How to ACTUALLY prevent more Holtzclaws and Rodgers

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    How to ACTUALLY prevent more Holtzclaws and Rodgers

    In response to this:

    First, I think LLAG is a case of an Asian guy trying respectability politics and appealing to white liberalism/feminism and white guilt, and I think this is an issue among mainstream Asian activists in general. They will often adopt the mentality of white liberals and white guilt, and put their issues above Asian issues. As of now, there is no real “Asian American” identity; Asian American activism as mostly been latching onto white identities, including white guilt liberalism.

    He has been deleting everyone who does not agree with him. There is a lot of talk about policing Asian American misogyny. HOWEVER, Asian men have been slandered in mainstream media and protrayed as simultaneously weak, effeminate, yet also fu manchu misogynist woman beaters ever since WW2 and the yellow peril propaganda. So, it’s weird to “police” Asian misogyny and to show off this policing to appeal to non-Asians, when Asian men are already slandered in media as evil misogynists when it does not match reality. ALL groups of men have misogyny issues, why are only Asian misogyny issues highlighted? In addition, this portrayal of Asian men as undesirable, exists simultaneously along the hypersexualization of Asian women as submissive dragon flowers who are easy for white men. One cannot exist without the other. As an Asian women, I have been hit on by creepywhiteguys who try to pick me up by trashing Asian men. This is messed up. It is mainstream and OK to talk about yellow fever, but it is not popular to talk about how yellow fever is the flip side of the coin. The coin where one side is Asian male undesirablity and the other is Asian female hypersexualization.

    To prevent more Holtzclaw and Rodgers, we Asians need to police self-hate and white worship in our community that leads to unhealthy relationships which produce children with identity issues. We need to rally for better media portrayal of us; no more emasculated yet misogynist asian men/hypersexualized Asian women. We must call out misogyny from men, but also call out Asian-male bashing from the women, and we must have no tolerance for yellow fever, racist white guys with Asian fetishes. We must call out men like this:

    In August 1986, John Derbyshire married a Chinese woman in Changchun, China. He described the process in an article for The Spectator.


    During a debate with Jared Taylor at the Robert A. Taft club in August 2006 Derbyshire joked that the only reason he was not an open white nationalist was because “it would get me in trouble at home.” During the question and answer session Derbyshire jokingly described his two children, Danny and Nellie, as “Danny-mud and Nellie-mud.” He has argued that the internment of Americans with Japanese ancestry during World War II was “not a very deplorable thing to do” and noted that in the event of serious war with China, similar internment of Americans with Chinese ancestry will occur and “I hope the camps will not be very uncomfortable, for I shall be there too-- the Derbyshires travel as a family.”


    The henious actions by these men have nothing to do with Asian male misogyny. The dynamics involving Rogers and Holtzclaw are totally different than the dynamics involving Peter Liang or even Thomas Macey. The former involve men going crazy because they cannot make use of the white entitlement and the racial privilege afforded to their fathers. The latter, especially Macey, concern currying favor with white people. Elliot Rodger and Holtzclaw are what happen when a relationship based on fetish and white worship produces a kid who can’t live up to the “white” standard. It is what happens when two people who devalue asian men produce an asian looking son in a cruel twist of irony.

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