Guide -- Logical rebuttals [not quite comebacks - those will come later] AKA megalist of racist white bullshit / lies / gaslighting / deflection / trolling tactics

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    Short Version

    You ever get the feeling racist whites are full of shit but don’t have comebacks to make them shut the fuck up? Here’s the master list of racist white bullshit and a list of simple comebacks to hit back when they try to bully or use micro-aggressions against you. Enjoy and share with your Asian friends.

    Full Version


    White lie - Core - Asian privilege

    Comeback: As soon as Whites free Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand, half of Mexico
    Comeback 1: Do you think any white person would switch places to enjoy Asian Privilege™?
    Comeback 2: Do you think being invaded and watching millions die is a privilege? Read the book, Killing Hope.
    Comeback 3: The fruits of hard work is not privilege.
    Comeback 4: Look at the USA H1B genius visa. We are cherry picked for our brains and education. That’s merit - not privilege.

    White lie - Core - Asians just need to assimilate

    Comeback 1: Wrong. We’re already called the model minority for being outstanding citizens but as the Oscars 2016 and senator, John “I hate the gooks” McCain has shown, there is no acceptance. It’s still acceptable to spread hate speech about Asians.
    Comeback 2: Wrong. We have been here before most white immigrants but they’re accepted within weeks, but we’re still demonized despite fighting your wars, contributing to your science and technology, and obeying laws. Look up China bashing for example.

    White lie - Core - Model Minority

    What these white racist liars left out was that the immigrants were cherry picked for their brains. The vast majority of people would never achieve what they could achieve - not even other Asians. What these geniuses managed to achieve occurred despite the heavy discrimination they suffered.

    The model minority label is not a complement. It’s just white supremacy putting a “shoot me” post it note on your back. In that sense, it’s a myth. However, for certain segments of the Asian American group, we are indeed model minorities who have the lowest crime rates, divorce rates, good health, etc. Many of these positive outcomes are the result of a culture that, in general, highly rewards education and guards against misbehavior.

    ● Play divide and conquer between Asians and other non-whites, especially African Americans, due to the powerful civil rights movement that was revolting against white supremacy. Painting cross hairs on Asians kept whites safe.
    ● Blame the victim instead of fixing the racist rigged system that is white supremacist America.
    ● Less importantly at the time, it served to dismiss any complaints [discrimination, health problems, etc] Asians had with a simple

    “Stop complaining, model minority. You have it so good already”


    White lie - Core - There’s no anti-Asian racism. You’re blowing things out of proportion

    comeback: Would any white person switch places with an Asian person?

    Red Flags


    Comeback: what do you have against them? smear them as bigots, anti-progressive, anti-liberal, ignorant, sad, pathetic, small minded

    Vicious joke

    Comeback: Ask them to repeat it so everyone can hear. unless your entire audience is full of psychopaths, they’ll tell them to shutup. On the other hand, if they all laugh then either you’re a super asshole who deserved it or you need to relocated because that’s an insane place.

    Anti-Asian women

    White lie - People - Asian women - racist vs preferences

    Pro-white lie: Asian women with white men = preference, post-racial, progressive, love
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian women with Asian men = racist, oppressed, likes small sicks, can’t handle a real man

    Comeback 1: White women dating white guys are so racist, oppressed, like limp dicks, and can’t handle real Black men.
    Comeback 2: Is that why white guys honor Asian women in raceplay tumblrs?
    Comeback 3: Is that why your own half-white children hate the parents? and have 100% higher rates of mental illness?
    Comeback 3: Is that why Asian women with white guys suffer 387% higher divorce rates?

    White lie - People - Asian women have no curves

    Pro-white lie: White women have curves / look like real women
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian women have no curves / look like little boys

    comeback 1: It’s called a healthy diet. You should try it.
    comeback 2: Curves. Is that a euphemism for cellulite and obesity?

    White lie - People - Asian women who prefer Asian men are liars

    Pro-white lie: Asian women who expose white male fetish and crimes against white guys are just insecure Asian men.
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian women who support Asian men are actually Asian men in disguise

    comeback 1: Asian women wrong entire books that expose white guys. See White sexual imperialism by Sunny Woan.
    comeback 2: In fact, it’s white guys who constantly pretend they are Asian women to smear Asian men. ihateasianmen is a website by them.
    comeback 3: In fact, there are tens of thousands of insecure racist white guys who wrote and directed Western media where the Asian woman hates Asian men and is paired to a white guy.

    Anti-Asian men

    Annoyance - Asian men are into freaky shit

    Pro-white lie: white guys are into healthy sex.
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian men are into disgusting fetishes

    Comeback 1: White guys are into fecophilia [shit], water sports [piss], cuckold videos of Black men running trains on white women, dragon dildos, glory holes, furries, bestiality, incest, leather paddling, bdsm dungeons, getting kicked in the nuts, etc

    Comeback 2: White guys are enjoy raping animals. 1/2 of U.S. states don’t have anti bestiality laws.

    Animal bordellos in Denmark, where customers pay for sex with animals. Denmark’s animal bordellos have been advertising on the ‘Net and reportedly draw customers from as far away as Norway, Germany, Holland and Sweden who want to pay for sex with horses and other beasts.

    “The link between cruelty to animals and cruelty to other people is well established,”

    PETA says barnyard brothels ‘revolting’:

    Comeback 3: White guys have a culture of incest

    For much of the nineteenth century, father-daughter incest was understood to take place among all classes

    Unspeakable: Father-Daughter Incest in American History

    Comeback 4: White guys are the world’s number 1 pedophiles
    ● Vatican global pedophile coverup. Search for "UN slams Vatican for ‘efforts to cover up’ pedophile priests in sex abuse scandal "
    ● The Franklin Cover-up

    ‘They’re almost all white males between the ages of 25 and 45.’

    Pedophile profile: Young, white, wealthy

    ● Operation Hydrant inquiry in UK exposes pedophilia in UK elites

    Mocking Asians - Hey Jackie Chan / Bruce Lee

    comeback 1: Hey, Ted Bundy
    comeback 2: Hey, Jack the ripper
    comeback 3: Hey, Smigel
    comeback 4: Hey, Austin Powers
    comeback 5: Hey, Homer Simpson
    comeback 6: Hey, Harry Potter

    Mocking Asians - hiya / kung fu sounds

    Pretend you couldn’t hear them and have them repeat it over and over until they give up.

    White lie - People - Asian men all have small penises

    Pro-white lie: White guys have big penises
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian men have small penises / I bet you have a small dick

    comeback 1: Proof? By the way, the world penis map is fake. They cherry picked one study of South Korean men at a clinic for small penis issues.
    comeback 2: Not big enough to stop Lisa from looking for Tyrone
    comeback 3: Yup, so big that insecure white men used to lynch Black men
    comeback 4: Yup, so much white guys enjoy cuckold fetishes with Black men on white women
    comeback 5: Yup, so big that many white women experiment with Black men before settling down with a nice white guy.

    comeback 6: So you’re into big dicks?
    comeback 7: I bet you say that to all the guys.
    comeback 8: No thanks. I’m not gay.
    comeback 9: Please, stop the bedroom eyes.
    comeback 10: Please, stop undressing me with your eyes.
    comeback 11: Stop gazing at me. It’s creepy.
    comeback 12: Please, stop hitting on me.

    White lie - People - Asian men are all asexual

    Pro-white lie: White guys are sexual.
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian men are asexual

    comeback 1: 3.5+ billion and counting
    comeback 2: Why are birth rates higher in Asia than Europe and America then?

    White lie - People - Asian men are all bad lovers

    Pro-white lie: White guys are great lovers
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian men are all bad lovers

    comeback 1: Is that why white guys buy so many pills to cure limp dick? like Viagra and Cialis?
    comeback 2: Is that why 33% of UK men can’t see their penis due to obesity?
    comeback 3: Is that why the average length of sex in America is 5.4 minutes?
    comeback 4: Is that why only 25% of women get orgasms.
    comeback 5: Is that why whites are becoming minorities in their own countries?
    comeback 6: Explain China’s 1.4 billion people then.
    comeback 7: Explain India’s 1.4 billion people then.

