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    It’s good to see their growing awareness. Indeed, white males do see Asian women as easy choices because many are ignorant of just how racist, misogynistic, and hypocritical they are. The white brand is inflated beyond all reason thanks to Western media and the inexplicable complicity of the Asian [in Asia] media leaders that support these false images.

    Piercing through the white brand and revealing perverse yellow fever white males is a crucial part of ending the white worship disease.

    Key excerpts…

    ● We are the option for white men who are rejected by other women, who are misogynist, who are racist, who are unattractive, etc. Asia itself has become a destination for losers looking to score. We are seen as the easy option, the ones who will worship them. While those uppity white feminazis rejected him, Asian women will be good, submissive, easy women who best of all love white men.

    ● They themselves prop up people like Maxine Kingston who are damaging.

    ● Hate to say it. but it does seem like with WM AF couples, the WM is marrying above what he could (he couldn’t get a white girl of that ‘caliber’), and the AF is marrying down (she could get an AM of better ‘caliber’). It’s not a pretty way to look at things, but it often proves to be sadly realistic. By caliber I am referring to looks, wealth, and education.

    I do want to add though that I absolutely agree with what you’re saying here. I have a cousin or two who totally ended up marrying the White Reject and they both could’ve done so much better because there were some great AMs that were interested but the sad truth is that we do have some self hating AWs in the community
    that shit it all up for the rest of us. My sister is one of them - She dates the biggest losers just because they’re white, despite the fact that she is college educated from one of the top schools in the nation and has a high paying job and has definitely had some just as high achieving AMs who wanted to date her.

    she has totally shat all over my SO before just because he’s not white

    the loser boyfriends she brings home who aren’t college educated and some were even unemployed.

    ● Woke Asian American women are a vastly different demographic from people who get into relationships with neckbeard sexpats. Let’s call it what it is and I’m going to be crude here. The mail order bride phenomenon.

    If woke Asian American women stopped dating all white men tomorrow, sexpats will move their focus to recently arrived immigrants and women outside the US. I do not know if it will change the image that much. I think the only thing that could really help is supporting strong images of Asian men and women alike in the US media.

    ● After getting rejected badly by FilAm guys, I deliberately dated ugly white guys because I figured they’re desperate to be with an Asian girl, even an ugly one like me. Sad, huh -

    ● I think a lot of us have went through this phase at some point. When I was younger, even though I always knew that being with a white person would be problematic given the status difference between us and white people, I won’t deny that there were some times that I felt pretty smug that I had gotten the attention of a whiteguy even though I wasn’t interested in the idea of engaging with them in any way. Looking back at it now, it was pretty embarrassing how much importance I had put in using white people (men and women) to gauge where I stood in terms of attractiveness and desirability.

    ● Ladies, don’t underestimate your worth when you look for a potential suitor just because they come from a background that’s considered ‘above’ yours. A man is just a man, whether they’re Asian, white, black, Latino and every kind of man in existence. Find someone who you share common values with and make sure that
    both of you are on the same page in terms of taking part equally in the relationship

    ● This often happens to me. I met two guys in my life, both who were non Asians. I never dated them officially.The first one confessed his attraction to me via online. Soon, it became apparent to me that he liked me because I’m a ‘good little Asian girl’ who isn’t all ‘wild, rebellious, and into drugs like all other hot white girls are.’

    The second one was a terrible liar, and a terrible person. He liked Asian girls solely because they would never ‘betray him,’ and because they were ‘submissive, and did what he liked.’ Ugh, he really did leave bad taste in my mouth for all the horrible things he said about Asian women.

    No matter where I go, I unfortunately come across some men who think that it’s their right as ‘white saviors’ to scoop up the ‘exotic little geisha dancers,’ when in fact, they are lonely, insecure, and looking to score because our culture mandates them to be conquerors of politics, economy, and women.

    Something for Asian feminism to address: Being seen as the easy (back-up) option for (white) rejects : asianfeminism:

  • I agree with @Danger . I think being exposed to other narratives on the internet helps a lot in re-shaping how AFs think of white men. It’s like an educational process. The things we post here, on the AI sub, the AsianMasc sub, the hapas sub, random blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even other places such as Quora or Yahoo Answers are helping that process along. We’re allowing them to see why the white gentleman stereotype is false and how whites are not as perfect as they first imagined but more importantly, we’re giving them reasons to be proud of their heritage. Before the internet, whites controlled the narrative 100% but I believe that’s slowly coming to an end. More and more POC everywhere (not just Asians) I’ve seen across several media platforms are now reclaiming their roots. There are tons of Tumblr blogs (some even by Asian girls) dedicated to exposing white lies now while displaying Asian pride at the same time (one of them is called “ReclaimingAsia” and there was another recent post that I was surprised to see went viral on Tumblr; it was basically a collection of images of Asian men and the caption talked about how it’s time to celebrate AMs and fight their emasculation. Around 90k tumblr bloggers reblogged that, at least half of which were Asian girls.

    Of course, memes like this helps too: :laughing:


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    Troy Nguyen’

    @Danger That guy is really putting his neck on the line. Lots of people talk but that guy actually has his face on there and even gets donations from the viewers, who he is exposing lol.

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    Those are encouraging responses. I think this shift is due to the fact that now AF’s online at least are being given other narratives that are helping inform their world views. I mean a lot of the things they are saying in that thread is very similar to what AM’s having been saying on reddit for a good while now. In the past Asian people were more or less beholden to white people’s way of looking at the world, so it doesn’t surprise me that this created a large amount of proud self haters.

    I think it shows how important it is for AM’s online and in real life to keep pushing narratives that counter the white supremacist world view, especially on the biggest online communities like reddit and youtube. I know channels like Troy Nguyen’s will be invaluable coming into the future.

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