Guide -- Dating guide for Asian men - Part 3 - Small Asian Penis Lie Debunked

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    Dating guide for Asian men - Part 3 - Small Asian Penis Lie Debunked


    You can read the simpler version here

    Origins of The Small Asian Penis Lie

    Supposedly this lie came from comedian, Eddie Murphy. In one of his early comedy specials he made a joke about how Black people limp because they’re packing big penises and Asian men are light on their feet because they have nothing holding them down. It’s believed that everyone else just ran with it from there and perpetuated this damaging stereotype.

    Debunking The Small Penis Lie

    No standard method of measurement

    All of these ways of measuring produce different results
    ● “Flaccid but stretched” length
    ● Bone pressed erect length
    ● Erect length
    ● Self-report vs 3rd Party measurement. Self-reported lengths average 6 inches, a whole inch larger than third party measurements. That’s right. They LIE.
    ● Pharmacologically induced erection - aka drug induced erection. This produces larger erections
    ● Drug-free erection. This produces normal erections.
    ● Temperature of environment. This is notoriously important for Asians as I explain later. Our penises tend to shrink according to temperature due to our natural cold-weather adaptations. See note below.


    Dishonest Comparisons
    ● Sometimes, they compare flaccid Asian male vs erect whites. Here’s a great page to read

    ● Sometimes they give whites drug induced erections (artificially inflated erections) vs Asians who have no chemical injections (normal erections)
    ● Sometimes, they compare flaccid stretched Asian male vs erect whites

    There is a a 1.7 inch difference between my flaccid stretched and erect penis. Clearly, you can’t get fair results by comparing apples to oranges.


    Garbage "Studies"
    In addition to all the reasons listed above, there was a big study that was flawed beyond reason.

    Sex researcher (and all around moron), Alfred Kinsley, asked prison inmates to report their penis sizes for his “study”. Unsurprisingly, the inmates lied and exaggerated their penis sizes. This garbage study is one of the most cited studies.

    Fun fact, this same goof, used the sexual behaviors identified in prison inmates and applied it across the rest of America. This is stupid because prison inmates are skewed with rapists, pedophiles, psychopaths, con artists, violent criminals, and other deviants.

    It would be as stupid as me sampling midget heights and applying my findings to describe the average height of Americans. This wouldn’t be a big deal if people just pointed him and laughed but this trash data is the basis of psychology, sex counseling, and sex therapy.


    Useless Samples #1 - Malnourished vs Nourished
    Much of Asia was and is still impoverished and therefore suffer malnutrition, which stunts growth - height, weight, and penis size.

    Many of these penis studies were done when the people were malnourished [Mostly caused by Western imperialism]
    ● Japan was recovering from world war 2 were America dropped nuclear bombs.
    ● China lost 5-15 million (no one knows for sure) people from the Great Leap Forward to accelerate its growth after being screwed by Western and Japanese imperialism
    ● Korea was recovering from the illegal Korean War started by America
    ● Vietnam just got illegally invaded and brutalized by America
    ● Philippines have long suffered from multiple occupations from various whites

    These Euro-centric penis studies are like a guy whose farm land grows more crops because he gets rain and sunlight and then brags that he’s a superior farmer to a guy whose farm suffers droughts and constant clouds. If those two farmers were farming side by the side, the results would be nearly identical.


    Useless Samples #2 - Dietary Differences
    High protein, high meat, dairy, and wheat (not 100% sure about wheat) were/are not common in Asian diets. However, these food sources are important for growth, which is why Asians that adopt a western diet, in their childhood especially, grow taller and bigger.


    Useless Samples #3 - Cherry Picking Data
    I can’t find the study now, but one of the penis meta studies actually included data from Korean men who specifically had small penis issues. It’s so racist that they would include that in their data sample. That’s completely biased sampling intended to misrepresent Korean men and Asian men in general. That same data was applied to all of Asia in a recent “world penis map” by some racist and that lie went viral so now a new generation of people will grow up believing that all Asian men cannot pleasure women.


    Western Porn is Not Real
    ● Western porn hired the biggest penises they can find.
    ● Those actors are often shorter combined with a larger than average penis to create the illusion of a big penis
    ● Nearly all the actors do penis enlargement exercises to get even more artificially large penises
    ● Some actors do penile extension surgery
    ● Camera angles and close ups enhance the illusion of a big penis
    ● The actresses are chosen for their petite sizes to yet again trick the eye into thinking the penis is bigger than it really is through contrast

    Having even a 7 inch penis for any man is statistically rare.


    Japanese Porn Does the Opposite
    This will sound like an excuse but it’s true so hear me out. Japanese culture cares very much about “saving face” and making their male viewers feel empowered. This results in recruiting males with small to average penis sizes so the viewer doesn’t feel small. It’s the exact opposite of what western porn does.

    People watch western porn and think “whites and blacks have big penises” (not true) and then they watch Japanese porn and think “Asians have small penises” (not true).