    White lie - People - Asian men are all nerdy

    Pro-white lie: White guys are cool
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian men are nerdy

    comeback 1: For sure, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera are studs.
    comeback 2: Ya, they even made a name for you guys, neckbeards.
    comeback 3: That’s no way to talk about your future boss.
    comeback 4:…but Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are cool because they’re white, right?

    White lie - People - Asian men are all weak

    Pro-white lie: White guys are the strongest.
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian men are all weak

    Comeback: How did Asians win gold at Olympic weightlifting in 2008.

    Note: There is no comeback against White guys being strongest. All the strong man competition are won by them…unless Asians are simply not interested in competing?

    White lie - People - Asian men are just jealous of white males “taking” Asian females.

    Comeback: Are white guys calling white women race traitors and whores for dating Black men above this?

    White lie - People - Asian men are racist and controlling Asian women’s choices / They’re not your women.

    whites guys dating Asian women = it’s “progressive” / “post racial”, tells Asian men "They’re not your women"
    white women date Black men = race traitor, whore, a mudshark, slut

    Pro-white lie: White guys are not racist because they date Asian women / White guys are open minded because they date Asian women. / their relationship is “progressive” / they are "post racial"
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian men and other people who are against afwm couples are racist. / Why can’t Asian men be like white guys and embrace other races and be open-minded? / “They’re not your women” /

    Comeback 1: Why do these same open-minded white guys call white women whores and mudsharks for dating Black men?
    Comeback 2: Why do these same open-minded white guys spread lies about Asian men to make them seem like oppressive, and misogynistic losers with small penises?
    Comeback 3: Why do these same open-minded white guys openly hate Asian men and Asian culture?
    Comeback 4: Why do these same white guys throw tantrums when white women are with Asian men?
    Comeback 5: Why do many of the children of these couples hate their parents and call them racists and self-haters.
    Comeback 6: Why do white guys embrace other culture through spreading global racist and insulting stereotypes?
    Comeback 7: Why do “colorblind” white guys spread lies that Asian men have small dicks and are oppressive to women then?
    backup copy

    Second, it’s a little harder for minorities to embrace other ethnic groups when whites weaponize the media against them with negative stereotypes.

    Just recently, a Cheerio’s commercial from 2013 featuring a Black man and white woman with a biracial child sparked a wave of racist comments from whites. If you think whites embrace racial tolerance, you’re crazy.

    White lie - People - Asian men treat women like crap, not egalitarian, and not progressive.

    Pro-white lie: white guys treat women better
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian men are Chauvinistic, control and oppress women.

    Can use this format: “Yes. We used to [insert one from below]…oh wait…that was you.”

    Comeback 1: White guys commit 628% more domestic violence than Asian men [us census 2007 adjusted for population size].
    Comeback 2: White guys commit 297% more rape than Asian men [us census 2007 adjusted for population size].
    Comeback 3: Is that why white women are called whores and mudsharks for dating Black men?
    Comeback 4: Is that why white guys created the one-drop rule?
    Comeback 5: Is that why white women complain about old boy’s clubs?
    Comeback 6: Where is your female president? Sir Lanka, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan already had theirs.
    Comeback 7:

    a third of all women in the EU have experienced either physical or sexual violence since the age of 15

    one in 10 women has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 15, and one in 20 has been raped

    The countries where women reported the highest number of incidences of physical and sexual violence were:
    **Denmark (52%), Finland (47%) and Sweden (46%), states that are often commended for gender equality.
    The UK and France reported the 5th highest number with 44%

    violence against women is an extensive human rights abuse in all EU member states

    Violence against women: One-third of EU women affected - survey - BBC News:

    Comeback 8: White guys are the leaders in slaughtering their entire family because he can’t control the woman.

    Cases in which one intimate partner murders another and the children and then kills him or herself are rare and usually garner widespread media coverage. This type of murder suicide is called familicide.

    In almost all of these cases, the killer is a white, non-Hispanic man

    In most cases, the man exhibits possessive, obsessive and jealous behavior.

    Murder-Suicide in Families | National Institute of Justice

    Comeback 9: raped women all around the world in America/South America/Canada/New Zealand/Australia/Africa/Japan/Korea/China/Vietnam/Hawaii/etc
    Comeback 10: created anti-feminist movements like MRA, MGTOW, Redpill, PUA
    Comeback 11: buy mail order brides to avoid feminists
    Comeback 12: birthed the modern pornography industry that preys on women with low self-esteem and captures their degradation for eternity and sells it.
    Comeback 13: created anti-miscegenation laws and revoked citizenships to control white women from making love with Black men and Chinese men?
    Comeback 14: lynched Black men for being with white women while happily raping all non-white women with impunity.
    Comeback 15: called women talking back “hysterics” and sent them psychiatric wards for lobotomies.
    Comeback 16: China has more female billionaires than any other place on earth
    Comeback 17: In China, females have 51% of senior management positions. see China - good - headline - social - gender equality.jpg

    It’s a way to way to divide and conquer see White males have always demonized the minority men and sexualized the females while ruthlessly policing white female sexuality with anti-miscegenation laws, ostracization, and violence. They did this to Native Indians (squaw), Black woman (jezebel), and now Asian women (China doll). Blacks had their roles reversed when they couldn’t be controlled, but the effect is the same - their race is torn across gender lines. Also see
    Racialized Desire among Asian American Women -

    White lie - People - Physically inferior - All Asian guys have low testosterone.

    Pro-white lie: White guys have testosterone because we have facial hair
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian guys have low testosterone.

    comeback 1: Proof?
    comeback 2: Why are limp dick pills sold to mostly white guys and not Asian men?
    comeback 3: Testosterone Why do white guys have so much obesity and high blood pressure?
    comeback 4: Facial hair is not caused by testosterone. For example, Black men often don’t have facial hair.
    comeback 5: As far as sexual activity goes. The two most populous nations are China and India. Meanwhile, whites are becoming minorities in UK and America.

    White lie - People - Physically inferior - Asian men are all scrawny

    Pro-white lie:
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian men are all scrawny

    comeback 1: You got it backwards. You guys are obese. It’s not healthy. 33% of UK men can’t see their penis.
    comeback 2: Many Asians men are slimmer because that’s the “in look” and they’re not as focused on athletics.
    comeback 3: White obesity is an epidemic so regular Asian men look scrawny.

    White lie - People - Physically inferior - Asian Men are all short

    Pro-white lie: White guys are taller than Asian men because of superior genes.
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian men are short because of inferior genes.

    comeback 1: It’s not genetics. It’s diet. The Dutch are the world’s tallest at 6"1. However, 100 years ago, 25% of army applicants were rejected for being too short (under 5"2).
    comeback 2: It’s not genetics. It’s diet. South Koreans are often 6 feet tall while their starving neigbhors average 5"4.


    Annoyance - Asian parents are so conservative and strict

    Comeback: They believe in hard work and education. They’re practically terrorists.

    Annoyance - Asians have no fashion sense

    Comeback 1: see rednecks
    Comeback 2: see hillbillies

    Annoyance - Can you see with your eyes

    comeback: Yes, sadly, I can see and smell you.

    Annoyance - Can you speak your language?

    Comeback 1: Yes and I can speak English too.
    Comeback 2: Yes, can you?
    Comeback 3: Can you speak my language?

    Annoyance - What kind of Asian are you?

    A black-haired kind.

    Annoyance - You must be [East Asian ethnicity]

    Comeback 1: You must Serbian
    Comeback 2: You must Croatian

    Annoyance - You must be poor. How’s life in slums?

    Comeback: Right up there with trailer parks.

