Guide -- Dating guide for Asian men - Part 12 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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    Dating guide for Asian men - Part 12 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Do Asian men have small penises?

    These pages disproves the racist small Asian male penis myth. [short version] [long version]

    Don’t all females hate Asian men?

    No, plenty of white females, Black females, Latinas, and basically most non-English speaking non-Anglo racist countries that don’t continuously attack Asian males with lies and negatives stereotypes can do fine assuming they’re objectively attractive and social.

    Do Looks Matter?

    Looks get you the audition. There’s no guarantee, but it helps a lot. You can be inferior in almost every way and still get plenty of women vs a superior but average looking man.

    The most important factors are height, signs of health [eg clear skin, youth], golden ratio of face [] and body [shoulder width to waist width, athletic to muscular], and facial symmetry. There is controversy over golden ratio’s Eurocentricity, but I have no better alternative for now.

    Surely, the media can’t brainwash people that much?

    Justin Bieber is the scrawniest “sex symbol” to teen girls thanks to endless media promotion. An Asian guy of a similar build is considered girly because of non-stop media attacks. Why would the advertising and public relations / propaganda industries be worth hundreds of billions of USD if they were so useless?

    Asian men who are objectively attractive and social have no dating problems in non-English speaking (non-anglo racist) white countries because the racist anti Asian male media haven’t brainwashed those people (or at least, not as heavily).

    Exogamy (marry another ethnicity) among overseas Chinese males is extremely common except in north america and other racist anglo countries. All over Southeast Asia, Latin America, Oceania, Indian Ocean territories, etc, there is nothing unusual about Asian male - non-Asian female couples. The majority of these couples would involve Asian males rather than Asian females, because Asian females rarely emigrated in the old days.

    We can also see how pro Asian media makes women seek Asian men.

    “Some of these countries are getting a regular flow of Korean/Taiwanese dramas. And thank God for youtube because these girls now follow Kpop and sh1t. Take a walk around the Chinatown of Paris and you will be gobsmacked - hot French girls holding Nonno and other Japanese magazines, stunning Euroasian French chicks with hideously ugly boyfriends.” - some online comment.

    I underline that to point out the immense power of media. If Asian tv dramas can do that to French women then what do you think all the white worshiping media does to Asian women for white males?

    Many non-Asian women that like Asian guys have seen Korean dramas / anime. Therefore, media, especially positive media helps humanize and/or sexualize Asian males. Anti-Asian the media that exists in racist anglo countries destroys our image and forms false beliefs, and desexualizes Asian men.

    Before you think this only affects the weak minded…
    Malcom Gladwell, the highly educated and famous BLACK author of Blink!, took the Intuitive Association Test (IAT) and it showed he had an unconscious prejudiced against Blacks (his own ethnicity) and a moderate automatic preference for whites. He took it multiple times with the same result. Again, this is an author who is famous for his sharp thinking ability and he is still brainwashed.

    What makes the Asian male white female pairing so special?

    It represents two people who overcame a lot of obstacles to be together. Generally, their pairing is out of love rather than fetishism.

    The Asian male overcame all the negative stereotypes working against him, gathered the balls to approach a white girl who society brainwashes him into thinking is a galaxy outside of his league, and overturned cultural demands to date an Asian girl.

    The white female overcame all the Asian male negative stereotypes/lies to see a man, acted against the disapproval of her family / friends / co-workers / society, tarnished her social value for dating “beneath” her, embraced the idea that her potential mother-in-law will play a big role in her life, and turned down lots of jealous non-Asian males who spread lies about the Asian male / try to steal the girl.

    Why do some women only date jerks?

    They tend to be more “strong” men but without good “weak” qualities. Most well-adjusted women prefer an “strong” over a “weak” man, but if she could find one, she’d prefer an a 80% “strong” with 20% “weak”.

    Why do women cheat?

    Depends on who you ask. Some will say it’s hypergamy - phenomenon where a woman who wants a man with high social-economic value (also known as “dating up”. Lust is a big factor and big cities / online communications make it much easier to cheat. Boredom, neglect, complacency are also big culprits. Women cheat for emotional reasons so it’s often because she feels undesired, unappreciated, lonely, etc. When you spend all the time with the same girl/guy, things can get stale, which is why you MUST always engage her emotions, keep romancing her, keep teasing her, keep sharing new experiences, and keep showing your desire. I wrote an entire page about what women want that explains this.

    But the extreme-feminists told me…<I have to interrupt your question> STFU now

    Ignore the extreme-feminists (normal feminists are fine - but hard to tell who is who these days). Those are largely unattractive women who are unhappy that they can’t find a man so they redefine what women want to suit their own agendas. They have the nerve to say you shouldn’t judge a women for being overweight. Yes, you should. It means she’s not taking care of herself. Do you see women flocking to 400 lb men?

    Where are all the hot Asian men?

