Our three main enemies / foes

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    Roughly speaking, we have three types of enemies:

    White supremacy

    You can skip this section if you already know otherwise read http://forum.asiansoul.org/topic/74/white-crimes-against-asians-summary-version-of-modern-events and then come back to this list.

    If the system works, the stereotypes assigned to the various races are accepted by the races themselves as reality, as fact, and racist love reigns. The minority’s reaction to racist policy is acceptance and apparent satisfaction.
    In terms of the utter lack of cultural distinction in America, the destruction of an organic sense of identity, the complete psychological and cultural subjugation of a race of people, the people of Chinese and Japanese [East Asian mainly] ancestry stand out as white racism’s only success.

    FRANK CHIN BLOG: Racist Love:

    Asian Traitors

    There are three types of traitors

    They know better but choose to exploit the situation for gain. They wind up as White-controlled puppets. Now, some may be a mix of selfish and/or stupid. See the note on stupid below.


    In America, we have fake Asian activists like Amy Tan, Maxine Hong Kingston, Anti-Asian activists like Jenn Fang “representing us” by spreading lies about Asian men and Asian culture. They also lionize wm as romantic heroes who “liberated” them in total contradiction to reality - http://www.amazon.com/Kill-Anything-That-Moves-American/dp/1250045061/

    Amy Tan’s lies are used in Asian studies classes at high schools and universities. She had no excuse. This is from her Facebook page.



    Yet, they are silent when Af get raped / slaughtered by wm psychopaths, elderly Asians pushed onto train tracks, police brutality, people LAUGHING and celebrating Asian deaths like the Malaysian plane crashes and Sichuan earthquake, etc. Their job is to distract you, deflect blame, and promote Afwm pairings to divide and conquer along gender. Whites promote them to do the dirty work as they have done the same to Native Indian women and Black women. The purpose is to break the Asian community by preventing pure blooded Asian families from multiplying. You can read more about these machinations at https://forum.asiansoul.org/topic/24/most-common-myths-and-problems/6


    Other traitors like Ken Jeong [The Hangover films], Matthew Moy [2 Broke Girls TV show], self-hating comedian Esther Ku, etc. They up perform minstrel shows to degrade our race white lionizing wm and protecting white supremacy.

    Asian entertainers need to be more responsible with their choices because the characters they play, the jokes they make, become a part of culture and the rest of us suffer - including our future children.


    They know better but choose not to fight because it’s easier to go with the program. The only difference here is that they’re not as bad as the selfish ones. They don’t promote the western narratives/Asian bashing.


    These useful idiots don’t know better because they’re brainwashed and/or self-haters

    ● Asian parents / elders - I’ve seen old Asian aunties ask a wm (A disgusting, disease ridden white guy who was 5"4, obese, and smelly) if he likes Af in an encouraging way.
    ● “leaders” who fail to understand that we will never be accepted

    In his study of Jewish “self hatred,” Sander Gilman (1986 - 2–5) describes how ideologies win compliance by inspiring a desire among the subjugated to be like the oppressors.
    He uses the example of the liberal myth that social categories marking difference, such as race and ethnicity, are mutable and all can join the powerful if they abide the rules and behave like the dominant group. The more the subjugated identify with the powerful, the more they accept the ruling values and structural arrangements that keep them down. Gilman calls this a classic double bind situation.
    The empty promise that the oppressed can escape their “otherness” by shunning their difference lures them into supporting the very rules that define them into existence as the “other”—as those who are not allowed to share power. “Become like us and you will be accepted into our group.” But they never are.

    What is Internalized Racial Oppression and Why Don’t We Study it - Acknowledging Racism’s Hidden Injuries

    All those fake Asian ‘leaders’ like Amy Tan, Maxine Hong Kingston, Ken Jeong, Bobbi Lee, Michelle Malkin are all the same. They are nothing more than house negroes - an upper class of slaves. They are mentally colonized.


    ● “leaders” who are divorced from reality due to class differences [eg they are rich trying to lead the poor]

    Consider, for example, that the most subordinated members of society who are the least likely to be able to engage resistance do not, by definition, rise to positions that permit them to “speak” their experiences of oppression into the scholarly discourse and shape theoretical proclivities (Andersen 2005; Spivak 1988). Rather, the subjugated who do ascend to such positions are among the most privileged of their group and, in a refashioning of the Horatio Alger narrative for a liberation politics, often emphasize resistance in narrating accounts of their advancement in academia (e.g., Goetting and Fenster maker 1995; Laslett and Thorne 1997; Moraga and Anzaldúa 1983). As relatively privileged members of oppressed groups, these scholars cannot speak for those rendered silent by the extremity of their subjugation and who would be less likely to narrate their lives around a theme of resistance (Spivak 1988).