    Annoyance - You need to improve your communication skills

    Comeback 1: I am fluent in [Asian language] and English. That is plenty.
    Comeback 2: I am new here and almost caught up. Can you speak [your Asian language]?

    Annoyance - You speak English well. Where did you learn it?

    Comeback: A secret society called school.

    Mocking Asians - [In mock accent] Do you speakee engrish?

    Comeback 1: If you speak perfectly, then say "No. Why are you interested in my language proficiency?"
    Comeback 2: If you speak poorly, then say “Can you speak [your language]?”

    Mocking Asians - Peace signs

    Comeback 1: Surprise, not every culture puts up middle fingers in photos.
    Comeback 2: Each culture is different. I don’t laugh at you for grown white men engaged in homoerotica called WWE.

    Mocking Asians - Pulling eyelids back / exaggerated smile with eyelids compressed

    Comeback 1: Keep asking them what they mean. They’ll look like idiots or a racist.
    Comeback 2: Don’t forget to imitate our higher IQs. Oh wait…you can’t.

    White Lie - Nation - Asians suffer in sweatshops

    Comeback 1: All developing nations went through this. Look up USA sweatshops. Before that, Black slaves. Currently, for profit prisons.


    White Lie - Nation - Chinese food is cat meat / Chinese food is dog meat

    Comeback 1: No. Swedes eat dogs, Germans eat horses, congress eats souls, etc
    Comeback 2: Proof?

    White lie - Nation - You stole our jobs

    Pro-white lie: Whites generously built-up China.
    Anti-Asian lie: China stole our jobs

    Comeback 1: White generously plundered and destroyed China. See Opium Wars.
    Comeback 2: Wrong. Your elites like Wall Street sold you out by shipping jobs over to boost profits.


    White lie - People - Asian men and Asian women - racist vs preferences

    Pro-white lie: White guy with any non-white women = preference, post-racial, progressive, love
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian man with any non-Asian woman = racist, oppressed, likes small sicks, can’t handle a real man

    Comeback 1: Why is it that when white guys date non-white women, it’s “preferences”?
    Comeback 2: Insulting me wont’ stop white women’s Black fever.
    Comeback 3: White women dating white guys are so racist, oppressed, like limp dicks, and can’t handle real Black men.

    White lie - People - Asians are bad drivers

    Pro-white lie: Whites a good drivers.
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians are bad drivers.

    comeback 1: Asians have the lowest accidents. Traffic Safety Facts 2006.
    comeback 2: Whites are 5-7x more likely to drive while drunk.

    White lie - People - Asians are disloyal, dishonorable, untrustworthy

    Pro-white lie: Whites are loyal, honorable, trustworthy
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians are disloyal, dishonorable, untrustworthy

    comeback 1: Every non-white race across the world call you the white devil.
    comeback 2: Tell that to First Nations, Blacks, Mexicans, and Asians [long list would include - Hawaiins, Philippines [See Philippine-American War], Vietnamese [See Vietnam War], Koreans [See Korean War], Chinese [see Opium Wars], Laos and Cambodia [See secret bombings around Vietnam War] ]
    comeback 3: Is that why Western powers invaded Iraq with fake wmd?
    comeback 4: Why do you guys have illegal black prisons?
    comeback 5: Why did NSA and the anglo five eyes illegally spy on the world then?
    comeback 6: Why did the white-controlled Vatican coverup it’s global pedophile scandal?
    comeback 7: Is that why the First Nations said "white men speak in forked tongue"
    comeback 8: Is that why America is bombing Middle Easterners with freedom?
    comeback 9: IS that why white “Christians” preached peace and love and then stole entire continents?
    comeback 10: Is that why America sheltered Nazis? See the book, Operation Paperclip.
    comeback 11: Is that why all the major traitors are white instead of Asian? Look up Robert Hanssen, Aldrich Ames, Aaron Burr, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, John Walker Jr, Benedict Arnold.
    comeback 12: Is that why America blamed China instead of its corrupt financial system for the 2008 world financial crisis?
    comeback 13: IS that why the America constantly the West constantly violates international law to wage illegal wars?
    comeback 14: Is that why the book Killing Hope, Rogue State, Economic Hitmen, etc exists?
    comeback 15: Is that why 7 European powers went on a killing, raping, looting, drug dealing rampage in China?
    comeback 16: Is that why Monsanto the world’s most evil biotech company is run by whites?
    comeback 17: Is that why the all-Japanese 442nd battalion is the most decorated combat group in American military history?
    comeback 18: IS that why whites cover up their centuries of crime with bullshit about spreading freedom, democracy, and human rights?
    comeback 19: Is that why whites even back stabbed each other to start two world wars?

    White lie - People - Asians are racist

    Pro-white lie: Whites embrace diversity
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians only hang out with other Asians / Asians are racist / Why do you only hang out with Asians?

    comeback 1: Is that why they want to keep Mexicans out with a giant wall?
    comeback 2: Is that why they support cops slaughtering Black people?
    comeback 3: Is that why they coined the phrase “mere gook rule” while raping and slaughtering gooks in Vietnam?
    comeback 4: Is that why China bashing is so widespread?
    comeback 5: Is that why whiny people cry white genocide?
    comeback 6: Is that why First Nations are relegated to “reservations” on their own land?
    comeback 7: Same reason Chinatowns were built.
    comeback 8: Is that why whites rarely get attacked, hear racist slurs, or raped in Asia, but the reverse constantly happens in white countries?
    comeback 9: Is that unqualified losers go to Asia to “teach” English?

    White lie - People - Asians pollute, Asians destroy the environment, one-child policy

    Westerners polluting = industrialization, creating modernity
    Easterners industrializing = pollution, selfish, unstable

    multiplied by bacteria after invading and committing genocide outside of Europe and consume far more resources per capita in a throw away society at everyone else’s expense = creating modernity
    China had a population boom to ensure survival against nuclear threats from USA and Russia = selfishly destroying the planet
    China institutes the one-child policy = oppressing people’s human rights [but silent on the Catholic church’s condemnation of birth control]

    Pro-white lie: whites care about the environment
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians are destroying the environment

    Comeback 1: Look up crimes Monsanto specifically GMO, glyphosate sprays, and agent orange
    Comeback 2: China is the world’s biggest investor and one of the biggest researchers into green energy.
    Comeback 3: Read the book, Silent Springs.
    Comeback 4: Chernobyl
    Comeback 5: Lookup nuclear tests all throughout America
    Comeback 6: Whites industrialized first. For hundreds of years they have been polluting the entire world.
    Comeback 7: America left the Kyoto Protocol
    Comeback 8: America, Canada, Britain and others put out around 4x the pollution per capita vs China even though China is the world’s factory, a developing nation, and gets plenty of Western trash dumped there.
    Comeback 9: See destruction of 90% of The Great Barrier Reef by Australia.

    White lie - People - Asians suck at sports

    Comeback 1: China took home the most golds in 2008 Olympics.
    Comeback 2: We invented martial arts. You dumbed it down, added steroids, and called it Wrestlemania.
    Comeback 3: Different culture. Different priorities.

    White lie - People - Chinese crap

    Pro-white lie: European quality is the best
    Anti-Asian lie: Chinese crap

    Comeback 1: Is iphone high quality? [they say yes]. That’s made in China.
    Comeback 2: China’s high speed rail is
    Comeback 3: Read “The Chinese Are Closing The Quality Gap” by Forbes magazine.
    Comeback 4: Read “How ‘Made In China’ Became Cool” by by Forbes magazine.
    Comeback 5: Read “Despite a Deadly Crash, Rail System Has Good Safety Record” by New York Times Magazine
    Comeback 6: Read the reviews for Norinco
    Comeback 7: Then why is the world’s fastest supercomputer as of 2016, Sunway TaihuLight, completely Chinese made?
    Comeback 8: China is the first country to have quantum communication satellites
    Comeback 9: How does Chinese crap space rockets work so well?