    You won’t find them in racist white media. Here is just a small sample of hot Asian men

    Why do women say they want a nice guy but actually want an “strong” man (with some “weak” qualities)?

    It’s the politically correct thing to say and it’s also true but it’s a lie by omission. They want a nice “strong” guy. It’s the same reason guys don’t tell girls they want 36c cups with a great ass and savory thighs with legs that go for days. It just comes across as slimy. Many guys want those measurements on a girl who is ALSO feminine, caring, loyal, and intelligent, but sometimes we men get carried away and forget to mention that.

    Why won’t girls show me interest?

    If you’re already made yourself attractive (see above) then maybe you’re aiming too high. Either way, it doesn’t matter. You should just approach. Women fall in love with their ears and men with their eyes to an extent. Most of us won’t get lingerie models no matter how well we talk or dress. I’d be happy with a trenchcoat model.

    Why are some hot women with ugly guys?

    Usually they have money, power, status, or fame. Sometimes, those ugly guys may be very “strong” types. Very attractive women are intimidating to men so many will say “hey baby” and other dumb things. When a “strong”/“weak” combo approaches she’ll love it because it rarely happens. Some women do seek unconventional looking guys, but this is rare.

    Why do so many Asian women do things to copy white features?

    The surgeries are done to copy other Asians who have the features that they want. Whites are not the only ones with double eyelids. Most South East Asians, 50% of Chinese, 30% of Koreans, etc have double eyelids. That’s who they’re copying.

    ● If they’re trying to copy you, don’t you think they would also change their eye colors to blue or green?
    ● They whiten their skin to copy, again, the leisure class, who never had to work the fields and thus had lighter skin tones.
    ● Asians don’t value round eyes. They like the eyes slanted as a sign of beauty. They like big eyes though. Round eyes (eg caucasian eyes) are given derogatory terms like droopy eyes or dog eyes.
    ● Nasal bridge surgery is done to get smaller noses and taller nasal bridges so you sort of have done one.
    ● Facial hair is overwhelmingly disliked.
    ● They dye their hair blonde for fun. Do blondes dying their hair black want to become Asian?
    ● Anime/cartoons don’t look Japanese is another common complaint. Well, they don’t look like ANYTHING. Their eyes are impossibly large. Their hair / eye color can be purple.

    Why do some Asian women insult Asian men?

    See the reason behind the gender war AKA Asian women who hate Asian men
    See internalized racism in Asians AKA self hate
    See There are too many “weak” Asian men that are repulsive to all women, not just Asian

    The following is a brief explanation. It’s a combination of self-hate caused by years of Anti-Asian male media where she believes all Asian men are the negative stereotypes that she’s been fed, white worshiping, lots of Asian men who do conform to stereotypes, and a host of other reasons.


    Respondents commonly juxtaposed images of despotic, unloving Asian men against those of white men as romantic liberators in constructing two different forms of racialised masculinity.

    Respondents, including many who do not prefer to date white men, regularly invoke stereotypes in constructing Asian American men as the inferior inverse of white men. They describe Asian American men as ‘‘dominant’’, ‘‘mean’’, ‘‘dictators’’, ‘‘not liking a girl who has too many opinions’’, ‘‘treating women like property’’ and ‘‘wife beaters’’. They depict white men, on the other hand, as attractive, romantic, loving, sensitive, communicative and gender egalitarian traits they claim are lacking in Asian American men.

    An Intersectional Approach to Resistance and Complicity - The Case of Racialised Desire among Asian American Women


    Asian American men have not always been symbolically castrated. Formerly, they were grouped with other men of color accused of being sexual predators with a predilection for white women and girls. However, the discourse shifted with the rise of the “model minority” stereotype. Whites were no longer able to infer Asian American racial inferiority because of their apparent success in education and the professional realm, so the script had to change…The media perpetuates these images, portraying Asian American men as sexless and undesirable. These images take root in reality as Asian American men bitterly cope with being ignored by non-Asian women and watch Asian American women partnered with white men.

    Asian American Sexual Politics: The Construction of Race, Gender, and Sexuality: Rosalind S. Chou


    The Asian-American men are not portrayed in sexual terms and are imputed with no sexual drive. They are characterized as brainy wimps, martial arts contenders, perpetual foreigners, or fatalistic, silent victims. In the rare times when they are portrayed in sexual encounters, they are usually hypersexualized as sex-starved rapists (Tajima, 1989).

    Negotiating New Asian American Masculinities - Attitudes and Gender

    What do Asian men have against afwm relationships?

    This list especially applies to foreign Asian females with white males.
    ● Neither one of them can communicate properly with the other.
    ● Big age gaps of between one to three decades.
    ● Big Education gaps. The female often has no higher education so the probably have very little in common.
    ● Big Cultural barriers that neither of them understand fully (or at all), which means they’re basically still strangers.
    ● Big Attractiveness gaps. The white guy is bald, ugly, old, obese or scrawny, violent, pedophile, etc
    ● They slept together surprisingly fast, which is counter to Asian upbringing.
    ● The guy typically has a long history of playing around and cheating on multiple Asian females.
    ● The Asian female describes Asian men with the same baseless negative stereotypes that she gets from the racist white media
    ● Sometimes the white guy is racist or has racist friends. That’s very very odd that an Asian female would accept this.

