Introduction to Stopping Creepy White guys.

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    Creepy, ugly, much older, weird, balding, fat, out of shape, perverted, autistic are some of the words Asian women describe the creeps, almost always white, who approach them. White men will tell you, oh, they’re just “enthusiastic” about Asian culture. Yet, why are these “enthusiasts” always so…undesirable and repulsive?

    Why does this happen? Where does the White creep gain the confidence to approach young and attractive Asian women – not other races of women – just Asian women?

    Your race is a key factor. Thanks to a combo of:

    racist dehumanizing stereotypes [created and spread by white males] that paint Asian women as easy sex objects

    ● many self-hating/white worshiping/oblivious Asian women who tolerate and even reward such behavior

    Asian men and the wider community in general doing nothing to stop this


    These entitled sex predators have become an epidemic. No where else would these creepy white guys feel even safe to pull this off.


    Asians as a whole must stop reinforcing White preference - that is, to stop tolerating / rewarding the wrong Whites. This feedback loop of White preference emboldens White creeps to be ever more pushy, pestering, and audacious in their predatory behavior towards Asian women. In more concrete terms, the new policy would look more like:

    ● It is crucial to educate and discourage White fever by the wrong types of Asian women who are complicit in reinforcing White preference with their excessively deferential behavior and even worse, for covering up White creep excesses in violence, rape, and even murder. Such women are a key source of White “preference” in our community because they perpetuate myths about White men which allows them to act as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    ● Asian women being visibly upset, ignore, and even asking for help from the public when approached by a White creep. She would not be smiling, giggling, and encouraging the White creep. Our Asian cultures prioritize face and safe-guarding other people’s feelings. This is a mistake for it only emboldens the White creep.

    ● Asian men must support our Asian sisters in their time of need. An obvious White creep needs to be purged immediately like any creep. There should be no leniency towards Whites. In less obvious encounters, distract the White creep or offer your support to the Asian woman in question.

    ● The Asian community as a whole must aware its members on the true nature of White creeps.

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    @natalie_ng Thanks. I moved your guide to this subcategory.

  • I would also like to add that Asian women, particularly very naive ones from Asian countries who just immigrate here or come here to study as an exchange/international student, sometimes naively further perpetuate the stereotype that all Asian women are positively receptive to white creeps. We need to educate all Asian women, whether they’re in the west or in Asia, on how to tell when a WM is being a creep and how to get rid of said creep.

    I want to include one of my write-ups here:

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