    White lie - People - Chinese tourists are the worst and the are hated everywhere.

    Pro-white lie: Westerners are such civilized tourists.
    Anti-Asian lie: Chinese tourists are the worst and the are hated everywhere.

    Comeback 1: Wrong. Read Who are the world’s worst tourists? by CNN The world’s worst tourists are the Americans, British, and French.

    White lie - People - Eww, your food is gross

    Comeback 1: Why do your people pay for [ethnicity] food then?
    **Comeback 2:**But mayonnaise, moldy milk AKA cheese, snails AKA escargot isn’t?

    White lie - People - sports, Olympics

    Pro-white lie: whites are superior athletes who don’t cheat / dope
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians are inferior athletes who cheat / dope

    Comeback 1: How did Asians win Olympic gold medals?
    Comeback 2: Why do whites recruit Blacks for the Olympics and professional sports?
    Comeback 3: Why do whites have a long history of doping. For example, Lance Armstrong.
    Comeback 4: What do you think of Muay Thai fighters?
    Comeback 5: What do you think of Shaolin monks?

    Whites send Black athletes to the Olympics to win medals = superior master race™ and hard ethic
    Asians like China send only Chinese athletes to the Olympics to dominate = cheaters, doping, no life except training, small penis lies, tec

    Whites lose to Asians at a sporting event = bad luck, opponents cheated, unfair rules, they have no life, no human rights, no personality, they’re robotic, requires no creativity, it’s not important anyways, Asians lack passion for the sport,

    Asians lose to whites at a sporting event = genetically inferior, white master race™ genes, Asians all suck at sports, communism, free speech, Western values, uncreative, whites are talented, whites are hard working so they deserve it, whites are passionate about their sport,

    White lie - People - Who cares if afwm they date each other?

    Comeback 1: Given the 387% higher divorce rates, probably the girls parents.
    Comeback 2: Their angry kids who hate their parents. There are online communities exposing their parents racism and self hate.

    White lie - People - Why do Asians hate black people?

    Comeback 3: Yes. racist Asians used to lynch Black men…oh wait…that was you.
    Comeback 2: Yes. racist Asians are shooting Black men for fun…oh wait…that was you
    Comeback 1: Yes. racist Asians enslaved millions of Blacks…oh wait…that was you

    White lie - People - You’re brown / wear a cloth on your head so you’re a terrorist

    Comeback 1: No. Heads up, number one terrorists are white men. See Dylan Roof.
    Comeback 2: Yes, we invaded Iraq on a lie and killed over a million….oh wait…that was you.

    White lie - People - You’re Asian, are you a communist?

    Comeback 1: [Works for some Europeans like Germans and Italians. South Africans too] Your accent sounds German or south African? Are you fascist?


    White lie - Nation - military

    Use advanced weaponry to commit genocide against defenseless developing nations= western military is the best
    Asians using inferior technology beating alliance of whites armed = Asian military weaklings.

    Pro-white lie: Our army is so superior. No one can stop us.
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian military are weaklings. They can’t fight.

    Comeback 1: Proud of fighting starving developing nations…and losing?
    Comeback 2: Didn’t you guys suffer the longest modern military retreat in the Korean War? Something about “bugout fever”?
    Comeback 3: Didn’t you guys lose the Vietnam War? Doesn’t matter how man battles you won or how many civilians you Mai Lai Massacred. If the military fails to achieve the political objective then it’s a defeat.
    Comeback 4: You didn’t do so well against the Japanese until you nuked civilians twice.
    Comeback 5: Aren’t you guys still tied down by sandal wearing “insurgents”?
    Comeback 6: Imperial Japan took over European colonies Indonesia in 5 months…on bicycles.

    White lie - Nation - military - fights for freedom, democracy, human rights, etc

    Whites wage genocidal illegal wars for imperialism = fighting for freedom, democracy, human rights, world peace, humanitarian intervention, etc
    Western-backed terrorists in foreign nations = freedom fighters
    Non-whites defending against white genocidal psychopaths = aggression, terrorists, savages, rebels, brainwashed communists, imperialism, insurgents, guerrillas.

    USA 700+ foreign bases globally against local protest and dozens of illegal genocidal wars = American “defense” industry. defending freedom and peace
    China builds up its domestic military for defense (a reaction to Western imperialists) = aggressive imperialists, expansionists, bullies

    Pro-white lie: whites wage wars for freedom, democracy, human rights, etc
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians are aggressive and imperialistic

    Comeback 1: Tell that to the formerly colonized Africans, Native Indians, opium addicted Chinese, Philippines, etc,
    Comeback 2: Read War is a Racket, written by five star USA military general, Smedley Butler.

    White lie - Nation - Asians don’t care about intellectual property

    Pro-white lie: whites care about intellectual property
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians don’t care about intellectual property

    Comeback 1: Read Eastern Origins Western Civilization
    Comeback 2: Remind me, whose technology did Whites use to rape, kill, and steal around the world? hint: gunpowder, compass, printing, and paper.

    Whites copying to catch up = learning, development, paying homage
    Asians copying to catch up = copy cat, no respect for intellectual property plagiarism

    ● China didn’t invent industrial espionage

    ● For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World’s Favorite Drink and Changed History

    ● Piracy and Fraud Propelled the U.S. Industrial Revolution

    ● A nation of outlaws A century ago, that wasn’t China – it was us

    ● Snowden: The NSA planted backdoors in Cisco products–the-nsa-planted-backdoors-in-cisco-products.html

    White lie - Nation - China brutalizes Falun Gong with live organ harvesting

    Anti-Asian lie: China brutalizes Falun Gong with live organ harvesting

    Comeback 1: Search for United States Department of State refutes rumor of Falun Gong “organ harvesting” -
    Comeback 2: Search for U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alleged Concentration Camp in China -

    White lie - Nation - China has no free speech, dissidents are killed, mass censorship

    Whites demand free speech in China = Chinese people need a voice
    Chinese voicing non-pro white beliefs = brainwashed communists / wumao / 50 cent / paid propagandist / government holding a gun to their head, need to be bombed to “save” them
    Chinese repeating Western anti-Asian propaganda = truthful, free thinker

    Pro-white lie: whites value free speech
    Anti-Asian lie: China has no free speech, dissidents are killed, mass censorship

    Comeback 1: Tell that to Edward Snowden,
    Comeback 2: Tell that to Bradley Manning.
    Comeback 3: Tell that to Julian Assange.
    Comeback 4: Harvard researcher, Gary King, debunked this. Read Reverse-engineering censorship in China -
    Comeback 5: Why do whites call patriotic Chinese brainwashed?


    White lie - Nation - China invaded India in 1962

    Anti-Asian lie: China invaded India in 1962

    Comeback 1: Wrong. See Henderson Brooks report.
    Comeback 2: Wrong. See India’s China War -

    White lie - Nation - China is colonizing Africa

    Pro-white lie: Whites are helping Africa.
    **Anti-Asian lie:**China is colonizing Africa

    Comeback 1: Tell that to Africans.
    Comeback 2: Show me where China has enslaved, raped, committed genocide, and plundered Africa like the Europeans did.
    Comeback 3: Read The Dragon’s Gift - the real story of China in Africa -
    Comeback 4: Why do Africans welcome Chinese investments and expertise then?

    White lie - Nation - China lies about its economic data

    Pro-white lie: Whites are honest about their economic data
    **Anti-Asian lie:**China lies about its economic data.

    Comeback 1: See
    Comeback 2: America is in a recession. Why do its bond’s have AAA status?
    Comeback 3: Read On the Reliability of Chinese Output Figures -
    Comeback 4: Read Are Chinese statistics manipulated? -

    White lie - Nation - China suffers thousands of mass incidents. Chinese people will overthrow the CPC.

