Guide -- Dating guide for Asian men - Part 2 - Asian Male Advantage

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    Dating guide for Asian men - Part 2 - Asian male advantage

    You are stereotyped

    Surprised? This is actually an advantage because you can break from stereotypes easily by simply being different enough. Don’t look like your stereotype and suddenly, you are perceived as very unique and cool. For example, there are white bass players all over, but an Asian bass player? You have a sudden image boost.

    Take relationships more seriously than non-Asians

    I would say this is true in general. Of course there are exceptions.

    Strong Family Values

    Enough said

    Toned bodies

    While many Asian men don’t have large frames [at this time], they are more often than not equipped with toned bodies or bodies that can be toned.


    Enough said.


    On average, we attain high levels of education.


    Many Asians are running businesses in a foreign country and barely speak English. That’s adaptability! I don’t believe Asians are naturally smarter than other ethnic groups though. That’s another racist lie - even though it benefits us, it’s still a lie. We’re just more disciplined, usually.


    Just think about all the small businesses like restaurants, laundromats, accounting firms, contractors, shops, etc that are run by Asians who are simultaneously learning a second language and trying to navigate a new foreign environment.

    Financially Secure

    I rarely if ever see Asian bums in North America.

    Stable Marriages

    I rarely hear of divorces in Asian circles. According to vital statistics, Asian-Asian marriages have only an 8% divorce rate compared to around 30% for white-white marriages.

    Self Control/Responsibility

    You rarely you see Asians bankrupting or losing their home to foreclosure or getting into bar fights or going to prison.

    Beautiful skin

    Calling us yellow seems a bit weird when we usually range from porcelain white to tan. Generally, our skin is soft, smooth, and we age well.

    No Body or Facial Hair

    Enough said.

    Age well

    Non-Asians have their beauty concentrated in their youth and lose it rapidly past the age of 25. Asians continue to have nice skin, have their hair, keep the fat off, and have less health problems.

    Beautiful straight black hair

    Enough said.


    You ALREADY HAVE many of the best qualities that women look for in men. You simply need to work on the “strong” part of yourselves and start approaching and taking the lead in the interactions.

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