Guide -- Dating guide for Asian men - Part 11 - Warnings

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    Dating guide for Asian men - Part 11 - Warnings

    Screen Older Women ultra carefully

    Be careful of older women 25+ (ESPECIALLY 30+) who want a relationship.

    Sadly, plenty of Asian women fall in this category. They’ll claim that no Asian men asked them out but digging deeper reveals that she just bought into the racist lies and slept with all kinds of non-Asian men and found an Asian male fool to provide for her used and abused vagina.

    Investigate their past carefully - especially if they’re white women. There’s a good chance she’s been around the block and just sees you as a meal ticket after she’s had her “fun” fucking random guys. Never waste yourself on them. They’re using you and they’ll continue using you by cuckolding you with other men behind your back.

    I say be extra careful of white women because you have to wonder how she “came around” to see the attractiveness in Asian guys in her 30’s. Coincidence or by design? Be careful, my friends, be ultra ultra careful. Do not think with you penis on this matter.

    Avoid extreme feminists AKA feminnazis

    They are crazy. Feminism came in four waves. The first two waves were reasonable - voting rights and equal opportunity and respect. The 3rd and 4th are the crazies - challenging gender roles and challenging standards (eg fat acceptance and promoting transgenderism).

    Think Carefully about Marrying

    North American men have a lot to loose in marriages because extreme feminism has poisoned society and brainwashed women into becoming man haters. Some women now freak out when asked to cook. Can you imagine a man freaking out for asking to repair something or mow the lawn? Divorce courts favor women heavily and it’s too easy for women to simply divorce you and steal your wealth and destroy your life - even when the women cheat, they still get your wealth.

    Choose women who come from good families and have good relationships with their father. Their father’s represent what they expect and probably want in a man. If their father is good, she’ll probably want good men, which will make your life easier provided you’re a decent man. A girl is ready for marriage between 23 to 28. If you marry before that she may be too immature and there’s no additional benefit to waiting beyond 25. This applies to America (and possibly other Western countries but I can’t support that).

    Stop being so picky

    You don’t have to marry the girls that you date. That’s why it’s called dating. Stop being so picky and just date girls without any high pressure expectations for the future. When you’re so picky, you’ll only meet a few women “worthy” (lol) of dating in your life. More importantly, when you date, you automatically become more attractive to other women so do it!

    Avoid long sexual histories

    I have no 100% proof for the this, but there is a growing body of research supporting this and my common sense also supports it. Don’t build up a long dating / sexual history and avoid women with long sexual histories. People pretend like the past is the past but they only begrudgingly accept it because they cannot change it. No guy I’ve ever met wants a girl with lots of sex partners. Neither does the woman. Jealousy, paranoia, fear may rot away your relationship even when they’re loyal to you.

    Related to this is not to judge a woman harshly for her past. She will most likely have one and you probably do too. Judging her only keeps her true sexual animal hidden from you, which is your loss. Be smart. Don’t just date a girl who slept with dozens of strangers, because that indicates stupidity, high risk behavior, places a low value on intimacy, lacks self-control, or has low-self esteem. This applies to men too.

    Use this Knowledge for Good

    I invested several years of my life to learn these insights and several more months writing this in the hopes that you will grow into great men to get the life you deserve and to give the racists crippling heart attacks.

    Never use this knowledge to manipulate women. Never use this for revenge against ANY woman - that includes white women and self-hating racist Asian females. Most of them are too brainwashed to know any better. Never become like the white males that prey on Asian females. They are some of the lowest form of scum.

    Your “Friends” May Hate You

    Your friends may make fun of you as you improve yourself. Either vanish for a while during your transformation or simply let them go. Real friends should encourage your ascent to greatness.


    Racists will cock-block you and talk crap behind your back and belittle you in front of your girl - especially if your girl is non- Asian. You must learn to deal with this. Send a strong message to such trash by standing up calmly and assertively.

    Anger over Asian women Abandoning You

    Many of us DO fall into the stereotype of nerdy/geeky, poor communicators, and scrawny. In a way, I understand why they would distance themselves from us.

    The areas we can address are Asians being more territorial and assertive and self improvement and pursuing women

    All of us must work on the individual level because the social level takes longer, which we will fix. Be pragmatic.

    Stop Attacking All Af

    You want Asian females fighting beside you. Don’t alienate the good Af. Treat loyal and decent Af well. However, never support or take back self-hating Af when they’re all used up and abandoned by their white “hero”. Am must send a strong message that their betrayal is completely unacceptable.

    Embrace Gender Equality / Less Patriarchy

    I’m referring to equal opportunity - not equal outcome. Let them compete, but don’t force results. Some East Asian countries can be particularly brutal in certain ways eg they may be controlling in some areas but give the woman total control of the finances. In my experience, women enjoy somewhat traditional gender roles, but not forced upon them. The key thing is to show you respect them as equals while acknowledging and accepting the differences. You two are like a nut and bolt - different but both are needed to make a bond.

    Think about the Happiness of your Biracial Kids.

    They will be deemed outsiders by both ethnic groups (although this does differ from region to region and how attractive you are). In general, if the parents having a healthy loving relationship, the kids often adjust fine. However, if the parents have major power imbalances in the relationship or dated out of self-hate, racism, fetishes then the kids may have problems adjusting. Don’t forget you’ll have to deal with culture clash (that includes the dreaded in-laws), values, parenting styles, religions, finances, etc. There are lots of problems with half-Asian half-white biracial / hapa children.

    This is not a Magic Pill

    While this guide will improve you a lot, it can’t create miracles. If you’re very short or very unattractive then it’s always going to be hard. You need to date around your level or become very rich and powerful and famous.

    Boot-camps are a ripoff

    This industry has spawned lots of con-artists charging thousands of dollars for boot-camps. Don’t be a fool. There are legit ones, but I wouldn’t know who they were. Most of your problems are solved by basic stuff covered in this guide.

    “Nice” guys are not really nice

    First, being super nice is not the answer

    Second, “nice” people aren’t really nice. They’re fake, manipulative, and behave with a transaction mindset. They act nice to get what they want. Women can sniff this out quickly.

    It’s impossible to be nice to everyone unless you have no opinions. “Nice” people are afraid of being themselves in case it offends people so they pretend to be nice to get others to like them which ironically makes them annoyingly boring.

    The most dangerous part of nice guys is the resentment, anger, jealousy, and repressed feelings that builds up like a pressure cooker and one day they explode.

    Be a real Asian man instead. It’s better.

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