    Anti-Asian lie: There are thousands of mass incidents in China. Chinese people will overthrow the CPC

    Comeback 1: Wrong. Read Mass Incidents in Central China: Causes, Historical Factors and Implications for the PAP
    Comeback 2: Wrong. The deceptive term, mass incidents, in China, refers to five or more people.

    White lie - Nation - China will economically collapse.

    Pro-white lie: The west’s economy enjoys vibrant recovery
    Anti-Asian lie: China will economically collapse

    Comeback 1: America and Europe are suffering economic hardship.
    Comeback 2: America inflicted the 2008 world financial crisis, got bailed by Chinese money, and says China is going to collapse.
    Comeback 3: Is that why Chinese money saved America during the 2008 world financial crisis.
    Comeback 4: The Economic has predicted this for the past 30 years. Why hasn’t it happened?

    White lie - Nation - China’s food and medicine is poison.

    Pro-white lie: Western food and medicine is safe.
    Anti-Asian lie: Chinese food and medicine is poison.

    Comeback 1: Look up Monsanto, a half-century of health scandals -
    Comeback 2: Read New Chinese milk scandal - this time with a Western culprit -
    Comeback 3: Read When half a million Americans died and nobody noticed -
    Comeback 4: Read about Mad-Cow Disease
    Comeback 5: Read Horsemeat scandal: a year on, nothing has changed The Government has utterly failed to bring accountability to the food industry -
    Comeback 6: Read about the controversial Bovine growth hormone -
    Comeback 7: Read about salmonella outbreaks -
    Comeback 8: Read 70 Percent of Ground Beef at Supermarkets Contains ‘Pink Slime’ -
    Comeback 9: Read about e.coli outbreaks -
    Comeback 10: Read about Jack in the Box - What you eat can kill you if you don’t watch out -
    Comeback 11: Read the Harvard study, Risky Drugs: Why The FDA Cannot Be Trusted -
    Comeback 12: Read about Gardasil [Vaccine] -
    Comeback 13: Read The Nazis and Thalidomide: The Worst Drug Scandal of All Time -

    White lie - Nation - China’s Mao was a great mass murderer who committed genocide.

    Pro-white lie: Whites don’t commit genocide
    Anti-Asian lie: Mao killed 60-100 million of his own people / China committed genocide against Tibetans.

    Comeback 1: Mao killing millions is based on the debunked Giant Death Toll Theory from Judith Banister. Furthermore, it was a famine, not genocide.
    **Comeback 2:**Tell that to the First Nations, Blacks, Asians, and Iraqis.
    Comeback 3: Is that why whites dropped two nuclear bombs on Japanese civilians?
    Comeback 4: Is that why whites orchestrated 500+ years of atrocities against non-white people?
    Comeback 5: How did whites end up controlling so much land then?
    Comeback 6: Right, just two peaceful world wars.
    Comeback 7: Read Barry Sautman’s study that proves there was no Tibetan Genocide. Also, look up Britain invasion of Tibet and CIA in Tibet.

    White lie - Nation - Chinese must never forget the Tiananmen Square Massacre

    Pro-white lie: Westerners allow protests
    Anti-Asian lie: Never forget the Tiananmen Square Massacre

    Comeback 1: Look at Kent State Massacre, where four out of a small group of protesters died for opposing the illegal Vietnam War by America.
    Comeback 2: Look at Waco Texas
    Comeback 3: Read What Really Happened in Tiananmen Square 25 Years Ago -
    Comeback 4: Read The Myth of Tiananmen by Columbia Journalism Review -

    White lie - Nation - Chinese news are only government mouthpieces, nationalistic tabloids, the party’s voice, state-run media

    Western propaganda = Free press
    Chinese media = Government mouthpiece, nationalistic tabloid, the party’s voice, state-run media

    Pro-white lie: Westerners have a free press

    Comeback 1: Is that why they lied about the non-existent wmd in Iraq?
    Comeback 2: Why hasn’t the free press loudly taught you about Operation Paperclip?
    Comeback 3: Why hasn’t the free press loudly taught you about the Winter Soldier Testimonies?
    Comeback 4: Why hasn’t the free press loudly taught you about White Australia?
    Comeback 5: Why hasn’t the free press loudly taught you that there was no genocide in Tibet? See Barry Sautman’s study.
    Comeback 6: Why hasn’t the free press loudly taught you about the opium wars?
    Comeback 7: Read The CIA and the media 50 facts -
    Comeback 8: Read Carl Bernstein CIA and media -

    This is nothing new, here’s what on journalist had to say after witnessing mass rape of thousands of Chinese women by white “men” during the Boxer Rebellion around 1900’s China.

    “There are things that I must not write, and that may not be printed in England, which would seem to show that this Western civilization of ours is merely a veneer over savagery. The actual truth had never been written about any war and this will be no exception.” George Lynch, (1901) The War of the Civilizations: Being the Record of a “foreign Devil’s” Experiences with the Allies in China

    White lie - Nation - Stop killing Tibetans! Free Tibetans!

    Committing genocide, destroying civilizations, killing off their language, culture, and stealing lands around the world = “civilizing missions”, “white man’s burden”, "discovery"
    China overthrowing Tibetan feudal serfdom, building infrastructure, schools, hospitals = Tibetan genocide

    anti-Asian lie: Stop killing Tibetans! Free Tibetans!

    Comeback: As soon as whites free Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand, half of Mexico, chunks of South America, Hawaii, Diego Garcia, Guam, Australia, Northern Ireland, Falkland Islands back, etc. [you don’t need to use all of them at once]

    White lie - People - achievements - Master Race™

    Used Chinese technology [compass, printing, gun powder, paper] to kill, rape, and steal around the world = white master race™
    Huge brain drain stealing Asian geniuses, who are treated like dirt while contributing around 50% of patents = “American” inventions

    Pro-white lie: whites are the superior master race™
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians are an inferior race

    Comeback 1: Whose technology did whites copy to kill, rape, and steal around the world?
    Comeback 2: Read Eastern Origins Western Civilization.

    More notes:
    The “master race” copied from other nations until the 1700’s when they got a lucky streak.

    White lie - People - achievements - Whites gave us modernity

    Pro-white lie: Whites gave us modernity
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians copied modernity from whites

    Comeback: 1500 years ago, China achieved a “modern state” according to Max Weber. China influenced the west with Confucian governance, ethics, social philosophy, capitalism; separation of powers, Mandate of heaven (democracy), and rule of law. In Universal History (1756), Voltaire showed his admiration for the Chinese civilization, calling it far in advance what Europe had.

    “He gave many examples of Chinese innovation, and how the rest of the world copied the Chinese. Not only did the rest of the world copy Chinese inventions, they claimed that they were the first to invent it.” - Book reviewer

    White lie - People - biology - Master Race™

    Pro-white lie: whites are the superior master race™
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians are an inferior race

    Comeback 1: Why are white genes recessive?
    Comeback 2: Why do Black men with white women make Black looking babies?
    Comeback 3: Why do white people have so much body hair like the great apes?
    Comeback 4: Why do Asians age so much more gracefully?
    Comeback 5: Why are whites so prone to obesity?

    White genes are recessive = superior master race™
    Whites genes suffer wild mental illnesses, mid level IQs, shorter life span, rapid aging, blotchy red skin with large pores, prone to sun burn and skin cancer, animal like body hair, early balding, high obesity and cellulite, and high body odor = master race™

    Asian genes suffer healthy long life, East Asians have one the highest IQs, slows down aging, clear skin with small pores, low body hair, thick hair, low obesity, and low body odor = inferior race

    White lie - People - civilized, peaceful, human rights / all men are created equal

    whites invade, rape, enslave, genocide, plunder, steal giant chunks of land [Canada, America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Diego Garcia, Falkan Islands, Guam, Okinawa, etc] = “discovery”, “development”, “benevolent assimilation”, white man’s burden, manifest destiny, Doctrine of Discovery, civilizing mission
    China builds up the islands that have been part of its territories for centuries = “destabilizing”, “imperialistic”, and “expansionist”, and “aggressive”.