    It’s completely screwed up how the different directions to shooting porn have “proven” the negative stereotypes for Asian men and created useful lies for whites and blacks.

    Oh, another common lie is that Japanese porn censors the genital areas because they’re embarrassed. No, they’re not. Why would they also censor female genitalia? It’s a cultural thing. It certainly is odd though.


    There is No Correlation between Hand Size/Foot Size and Penis Size
    There is no correlation between hand size/foot size/weight and penis size. There is only a slight correlation between height and penis size.


    Asians are Growers - Not Showers
    Asian eyes are “smaller” because we have heat insulating fat in our eyelids (epicanthic folds) that cover our eyes to protect us in the bitterly cold environments we came from. It’s the same reason we suffer from shrinkage more than other ethnic groups. Our penises retreat to protect itself from the cold and conserve heat. Blacks, in their warmer environments, had no such need so they appear larger in a flaccid state.

    Somewhat Reliable Penis Studies

    The findings are said to be the most accurate set of size data recorded, avoiding the ‘brag factor’, as men who took part were buying custom fit condoms.
    However the survey, from condom makers TheyFit, does suggest the average man on the street may be deluded when it comes to his size. It found the average British man is only 5.1 inches long, rather than the often quoted average of six inches, while the average girth (circumference) is 4.7 inches.

    Here’s another study done in Cancun. See Statistical flaws section to understand the numbers better.

    Here are the raw results

    More importantly, here’s how to correctly interpret the numbers.

    Just understand that the true average is 5.0 to 5"5 inches in length and about 4.7 in girth.

    Statistical/Study Flaws

    Here are some important points to remember when reading penis measurement studies

    ● There is a self-selection bias where the people who are proud of their size are more likely to volunteer. This would skew the results abnormally high.
    ● Those who were confident of their penis size are more likely to maintain an erection. Volunteers who failed to maintain an erection are often discarded from the results. Again, this further skews the results higher than normal by dropping less confident (thus, likely smaller guys) from the results.

    Surprise, Surprise…

    Racist Insecure white males Spread Small Penis Lies. Once again, behind all the racist nonsense, we find racist insecure white males.

    I summarized many of the points contained on this great write-up by a guy who was about to do a penis documentary.

    The world wide web is made up of mostly white males who love to spread these lies loudly and everywhere, which is why you see this everywhere you go online…

    These racist idiots have never seen any real scientific proof - just the garbage like the world penis chart that compared apples to oranges. That “map” took an abnormally low result from Asian men that had self-esteem issues related to penis size and then applied it to all of Asia.

    This fact however won’t stop racists from loudly proclaiming that ALL Asian men have small penises.
    ● They’ll point to other online sources (written by other racist white males as “proof”)
    ● They’ll cite financially poor Asian prostitutes or financially poor foreign girlfriends who are telling them they have “big penises” as
    "proof" without realizing (more likely, refusing to believe) that they want a visa/passport to escape their poverty.

    They’re just as adamant about Black men’s big penis stereotype is a lie. Again, they have no proof.

    Think about it…

    All Asian men = small penis. They’ll defend this lie to the death.
    All Black men = big penis . They’ll deny this to the grave.
    Meanwhile, white males = variety of penis sizes.

    Isn’t that convenient that they claim only whites have variety…

    You know where that Black man have big penises comes from? Insecure white males that wanted to scare white women by claiming their enormous Black penises would hurt them. Even though I’m not Black, I can’t help but smile knowing their plan backfired so hard on them and now there are white women who refuse to date white guys and only want Black penises.

    Penis Reality

    Ethnicity is not a factor in erect penis sizes.

    Diet, nutrition, and development are factors in penis sizes. We are proportionately sized like anyone else. An Asian man of the same height as a white male are likely to have similar penis sizes.

    Note: The ideal size depends on your woman. According to the Kama Sutra, there are generally three sizes of men and three sizes of women. Basically, they are small, medium, and big. If a big woman is with a medium guy, she’ll be unhappy. If a small woman is with a big guy, she’ll be unhappy. So you see, it’s all about the match.

    Also worth noting is that women can’t measure. They often measure from nuts to tip which is wrong and adds 2-3 inches of non-existent length so when she says her last boyfriend was a massive 8 inches, ask her how she measured.

    The only people who should be worried about penis size are those with a very short penis under 4 inches and with poor girth under 4 inches (I’m guessing). For those people there are penis enlargement programs such as Matters of Size.

    If you have 4+ inches, you can sex her, but it’s honestly borderline. The actual average is about 5.0-5.5 inches length and 4.7 inches girth. Also, girls want more girth over more length. It’s the friction that gives the pleasure. However, if you have a long enough penis then you can do more positions and also hit a spot near her cervix once she’s aroused enough that’s extremely pleasurable, but there’s a trade-off. If you’re long then you risk hurting that same cervix if she’s not aroused enough, which means you can’t pound her hard.

    That hardly matters because the most pleasurable zones are the clit which you rub with your pelvis when grinding against her, and the g spot which you can hit using doggy style.

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