but really, it’s about discrediting them. To do that, basically hit them with the rebuttals from above but use lots of ridicule. Turn them into flat-earthers eg people think they’re totally insane.

Never let them get away with their wild claims disguised by lofty language. Ask them tough questions that they can’t answer.

the other thing worth doing is a case file for each foe. Eg Jenn Fang supported affirmative action against Asian interests [though, this is a grey zone due to different Asians like SEA who could use a boost], scapegoating Peter Liang, blaming hapa psychos like Elliot Rogers on Asian men instead of their hateful racist white fathers and the sickening emasculating society they built, never touching on imperialism / mass rape by white men, ignoring Black on Asian crimes, blaming Asians for anti-Blackness when it’s just a reaction to violence/crime, etc. This should be put into a resume like meme and spread around wherever these foes appear.