    Pro-white lie: Whites are so peaceful, civilized, respect human rights, etc
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians are so violent, uncivilized, no human rights, etc

    Comeback 1: Why did they wipe out 95% of First Nations with human rights?
    **Comeback 2:**Tell that to the First Nations and Blacks.
    Comeback 3: Is that why whites dropped two nuclear bombs on Japanese civilians?
    Comeback 4: Is that why whites orchestrated 500+ years of atrocities against non-white people?
    Comeback 5: Tell that to the Iraqis
    Comeback 6: Tell that to Libya
    Comeback 7: How did whites end up outside of Europe?
    Comeback 8: IS that why whites coined the phrase “mere gook rule”?
    Comeback 9: Two world wars. Very peaceful.
    Comeback 10: Right, peacefully nuclear bombed Japanese civilians twice.
    Comeback 11: China lifted 600+ million out of poverty because they hate human rights.
    Comeback 12: China has fought zero wars of aggression in the past 150 years while whites have waged dozens against weaker nations.
    Comeback 13: Read “Carnage and Culture” by New York Times.
    Comeback 14: Read "Kill anything that moves"
    Comeback 15: Weren’t the Nazis white?
    Comeback 16: Wasn’t the mass murderer, Christopher Columbus, white?
    Comeback 17: That would explain Western black sites where torture is carried out
    Comeback 18: Read the CIA Torture Report around 2016
    Comeback 19: Is that why US General Wesley Clark said US planned [and actually] to overthrow seven countries in five years?

    Human rights / all men are created equal

    White lie - People - immigrants vs “expats”

    White invaders vs Asian workers
    White rapists, killers, racist, psychopaths invade and take over multiple countries = “discovery”, “civilizing missions”, "benevolent assimilation"
    Chinese indentured labor [displaced due to Western imperialism’s Opium Wars in China] who worked hard and didn’t hurt anybody = Yellow Peril™

    Worthless white trash vs skilled Asians
    Useless white pedophiles, esl teachers who can’t teach, sex tourists flocking to Asia = "expats"
    High skill, high iq H1B visa Asian geniuses brain drained from Asia contribute massively to tech and research = ching chong immigrants, parasites, white genocide

    Asians work hard to assimilate but have poor English skills while suffering racism so they keep to themselves = xenophobic racists
    Whites make no effort to assimilate anywhere they and insult the locals and their culture while expecting to be respected = civilized

    Pro-white lie: whites welcome diversity
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians are xenophobic racists

    Comeback 1: High value Asians are treated like shit in the West
    Comeback 2: Low value whites enjoy white privilege simply for their skin in Asia
    Comeback 3: You bring in immigrants for the same reason Chinese coolies were imported. Cheap resources to develop stolen land.


    White lie - Culture - Asians don’t respect human rights

    An innocent Asian person get discriminated against = it’s because they asked for it, they didn’t assimilate enough [even though we’re called the model minority]
    A guilty white person is called out for being a scumbag in Asia = Western world defends them and accuses Asians for being “racist”.

    Millions Middle Easterners killed and / or displaced displaced by Western illegal wars of aggression = CNN does a 1 min clip and blames Middle Easterners for being violent and ignores Western imperialism.
    less than 30 white people in died in France due to Middle Eastern retaliation = a global vigil held and entire tv segments are done to honor the dead.

    Pro-white lie: whites believe all life is precious, whites believe all men are created equal
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians have no human rights

    Comeback 1: Why was there a “mere gook rule” only for Asians while whites were treated well?
    Comeback 2: Why were all Japanese in Canada and America sent to concentration camps but only a small percentage of Germans and Italians?
    Comeback 3: Why are white cops killing innocent Black people almost always found “innocent”?
    Comeback 4: Why are does racial profiling affect non-whites only when whites are the biggest domestic terrorists and global terrorists by far?
    Comeback 5: Why is there China bashing?
    Comeback 6: Why the constant anti-Asian racism in Western media?
    Comeback 7: Chinese Exclusion Act
    Comeback 8: Is that why USA had racist McCarthyism purges against innocent Chinese Americans without due process of law?
    Comeback 9: Is that why Vincent Chin’s white killers found were “innocent” despite killing him with baseballs bats

    White lie - Culture - democracy

    Whites subverting foreign nations with fake ngos like National Endowment for Democracy = Western liberal democracy, civil society
    Foreign nations democratically vote against white people’s interests = voter fraud, unstable “regime”, needs “humanitarian intervention”, rogue state

    Hong Kong and Tibet have been part of China for hundreds of years = oppression.
    Whites tried and continue to try to subvert China by covertly funding the separation of HK and Tibet, an act of war = freedom

    Pro-white lie: whites cares about freedom and democracy
    Anti-Asian lie: China has no democracy and oppresses people.

    Comeback 1: Whites want democracy in Hong Kong, but weren’t willing to give it for over 130+ years when it was stolen from China during the world’s biggest drug war, Opium War, waged by the “Christian” British.
    Comeback 2: Whites stole and continues to hold onto Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand, half of Mexico, huge chunks of South America, Hawaii, Diego Garcia, Guam, Australia and others. None of the victims have freedom or democracy.
    Comeback 3: Why won’t Britain give Northern Ireland back to Ireland
    Comeback 4: Why won’t Britain give the Falkland Islands back to Argentina.
    Comeback 5: Why did they support dictatorships like

    Augusto Pinochet in Chile?
    Manuel Noriega in Panama?
    Islam Karimov in Uzbekistan?
    Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines?
    King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia?
    Mobutu Sese Seko in Zaire?
    the Shah in Iran?


    White lie - Culture - food

    Pro-white lie: white food is great
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian food is disgusting

    Comeback 1: Why is Chinese food takeout so popular? Where are Western food takeouts besides pizza?

    Whites claim Asian foods are disgusting but many eat at Asian restaurants = open minded

    Whites in Britain brag about their tea culture, which was taken directly from China = civilized
    Chinese who created the drink tea culture British stole from = uncivilized

    White lie - Culture - generosity vs greed

    Whites commit 500+ years of invasions, enslaving, genocide, plunder, but build a few churches to brainwash people to love their enemies = generous
    Chinese sailed giant fleets of treasure ships to build relationships and trade = greedy

    White Americans wanted all European powers away from the lands they stole through genocide = “Monroe Doctrine”, “freedom”, "defense"
    China wants security from Europeans who actually mass raped, mass slaughtered, mass drugged, and totally plundered them = “imperialist aggression”

    Pro-white lie: whites are so generous
    Anti-Asian lie: China are so greedy

    Comeback 1: Remind me, who generously colonized the entire planet while impoverishing its inhabitants?
    Comeback 2: Tell that to First Nations and Blacks.

    White lie - Culture - justice / rule of law / international law

    Pro-white lie: We founded and respect rule of law
    Anti-Asian lie: Asians do not respect rule of law

    Comeback 1: Asians have the lowest crimes rates in Western nations by far.
    Comeback 2: Asians in Asia have extremely low crime rates
    Comeback 3: On a per capita basis, developed nation, America, has an 8x higher prison population than developing nation, China.
    Comeback 4: Tell that to the First Nations who had 400+ broken treaties broken by white Americans.
    Comeback 5: Broke the Korean Armistice Agreement
    Comeback 6: Invaded Iraq based on WMD lie
    Comeback 7: Invaded Vietnam based on the Gulf of Tonkin lie
    Comeback 8: Overthrew the government of Iran in the 1950’s
    Comeback 9: Made up dozens of lies to start illegal wars of aggression. Search for "CIA war pretext"
    Comeback 10: Read the book, Killing Hope.–Updated/dp/1567512526/
    Comeback 12: trying to enforce UNCLOS on China when they USA isn’t a signatory
    Comeback 13: tried to enforce the Permanent court of arbitration, a kangaroo court’s decision on China, when even the UN publicly distanced itself from it
    Comeback 14: USA unilaterally abandoned the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty
    Comeback 15: USA and other Western nations abandoned the Kyoto protocol while continuing to lecture others about saving the environment
    Comeback 16: China’s legalism was founded over 2000 years ago.


