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I’ve read a lot of the past few years and I’ve collected a list of excuses that racist white people love to use to “cleverly” deflect blame. I will present my half baked version because I don’t have the time to fact check everything or polish it up yet.

Slavery - especially Black slavery

● Black slaves sold each other

A few opportunistic blacks did the selling. An ENTIRE society of whites including the government practiced, condoned and codified it into law. A critical mass of whites treated blacks like animals on a farm, and they built the whole southern economy on it- it was not a few bad apples. Furthermore, it makes no difference because…

● did you have to buy?

● did you have to mutilate them?

● did you have to torture them?

● did you have to rape them?

● did you have to work them to death?

● did you have to deprive them of an education?

● did you have to beat them when they’re just minding their own business?

● did you have to call them monkeys and niggers?

● did you have to give them unknown syphilis experiments? See Tuskegee scandal

● did you have to assassinate all their black leaders?

● Only a tiny percentage of whites owned slaves.

That tiny percentage (a deflection using stats) owned over 12,500,000 slaves in total - 450,000 landed in North America. After all, only a tiny percent of American businesses employ programmers but ONE Google employs 10,000+ software developers.

● Other nations had slaves too.

It’s easy to tricked by this one. The word slave is NOT interchangeable because places like China had slaves that would get freedom after a few years. After each major war, the winning dynasty would typically limit slavery to a set timeline. This is a far cry from the “Western Humanist traditions” of working their slaves to death. Furthermore, many of these “slaves” were more like butlers. According to them, Alfred would be Batman’s slave.

While slavery may have happened elsewhere, US slavery was unique because it was decided ENTIRELY by race starting sometime in the the 1700. By then, all Whites were free, Blacks were property. The end.

Your record isn’t clean either/you’re just jealous because you couldn’t/everyone did this/other countries did it too/if we didn’t someone else would have

No, they didn’t. Many empires conquered people but MERGED them into a new empire. Western imperialism across the non-white world is uniquely savage in that they went out of their way to terrorize people who they never met or had issues with. These people were brutalized, many are or close to exterminated, and they now worship a white guy, Jesus, who “saved them”. It is COMPLETELY different - just like the slavery example above.

The Chinese collaborated and partnered with lands they conquered. Rome did the same. Nazis did what the Anglos/Jewish did when they took over foreign lands - extermination campaigns. It’s funny because there are many Nazi documentaries that pretend “ohhhh, they’re the bad guys. Not us British or Americans.” This is absurd. The British exported their holocaust globally. The only difference is that Nazi were bad only because the victims were whites.

Finally, see China. They had all the power in the world. Didn’t do this shit outside of it’s sphere of influence and even there, it established tributary states and mostly left them alone. That alone proves whites are wrong.

We’re rich because we invented capitalism and free trade - not because of imperialism

“The Chinese market is larger and more developed and more sophisticated than anything in Europe.” - famed economist, Adam Smith.

He wrote that in the late 18th century, before the British waged the Opium Wars.

Judging by the mammoth size of India’s GDP, I’d say they were also extremely sophisticated in trade. source: Angus Maddison, University of Groningen; The Economist. Numbers are based on purchasing power parity. Note, how the GDPs of the two nations drop dramatically when western imperialism afflicted them.

Prior to western imperialism India and China had the largest economies in the world, by far. They each contributed some 30-35% of the world’s GDP. The Silk Road was the world’s premiere trade network until Europeans arrived to “civilize” the region with genocide and the bible - together.

America continues “capitalism and free trade” like the British - The Politics of Heroin - CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade |

So, you’re wrong. You grew rich off of imperialism which included slavery, plunder, drug dealing, and cutting hands off Indian seamstresses so that Britain “ingenuity” could better “compete” against the Indian textile industry.

Our crimes were a long time ago / you need to get over it / butt hurt

Why do these same people complain about 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and remind us to never forget the 6 million Jews?

I’m not responsible for those crimes

Whose lands are you living on? (we’re guilty also if you live in the West). Whose resources are you selling? Whose waters are you fishing? etc

Why do these people brag about white achievements? They weren’t responsible for those either.

