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    Everything starts in the mind.

    We learn and understand the world through stories / narratives. Who controls the vast majority of the world’s narratives? Racist white supremacy.

    Through these stories, they subtly but heavily influence your behavior.

    The process is simple: stories > group behavior > subjugation

    Here are some examples:

    ● Christianity – white “Christian” did this to Asians mass rape, slavery, torture/mutilation, drug dealing, genocide, plunder, and religious brainwashing. Now, many of you worship white people.

    ● Western nation’s (especially USA) military soldiers – They believe they are fighting for freedom, democracy, human rights, etc. They believe this even though

    Some our own like super scientists, Chien-Shiung Wu and Qian Xuesen lent their genius to create weapons that were later pointed at their own people. It still happens today with brainwashed Asians working at Western military r&d labs.

    ● Asian females who date white males - Many ignorantly assume it’s because they’re just “traitors” but they fail to understand the indoctrination of self hate, white worship, and demonization of Asian men.


    An Intersectional Approach to Resistance and Complicity: The Case of Racialised Desire among Asian American Women

    ● Many Asians perform self-hating skits online where they play up their stereotypes. That too has a strong basis in the mind.


    If the system works, the stereotypes assigned to the various races are accepted by the races themselves as reality, as fact, and racist love reigns. The minority’s reaction to racist policy is acceptance and apparent satisfaction.

    FRANK CHIN BLOG: Racist Love:

    ● Nations let in trojan horses like the National Endowment for Democracy which is a CIA front group to subvert sovereign nations. They allowed them because their mind was fooled into thinking “this is civil society or it’s for human rights” etc. The same can be said of Christians opening churches.

    There are many other examples, but the key you must understand is that most of our problems first started in the mind.


    Asians are one of the only groups that allow the white mind virus to run rampant without exposing their lies. This is why are are such a huge mess. Instead of parents warning their kids about racism, wm are up to no good, etc we get…America is where all men are created equal (because of an out of context quote), marry a wm, they treat you better (because of hollywood lies), etc.

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