    White lie - Culture - love / female equality

    Pro-white lie: white men respect women
    Anti-Asian lie: Asian men oppress women.

    Comeback 1: What existed before feminism? What were they fighting?
    Comeback 2: Is that why White men used to lynch Black men who white women fell in love with?
    Comeback 3: Is that why white men call white women with Black men, whores and mudsharks?
    Comeback 4: Is that why white men used anti-miscegenation laws to control white women?
    Comeback 5: Tell that to the millions of Native Indian, Black, Asian women who were raped by honorable white men during Western Imperialism
    Comeback 6: Is that why insecure white men created chasity belts?
    Comeback 7: Did you know that women taking back was called a medical disease, hysterics, and sent to psychiatric wards for “treatment”?

    White men made women wear corsets, which sometimes, required the bloody removal of the lower rib bone = romantic
    Chinese women voluntarily footbind as a way to climb the socioeconomic ladder despite repeated government bans against = oppressive
    Comeback 8: Women get breast surgery today for similar reasons.

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    White lie - Hollywood and media - Asian cinema is racist

    Some white racist will say something to the effect of…

    Actually, movies in China also have some discrimination against foreigners (white people or Japanese) to smooth their inferiority, especially Kung Fu movies, and especially Kung Fu movies relate to legendary characters. In those movies, foreigners are villain, and those legendary masters defeat the villainous foreigners and become hero, but usually they will be killed by foreigners with despicable way (poison or sneak attack). - fucking moron

    comeback: That is called history.

    Read about the Boxer’s Rebellion. White “Christian” British saviors poisoned China with opium during the two Opium Wars

    White lie - Hollywood and media - Asian men are just too short for leading roles

    Comebak: No. Many Hollywood actors are average height.

    ● Tom Cruise 5’8
    ● Robert Downey Jr 5’7
    ● Zac Efron 5’8
    ● Mel Gibson 5’9
    ● Sylvester Stallone 5’8
    ● Jason Statham 5’10
    ● Jean Claude Van Damme 5’9
    ● Matt Damon 5’10
    ● Johnny Depp 5’9
    ● Jeremy Reener 5’8
    ● Charles Bronson 5’8
    ● Taylor Lautner 5’8
    ● Joseph Gordon-Levitt 5’9
    ● Daniel Radcliff 5"6 (AKA Harry Potter)
    ● Josh Hutcherson 5’7
    ● Dominic Cooper 5’9
    ● Aaron Paul 5’8
    ● Norman Reedus 5’10

    All these big movie stars are 5’10 and under. The average is 5’8

    White lie - Hollywood and media - Asian men just don’t sell

    Comeback 1: One of the first hollwood sex symbols was Sessue Hayakawa
    Comeback 2: Look up Godfrey Gao. Hot Asian men are excluded or feminized while unattractive Asian men are promoted heavily [eg PSY, Ken Jeong].
    Comeback 3: Yet, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera can sell, become leading men, and get the girl. Why?

    White lie - Hollywood and media - Asians just don’t live in the time and place of the films.

    comeback: Wrong. The movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” had a prominent Black character in the unlikely setting of Medieval England. By contrast, tv shows set in big Asian enclaves like “L.A. Law,” “Chicago Hope,” “Murphy Brown,” etc feature no regular Asian characters.

    White lie - Hollywood and media - Doesn’t Hollywood cast white males because it matches their demographic?


    comeback 1: Sessue Hayakawa was one of Hollywood’s first sex symbols and Asians were far more rare back then.
    comeback 2: If it’s about matching their demographic, there would be way more minority in lead roles.
    comeback 3: How is it that “Western” films are accepted and supported in non-white countries? Tons of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos, etc. will gladly flock to a showing of an all-white casted movie in all countries in Asia.
    comeback 4: How is that Whites can easily relate to trolls like Shrek, the alien midget from ET, the monsters from Monsters Inc, the cookie monster and talking trashcan and giant bird from Sesame Street, the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a guy with scissors for hands from Edward Scissorhands?


    …yet they just can’t handle this Asian guy?


    White lie - Hollywood and media - Don’t they hire white people because there’s more to choose from? / There just aren’t any Asian actors to pick from, right?

    comeback 1: why is it that whites can’t find a suitable non-white actor to play a good guy but whites have zero problems finding the Asians to play demeaning, loser, sexless, racist, stereotypical, villainous roles?

    comeback 2: Why does America’s hire and accent train far away British and Australian actors to play Asian roles? See Jim Sturgess in the films, 21 and Cloud Atlas.

    White lie - Hollywood and media - it’s just harmless entertainment

    See “Why does this matter?” section

    Comeback 1: Where did you get the idea that all Asian men had tiny dicks and speak with thick accents only?
    Comeback 2:

    Children’s self-esteem generally goes down as TV watching goes up. But white boys are the exception, according to a new study published in the journal Communications Research.

    More TV, Less Self-Esteem, Except for White Boys - ABC News:


    Comeback 3: After Olympus Has Fallen and Red Dawn remake came out, some audiences started spreading hate-speech online against Asians. Hitler used propaganda that led to millions of Jews dying.


    Racist idiots watch <I>Red Dawn</I>, tweet about it:

    White lie - Hollywood and media - It’s not racism, it’s just money. that’s why they have white actors to appeal to the white audience

    Comeback: Bullshit. Hollywood films with diverse casts actually make more money than all-white casts. See “movies with diverse casts make more money” dFvEPWO.jpg

    Most people who see Hollywood films are not white Americans. During the first weekend of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [2009], white Americans made up only a third of the audience at best.

    White lie - Hollywood and media - Stop being so sensitive / you’re being so politically correct / etc

    comeback 1: Would you like to trade places?
    comeback 2: Why is it ok to whitewash Asian characters but white get butthurt when…
    ● Norse God, Heimdall, is played by black actor Idris Elba. [film - Thor 2011]
    ● Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson [film - The Avengers 2012]
    ● The Human Torch, played by Michael B Jordan [film - The Fantastic Four 2015]
    The best example is The Hunger Games because there is a the anger that a Black kid is played by a…Black kid yet a non-white lead is played by a white actor.
    ● A black character in the Hunger Games is played by a black actress


    …yet, there is silence when the lead character, Katniss Everdeen, who is described as a non-white character, is whitewashed.

    straight black hair, olve skin


    White lie - Hollywood and media - There are no white leads in Asia and Asians are far represented in Hollywood than whites are in Asian films.

    Comeback 1: Whites in Asia are less than 1/2 of a single percent of the population. They are extremely over represented across Asia in a positive manner that is in contradiction to their real life behavior [pedophiles, sexpats, and leeches].

    Comeback 2: Asians in the west are over 5% of the population. They vastly underrepresented across media especially Asian men. The vast majority of their presentation is a complete insult to their race, culture, and gender. It’s essentially institutionalized racism.

    White lie - Hollywood and media - They are using clever satire to magnify these stereotypes to a ridiculous degree to dismantle them?

    Comeback 1: No. Most people can’t even recognize satire. Secondly, simply observe the results of this so-called “satire”. More people believe the stereotypes. After Mr. Chow from the Hangover series, hundreds of thousands of Asians boys were mocked with lines from that racist character.
    Comeback 2: Where are the "all white people are pedophiles satire?

    White lie - Hollywood and media - TV can’t brainwash people

    Also see “It’s just harmless entertainment”

    Comeback 1: Why does the giant advertisement industry exist then?
    Comeback 2: Why does the giant public relations industry exist then?

    White lie - Hollywood and media - White people are mocked too

    Comeback 1: It’s fair right? Would you trade places with Asians then?

