Guide -- Dating guide for Asian men - Part 10 - The Biggest Mistakes That Asian Men Make with Women

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    Dating guide for Asian men - Part 10 - The Biggest Mistakes That Asian Men Make with Women


    Matching any negative stereotype in any way
    look girly / nerd culture - skinny, nerdy, geeky, glasses, poor dresser, hideous hair, zero grooming, hideous mustaches, etc
    unconfident body language


    NOT being masculine. This bleeds into lots of things.

    • spineless / passive against bullies / racists
    • too shy to ask girls out
    • not leading the interaction. Expecting her to lead.
    • being too needy
    • taking rejection personally and being thinned skin. Easily defeated instead of trying again.

    ● Bad states / bad mindset - especially a mindset that is screwed by the Asian male negative stereotypes

    • you assume women won’t date you so you don’t even try
    • assume you’re unattractive so you don’t work on your appearance

    During Approach

    ● Failing to recognize her interests/signals.
    ● Approaching randomly instead of approaching females that show him interest. [This is okay once you get more skilled since many women don’t show interest.]
    ● approaching while pretending to be a friend (hiding your intentions like a creep)
    ● Using complex openers instead of something simple or observational.
    ● Staring at her breasts / butt / lips / your shoes

    During Conversation

    ● Being boring
    Too logical / problem solving instead of focusing and amplifying emotions.
    Not escalating / showing romantic interest quickly enough
    divulging everything like an autobiography. You leave nothing for her imagination. There’s no mystery. Less is truly more with women. She wants to figure you out.


    ● If she see you as a friend = trust / comfort / rapport without attraction
    ● If she see you as a player = attraction without trust / comfort / rapport
    ● Flaking = doesn’t know you well enough. Flaking means women ignore you after a good interaction.

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