    Are Asian men jealous of white males “taking” Asian females?

    If they’re genuinely happy together and found each other out of love then I wish them well.

    I’m against the subset of the population filled with certain racist self-hating Asian females and certain closet racists white males with giant age, language, income, and cultural gaps pairing up because they’re mentally wrecked. I hate seeing creepy white men who use and abuse Af and discard them after pretending to be their “honorable savior” and hurting their reputations by bragging about how easy they were. I’m sick of these racists spreading lies about Asian men non-stop. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if this pairing weren’t so common, but it appears to be the norm, not the exception.

    The following are the extremely angry children of mostly afwm couples. They hate their parents. This is no accident. Marriages based on racial hatred and intolerance create miserable homes.

    Look at the list of hapa psychopath serial rapists and murderers. They are nearly all from afwm couples. There is no greater indictment of these match made in hell than their own kids.
    backup copy

    Asian women often get approached with lines like…
    “I heard Asian women have slanted vaginas. I want to find out for myself.”
    “Me love you long time. Let me show you.”

    These lines are sexist, racist, misogynistic, and degrading. The line me love you long time comes from war torn Vietnam when females had to resort to prostitution - an illegal war started by racist white psychopaths. See and

    So many Asian males and I can’t help but dread knowing that she’s one of those irreparably damaged and brainwashed women who has a white racist for a partner.

    At this point I have to address the inevitable questions and criticism that will come from defenders of these relationships.

    Don’t afwm Just Happen to Like Each Other?

    That sounds good in theory, but studies have shown Asian females describing Asian males with the same negative stereotypes that they’ve been fed by the media and other racists - regardless of the Asian male they’re looking at. They use these same negative stereotypes to describe a handsome Asian male because their minds have been so infected.

    Some Asian women will flat out say I only date white men or I refuse to date Asian men. That is not even rational. That is actually racist.

    Here’s an excellent analysis of the typical relationship dynamic between a closet racist and a self hating Asian female. This doesn’t apply to most relationships (I hope), but enough to be alarmed.

    backup copy
    backup copy

    Who cares if afwm they date each other?

    First, I care about the well being of Asian women. I hate seeing some of them end up in silently racist/self-hating relationships.

    These are toxic relationships. The women get hurt. The creepy white guy feels empowered and then spreads more racist hateful messages about how easy Asian females are and how all the Asian men he’s never met or seen nude have small penis sizes.

    Second, it’s already hard for Asian men in racist anglo countries to meet women because of the negative stereotypes / lies out there, but when our own sisters reject us, it’s ridiculous. If non-Asian women rank us at the bottom of their dating preferences and Asian females prefer white males more then what happens to the Asian male?

    What will surprise you is that Asian males don’t have as much of a problem dating in non-racist non-Anglo countries that don’t get western media that negatively stereotypes Asian men. The media plays a huge role in this dating disparity.

    Furthermore, the biracial children of these marriages often identify with their white side, which means the Asian cultural capital decreases over time and our political, social and economic clout also falls.

    People who are against afwm couples are racist.


    ● Western media is racist
    ● The subset of wm who spread lies about Asian men (misogynistic, small penis, bad lovers, unromantic,etc…) and using and abusing Af are racist.
    ● The Asian females who insult all Asian men with the same untrue media-fed negative stereotypes are racist.
    ● The Asian females who praise all white males with the same untrue media-fed positive stereotypes are racist.

    Why can’t Asian men be like wm and embrace other races?

    First, of all, the majority of wm don’t embrace other ethnic groups. It’s just the popular thing to say. They may embrace ethnic females and employ, but widespread acceptance is far away.
    backup copy

    Second, it’s a little harder for minorities to embrace other ethnic groups when whites weaponize the media against them with negative stereotypes.

    Just recently, a Cheerio’s commercial from 2013 featuring a Black man and white woman with a biracial child sparked a wave of racist comments from whites. If you think whites embrace racial tolerance, you’re crazy.

    So-called secure white men are so insecure it’s ridiculous. What other ethnicity has weaponized their media machine to attack males from another ethnicity? I see blog posts showing Asian female with white males all the time yet I don’t see Asian males resorting to lies to feel secure. Go google anything involving Asian males and it won’t be half way down the page before you see small penis, girly, nerdy, and other descriptions pop up.

    Asian men are just losers. Get over it.

    I see you have run out of empty points so you’re resorting to ad hominem attacks. Try reading the legitimate points I just raised. There are dozens more all over this site. It’s close-minded people like you who refuse to engage in discussion that makes this problem stay.

    Everything a wm does is often rationalized. Here’s a chart of such Af responses.


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