Debunked Myths -- Gender War / Gender Gap / I hate Af / I hate Am / I love wm / I love wf

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    Both Asian men and Asian women are being played by both whites males and females


    Asian men say, "I hate Asian women. They shit on Asian men and date white guys. It’s so unfair!"
    Asian women say, "I hate Asian men. They are so bitter and controlling. I want to be liberated by a white guy"
    White males say, “Asian men are such controlling oppressive girly bastards with small penises. I will luv u long time and save you because I am so egalitarian and honorable and have a huge penis.” while hypocritically …spreading anti-Asian racist propaganda and inflicting violence on innocent Asians.
    White females say, “ewww gross, I hate Asian men” and even tell their friends, including Asian females NOT date Asian men. That’s a wake up call to Asian guys who think Amwf is somehow progressive. Many of them see you as a breathing easily controllable atm. These same wf use Af as shields and feed them the creepy white guys that they don’t want.

    The reason you girls can’t understand why Asian men hate white males so much is because you don’t understand their hypocrisy like we do. Many of them are constantly lying to your face while being racists to us yet when we tell you you think it’s “in our heads”. Here is all the proof you will ever need.

    1 - Here is the real Honorable White Man™ - a lying, raping, killing, degenerate that “loves” submissive Asian women and hates Asian men

    2 - Here is the Honorable White Man™’s history of smearing Asian men since the first day they met us. No, none of this is made up. It’s all real


    Focus your attacks on white supremacy - especially white males. They are the source of our internal war.

    Stop hurting each other through baseless generalizations like all Asian men are oppressive and all Asian women are sellouts / traitors. That sort of language only helps racist whites to divide us further apart.

  • @secondstrike Yep, I’ve had disabled white men try to come onto me before despite not daring to do so with women of other races.

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    It worked so well that there are constantly hideously lopsided pairings of attractive Asian women with ugly as sin white males.

    That’s a limbless guy who was BORN that way. This is not a case of him losing his limbs, but an Af picked a limbless white male over the millions of Am with limbs. Do you see how insane this is?






    Medieval Times, indeed. I feel like I’m living in the dark ages.
    That’s Coco, famous Chinese r&b singer.


    HK Chinese megastar, Gigi Leung


    Chinese American megastar, Lucy Liu


    HK Chinese mega star, Michelle Yeoh



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