation , pro-choice legislation,bltg activism, numbers of female ceos, etc.

    Even if you somehow wiped out all “evil” Asian men off the face of the planet AND had the highest educations, highest workforce participation rates, could abort at will, made transexuals welcomed in society, and every CEO was a female, you will STILL be known as chink whores because you’re so easy. Think about that.

    I’m not saying Asian men are guiltless. We need to keep improving in our own ways, but in terms of priority, we’re not the main obstacle to you gaining respect as women. Your own spineless behavior and zero sense of self-respect are.

    It really is that simple.

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