Guide -- Dating guide for Asian men - Part 4 - Asian Males can't get Girls: Lies Debunked

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    Dating guide for Asian men - Part 4 - Asian Males can’t get Girls: Lies Debunked

    Lie: Asian Men are Sexist Misogynist Cheating Pigs
    Truth: When whites make up so many absurd stereotypes, one or more of them are bound to contradict. Here’s one of their more ridiculous stereotypes because we’re allegedly inflicted with micropenis and are terrible lovers, but we’re supposedly superstars at cheating on our partners.

    According to USA marital statistics, afam have the lowest divorce rates and second lowest are amwfs. Afwm marriages have 387% higher divorce rates than afam.



    Lie: Asian Men are Short Weaklings with Inferior Genetics.
    Truth: There are multiple parts to this one

    ● Debunking Weak Asian Males
    Look up 2008 Olympics’s big winners. Hint: China. They dominate weight-lifting, diving, and gymnastics. Gymnastics and weight-lifting are two of the most demanding sports on the
    planet. Asians are pound for pound the strongest on earth because of our body proportions.

    Look up Thailand’s national sport, Muay Thai. They strike with their elbows and knees. The violence is unmatched and would be banned from anglo televisions. Here’s Thai soccer,

    Many of the world’s most demanding martial arts were invented in Asia. It’s the peak of athleticism.


    ● Debunking Short Asian Men
    The issue of short Asians has a lot to do with diet. High protein sources such as meat were something enjoyed only by the wealthy so many impoverished Asians are shorter because of this deficiency. This is in addition to the fact that many of these countries are recently recovering from famines caused by wars, many started or indirectly caused by racist whites.

    A lack of wheat was also supposedly a culprit in shorter heights. It’s not genetics. There are tall northern Chinese that average 6 feet tall. South Koreans are routinely 6 feet tall. You mean to tell me South Koreans are genetically different than North Koreans (who are 5"4)?

    Even the Terracotta army statues from thousands of years ago ranged from 5"7 to 6"4 The average was 5"8. Romans considered 5"8 to be extremely tall. The Dutch are the tallest now at 6"1. However, just 100 years ago, 25% of army applicants were rejected for being too short (under 5"2). Even people who have immigrated to the Netherlands from other parts of the world are taller on average than their racial groups in their countries of origin.

    This is very important because it supports the importance of nutrition.


    ● Debunking Asian men are scrawny
    Read the debunking Asian males are short section above and you will realize there’s no way in hell a million soldiers could carry the weapons and armor that they did if they were all weaklings.

    A huge factor why so many foreign Asians are scrawny is because that’s the “in look”. It’s cool to look like nobility who doesn’t have to work hard, labor, etc.

    The other reason so many Asians (especially, foreign) are scrawny is due to a lack of emphasis on athletics. In Asian countries this is extremely pronounced due to the extremely heavy school demands that take up their entire day AND evening - to the point of sleep deprivation.

    Then there’s a issue of meal portions. America in particular loves over-eating and has an obesity epidemic. Compare that to Japan’s mini-sized portions and the dietary difference in clear. So, yes, on average we are scrawny, but it’s not some destiny. It’s a culturally influenced choice that’s combined with poverty and hectic schedules.


    ● Debunking Asian girly man myth
    I think this would be redundant. See the points above.

    Lie: Asian Men Have Low Testosterone
    Truth: Again, another lie.

    I’ve read two investigations into these so-called studies and one concluded that there is no difference and the other concluded East Asians have the highest total and free testosterone levels. I realize this isn’t in-depth research, but if their results are inconclusive then why should I waste my time proving them wrong, again?




    “From the above tables, it is clear that the race realist assertion is incorrect, whether one looks at the 7 so-called micro ‘races’ or the 3 so-called macro ‘races’. East Asians were found to have the highest average total plasma testosterone (5,673 ρg/mL) followed by Africans (5,442 ρg/mL) and then Europeans (4,992 ρg/mL). Given that the sample size for Africans is smaller (N < 10,000), their relative position may change with more data. Nonetheless, the claim that East Asians have the least testosterone is not supported by scientific data.”

    The key thing I learned is that different ethnic groups respond to testosterone differently. Caucasians tend to get more body and facial hair. You see this in Italian women, they are predisposed to have harrier bodies. Does that mean they’re manly? No. Look at the Chinese Olympic weight lifters. They dominate this arena yet they have next to no facial hair. Does that mean they’re girly? No.

    Why don’t whites buy Viagra to cure their limp-dick? Surely, that’s a sign of low testosterone if there ever was an indicator.


    Lie: Asian Males are Asexual
    Truth: 1.3 billion and counting. This is after China enforced the one child policy to curb population growth. According to racist media, Asian females are hyper sexual and kinky but their Asian male counterparts are asexual?


    Lie: Asian Men are Bad Lovers
    Truth: We’re not the ones buying Viagra and penis enlargement products. Do you know who wrote the Karma Sutra? South Indians? Guess who else in Asia read that? The sex handbook came from the East. Average sex session in America lasts 5.4 minutes. Only 25% of women get orgasms.

    See proofs at

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