A great layman’s overview of how Asian women are brainwashed into white worship to being receptive to, instead of disgusted by, racist and predatory white males.

Credit to: Arcterex117

“TV Hypnotism” a summary

If white men were simply forcing themselves on our women, we would feel compelled by a direct, unforgivable action and be justified in whatever we did in defense. Instead, it is doubly odious because they are not doing so. They are making a mockery of free will through a persistent form of the conditioning of the mind; a device people are drawn to, despite its reputation, and it entertains them while it brainwashes them. And instead of fending off predatory savages who will not leave our women alone, we face instead the even more sickening proposition, that after exposure to this device, our women want to be claimed by them. And not only that, but they have lost that very basic connection they have with their own kind; a connection that really was never severed, ever, in the past. That’s been taken away from them. I am finishing an offense report and I feel ill. Very few have broken down the micro-interactions at the level of granularity that we will be doing with Kulture. I’ve read a lot about ‘injustice’ against As-Am and almost all is blatant, obvious. That’s not the hypnotism. For the hypnotic spell, you have to go deeper. It is in the nuance of conversation, of creating the appearance of social proof, of the backhand dismissive comment, all the narrow contours of human conversation and interaction that we assess ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. And to the victors go the spoils.