    Comeback 2: This is a false equivalence. For every white goof there are dozens if not hundreds to thousands of positive portrayals of white males.

    Comeback 3: How many times growing up did someone ask you if you lived in a trailer park, were the product of incest, or if you raped your dog? Compare that to an Asian kid who was constantly mocked by lines in racist media.

    White lie - Hollywood and media - You are over reacting

    Comeback: No. There’s a tv show that white people generally hate and it’s called “The Hillbilly Renaissance”. It showcases hillbillies who are uncivilized white people or more colloquially known as “white trash”. That is one show. Imagine how whites would react if 95+% of portrayals of their race was a version of “The Hillbilly Renaissance”. That’s what it feels like for Asians - ESPECIALLY for Asian men.

    White lie - Hollywood and media - Asian stereotypes are based in reality

    Comeback: There are many negative Jewish stereotypes that exist in real life (greedy, spineless, small penis, nonathletic). Why won’t the Jewish-controlled media perpetuate them? Similarly, pedophilia is an epidemic in the white race in their families and churches. Why aren’t there tv shows, films, and documentaries that stereotype them as pedophiles all day long? What about white male terrorism? Entire continents were stolen through invasion, rape, and genocide. Where are the “barbaric psychopath” stereotypes for them?

    White lie - Hollywood and media - children don’t care about race


    Children’s self-esteem generally goes down as TV watching goes up. But white boys are the exception, according to a new study published in the journal Communications Research.

    More TV, Less Self-Esteem, Except for White Boys - ABC News

    White lie - Hollywood and media - whitewashing isn’t real

    Comeback: Avatar, Dragon Ball Z, Ghost in the Shell, Attila the Hun, The Conqueror, Kung Fu, Pacific Rim, etc

    It’s real. Read the rest of this page.


    Racist white excuses

    Racist White Excuses - I’m not responsible for those crimes

    Comeback 1: Why does the same group brag about white achievements? They weren’t responsible for those either.
    Comeback 2: Whose lands are you living on?
    Comeback 3: Whose resources are you selling? Whose waters are you fishing? etc
    Comeback 4: Why does the same group talk about Tibet genocide then ? (which isn’t even true. See Barry Sautman’s study)

    Racist White Excuses - It was a different time back then

    Comeback 1: What about the “Christian” values?
    Comeback 2: What about the “Western humanist traditions”?
    Comeback 3: What about CURRENT day racism? Police brutality, new Jim Crow
    Comeback 4: Read Kill Anything that Moves -
    Comeback 5: Read Killing Hope -–Updated/dp/1567512526/
    Comeback 6: Read The New Jim Crow -
    Comeback 7: Read Confessions of an Economic Hitman -

    Racist White Excuses - It’s your fault for being weak

    Comeback 1: So your nation deserves to be invaded when it grows weak?
    Comeback 2: So when an attacker mugs you and leave you in a coma, it’s your fault for being weak?

    Racist White Excuses - Only a tiny percentage of whites owned slaves.

    Comeback: Stop deflecting. That tiny percentage owned over 12,500,000 slaves. Today, a tiny percent of American businesses employ programmers but ONE Google employs 10,000+ software developers.

    Racist White Excuses - Our crimes were a long time ago / you need to get over it / you are butt hurt

    Comeback: Why does the same group complain about 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and remind us to never forget the 6 million Jews?

    Racist White Excuses - Slavery - Blacks sold each other into slavery

    Comeback 1: Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Comeback 2: Whataboutism
    Comeback 3: Did they also teach you to rape and kill them too?
    Comeback 4: Did you have to buy?
    Comeback 5: I thought you were all about all men are created equal?
    Comeback 6: What about those precious “Christian” values?
    Comeback 7: Did you have to mutilate them?
    Comeback 7: Did you have to torture them?

    Racist White Excuses - Slavery - Other nations had slaves too.

    Comeback 1: Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Comeback 2: Whataboutism
    Comeback 3: The word slave is NOT interchangeable because places like China had slaves that would get freedom after a few years. This is a far cry from the “Western Humanist traditions” of working their slaves to death. While slavery may have happened elsewhere, US slavery was unique because it was decided ENTIRELY by race starting sometime in the the 1700’s.

    Racist White Excuses - The biggest mass murderers were Asian like Genghis Khan and Mao

    Comeback 1: Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Comeback 2: Whataboutism
    Comeback 3: Are you suggesting that because you have fought other Europeans in the past, that we have the right to destroy your race?
    Comeback 4: Prove it. BTW, the Giant Death Toll hypothesis by Judith Banister was debunked. Genghis Khan killed a lot but no where does it say he killed the most. He displaced 60 million in China as they left the Northern capital. During the chaos and mass migration, census records were unreliable.

    The British killed at least 85 million in India alone and their empire was global. The doctrine of discovery wiped out tens of millions in America alone. Belgium killed off 10 million in the Congo, and about another 10 million were killed during the Cold War across Asia by USA. Here are some famous white names: Christopher Columbus, Hernan Cortes, Leopold II of Belgium, Adolf, Hitler, Stalin. Here are some accomplishments. WW1, WW2, and TWO nuclear bombs on Japanese civilians.


    ● On going genocide in the Middle East since 2003 see

    Racist White Excuses - They fought each other

    Comeback 1: Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Comeback 2: Whataboutism
    Comeback 3: Are you suggesting that because you have fought other Europeans in the past, that we have the right to destroy your race?

    Racist White Excuses - We already apologized

    Comeback: Your “apology” is worthless. See the following
    ● Whose lands are you living on?
    ● Whose resources are you selling? Whose waters are you fishing? etc

    Racist White Excuses - We improved their lives / We gave them rule of law, rail roads, churches, schools, hospitals, Jesus

    Comeback 1: Sounds great. Would you want to switch places with Native Indians. Blacks, Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, etc?
    Comeback 2: I guess Jews should thank Nazi Germany for commercial air travel and industrial ovens.

    Racist White Excuses - Whites covered our crimes from history to avoid teaching hate to innocent children

    Comeback 1: Why do the same whites fabricate myths about Mao’s so-called genocide when it was a famine
    Comeback 2: Why do the same whites focus on focus on Imperial Japan’s brutality but not European brutality?
    Comeback 3: Why are documentaries about white victims and ignore Asian victims?
    Comeback 4: It has nothing to do with protecting innocence. It’s about avoiding justice and punishment for their crimes against non-whites.
    Comeback 5: Why do the same whites fabricate myths about Tibetan Genocide. See Barry Sautman’s study.

    Racist White Excuses - Without us there would be stagnation

    Comeback: India / Middle Eastern countries / China, etc all pushed humanity forward without “improving your lives” with mass rape, slavery, genocide, plunder, drug addiction, and religious brainwashing.

    Racist White Excuses - Your record isn’t clean either / you’re just jealous because you couldn’t / everyone did this / other countries did it too / if we didn’t someone else would have

    Comeback 1: Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Comeback 2: Whataboutism
    Comeback 3: No, they didn’t. Many empires conquered people but MERGED them into a new empire. Western imperialism across the non-white world is uniquely savage in that they went out of their way to terrorize people who they never met or had issues with.
    Comeback 4: Compare China to USA. They have only two much weaker neighbors. China has over a dozen weak neighbors that were not colonized. Instead, many of them were brutalized by whites.

    Racist White Excuses - You’re racist

    Comeback 1: Do First Nations, Blacks, Asians fear Asians or Whites?
    Comeback 2: What race are the cops slaughtering innocent Blacks?
    Comeback 3: What race are the cops incarcerating Blacks over minor offenses?
    Comeback 4: What race are war criminals who committed rape and genocide across Asia?
    Comeback 5: What race are war criminals who committed genocide across the Middle East?
    Comeback 6: What race of the managers of companies that perpetuate racist stereotypes against non-whites?
    Comeback 7: What race created the political phenomenon of China bashing?

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