Why do these people talk about Tibet genocide then ? (which isn’t even true)

So in one breath, you say Palestinians should have their own land back, but you can live on property that is formerly a burial ground for the Hopi Indians? If a crook gave you a home but didn’t own the deed, you would have to give it back legally and morally

It was a different time back then

What about the precious “Christian” values? And the precious “Western humanist traditions”?

How do you explain the CURRENT day racism? Police brutality, new Jim Crow,–Updated/dp/1567512526/

● New Jim Crow |

● Confessions of an Economic Hit Man |

You’re racist

Racism means power. We don’t care if babies, dogs, and squirrels are prejudiced against black people or Asians for that matter because they can’t do anything about it. Racism connotes action, the severity of these actions are a function of power. Institutional racism is only practiced by those who control the institution - whites.

The record is clear. All non-whites were and still are the victims of white racism. - Asian American Media Watchdog that keeps Western media accountable for its biased portrayals of Asians.

● anti-Chinese USA |,blogs,forums/anti-Chinese-persecution-in-the-USA-history-timeline.htm

● anti-Asian hollywood |,blogs,forums/hollywood-asian-stereotypes.htm–Updated/dp/1567512526/

● The Politics of Heroin - CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade |

We already apologized

Your “apology” is worthless. see “I’m not responsible for those crimes”.

Furthermore, very often, as was the case with the Dutch in Indonesia and Canada/America with the Chinese coolies, they waited for their victims to die off, at which point they issued a worthless apology and paid a pittance in compensation.

We improved their lives / We gave them rule of law, rail roads, churches, schools, hospitals, Jesus

Oh rly? Would you want to switch bodies with Native Indians. Blacks, Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, etc? I guess Jews should thank Nazi Germany for commercial air travel and industrial ovens.

Without us there would be stagnation

India/Middle Eastern countries/China, etc all pushed humanity forward without “improving your lives” (see We improved their lives) with mass rape, slavery, genocide, plunder, and religious brainwashing.

It’s your fault for being weak

Think about this carefully. Are you suggesting when you’re drunk, a group of thugs has the right to break into your home, loot everything, gang rape your wife, sister, and daughter, and burn you alive?

They fought each other

Think about this carefully. Are you suggesting that because you have fought other Europeans in the past, that we have the right to destroy your race?

The biggest mass murderers were Asian like Genghis Khan and Mao

No, it wasn’t.

There is a quote somewhere that Genghis Khan killed 60 million Chinese. However, that’s controversial since the mass movement of Chinese feeling from Northern to Southern China to escape was not recorded due the disarray. We cannot ascertain if they were indeed killed off or just migrated.

Furthermore, Khan didn’t have any pretenses about human rights unlike white “Christians” that brought gun and bible to new lands. Here’s what we can ascertain…

The Doctrine of Discovery was several centuries of “Christian” holy church sanctioned mass rape, slavery, genocide the likes of which the world has never seen in Canada, America, South America, Africa, and Asia. the British killed AT LEAST 85,000,000 in just India alone. The same “Christians” committed genocide and drugged a tens of millions with opium. These same “defenders of human rights” and “democracy” gave the world Christopher Columbus, Hernan Cortes, Leopold II of Belgium, WW1, Hitler, Stalin, WW2, and dropped TWO nuclear bombs on Japanese civilians.

Today, you demons are responsible for–Updated/dp/1567512526/

● The Politics of Heroin - CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade |

● On going genocide in the Middle East since 2003

Whites covered up that history to avoid teaching hate to innocent children

First, why do the same whites fabricate myths about Mao’s genocide when it was a famine, focus on Imperial Japan’s brutality but not European brutality, talk about Pol Pot without mentioning

It has nothing to do with protecting innocence. It’s about avoiding justice and punishment for their crimes.

Second, why do Whites not only teach but indoctrinate anti-non-white hate into their children through mainstream media? There are tens of thousands of media that portay Asian men as evil, rapey yet girly and asexual; Asian women are subhuman sex objects to be used and discarded. These depraved images led to real life murders, rapes, and other violence against innocent Asians.

Why do Whites who wish to “protect innocence” allow this to happen for over a century while covering up their never ending list of crimes?

That’s it for now. Please add your own thoughts and I will merge them.