    What is Internalized Racial Oppression and Why Don’t We Study it - Acknowledging Racism’s Hidden Injuries

    In other words, typically only the privileged members of a subjugated race can move up to positions to power. However, their privileged upbringing divorces them from the working people’s reality. Thus, they are typically worthless as leaders while those who understand the problem better [lower classes] are rendered relatively voiceless. An example are well-off Asian liberals who support affirmative action which helps non-Asian minorities at Asian America’s expense.

    ● Giving Respect To White Oppressors - Asians seem to generally approve / respect whites blindly without showing contempt for their racial brutality, racist media, atrocities by their many genocidal wars based on racial hatred, and sanctimonious hypocrisy towards us. It’s like looking at Jewish survivors love Nazis. Whites in Asia are almost always racist trash who prey on naive women yet they are treated better than their own citizens. Any *mentally healthy race would be lynching them on the streets.
    ● Asian entertainment creators - Asian tv, film, and video game creators create afwm, worship hapas, etc to give whites even more soft power They are not doing this for commercial reasons because many of their media does not reach Westerners so they are brainwashed.


    Have pity on them for they know not what they do. Many believe the lies spread about Asians - small penis, genetically inferior, misogynistic, uncreative, Mao’s Genocide™, Tibetan Genocide™, terrorizing the South China Seas™, etc.


    Conversely, they often believe the pro-white propaganda of a benevolent assimilation instead of the racist and genocidal “Christian” Doctrine of Discovery, “humanist traditions” instead of imperialism like http://www.amazon.com/Overthrow-Americas-Century-Regime-Change/dp/0805082409/


    This intricate web of lies/propaganda is a big part of our self-hate, white worship, and Asian male/culture bashing.

    Examples include

    1. yomyomf
    • How to be More Asian (Youtube’s Global Geekery) - Am weird/nerds and wm bosses with Af dancers.

    • Jon Davis Gets a Sex Robot Trailer (OFFICIAL) - An Af is a sex robot for a wm

    1. major Asian youtubers (ryan higa, fung bros, justkiddingfilms) rarely tackling racism yet constantly doing Asian accents and wearing wigs.
    • Ryan higa wearing a wig
    • Fung Bros wearing a wig
    • JustKiddingFilms’s Joe wearing a wig
    1. “feminists” pinning white worshiping hapa, Elliot Rogers’, rampage on Asian men after he stabbed three of our bros (George Chen, Cheng Yuan Hong, Weihan Wang) to death

    2. Asians discriminated by racist quotas disguised as “affirmative action” donating to the racist institutions that hate them.

    Harvard just landed a record $350 million pledge from a wealthy Hong Kong family.
    Harvard receives largest donation ever from wealthy Hong Kong family - Sep. 8, 2014:

    Everyone else

    Like everyone, they get brainwashed by the racist media that normalizes anti-Asian hate.

    Many of these people don’t hate Asians but they are pitted against us to fight for resources. For example, Blacks and Hispanics fight for admissions at selective schools. Meanwhile, it’s white women who benefit the most from affirmative action, which was meant to help disenfranchised minorities that suffered under white supremacy (eg slavery).


    Another example would be jobs. Western oligarchs used to hire cheap Chinese coolies to build railroads, but blamed them when White workers suffered declining wages. This led to massacres and discriminatory laws. Today, they hire high tech Asian coolies 2.0 to write software. We’re blamed again for stealing jobs and also subject to baseless accusations of spying.




    Q: Asian entertainers take these roles because they need to feed themselves
    Q: Wrong. They have part time jobs. They’re not starving.

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    but really, it’s about discrediting them. To do that, basically hit them with the rebuttals from above but use lots of ridicule. Turn them into flat-earthers eg people think they’re totally insane.

    Never let them get away with their wild claims disguised by lofty language. Ask them tough questions that they can’t answer.

    the other thing worth doing is a case file for each foe. Eg Jenn Fang supported affirmative action against Asian interests [though, this is a grey zone due to different Asians like SEA who could use a boost], scapegoating Peter Liang, blaming hapa psychos like Elliot Rogers on Asian men instead of their hateful racist white fathers and the sickening emasculating society they built, never touching on imperialism / mass rape by white men, ignoring Black on Asian crimes, blaming Asians for anti-Blackness when it’s just a reaction to violence/crime, etc. This should be put into a resume like meme and spread around wherever these foes appear.

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