Guide -- Asian Men Style Guide -- Part 5 -- Examples of good, bad, ugly fashion style / looks

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    Warning: Good fashion style / looks here refers mostly to clothing / fashion

    Definitely avoid any and all girly, nerdy haircuts that East Asian men are currently famous for. The good looks section has a few Asian men with girly hair. Don’t copy the hair. I’m just telling you what clothes look good.

    Core sources

    ● marketers [commercials / advertisements]
    ● male sex symbols / heart throbs [celebrities, models, viral sensation]
    ● entertainment [films, tv, music videos, video games]
    ● vice [male escorts, male masseuses, male dancers, male underwear models - runway fashion is unreliable]

    I rely on these because they frequently use sex to sell. Video games are interesting because certain genres have lots of cool ideas that can be adapted. See fighting games, Yakuza, role planning games, and certain developers like Capcom (Street Fighter series), SNK (King of Fighters series), Square-Enix (Final Fantasy), and Kojima Productions.(Metal Gear Solid series).

    I am skeptical towards fashion and gossip magazines. It’s hard to tell if they pushing certain looks for advertisers because I rarely see those styles work in real life.

    Good Looks Level 1 - Celebrities / Entertainment

    These examples are from films and tv shows, where the actors have highly paid stylists to turn them into sex symbols. A few looks keep showing up…

    ● pull over sweater
    mrhmDSNm.jpg KWIPC15m.jpg mpTzERGm.jpg PDj5l09m.jpg


    ● dress shirt
    vBQtRAsm.jpg aoZinCym.jpg odK631ym.jpg RnEHXcSm.jpg rXEfo26m.jpg 7Pw44PHm.jpg icMUWohm.jpg n0MUtdam.jpg IMRLBLym.jpg 4mMjKqFm.jpg 1fgLnfmm.jpg 2Jq8aP3m.jpg


    ● cardigan sweater

    cardigan + t-shirt
    5Qffsk9m.jpg BfES9hQm.jpg B9QYrJ1m.jpg nGTLvQNm.jpg


    blazer + cardigan


    ● blazer + t- shirt or shirt or “henley”
    B5bPeham.jpg YdFRBZzm.jpg UFaxcC0m.jpg NzGqvJZm.jpg K6KnyRlm.jpg xtGgeyUm.jpg Ibdetonm.jpg


    ● military / workwear
    l7tWCwpm.jpg iWhilj2m.jpg


    ● business suit
    vQqeG1cm.jpg i5Qywhzm.jpg Uli0hA5m.jpg


    ● overcoat + dress shirt

    I’m too lazy, but you’d find many examples assassin / spy type films


    ● long sleeve 1/4 button down AKA “henley”
    cf1eVw0m.jpg aHGexvPM.jpg TxxVR9LM.jpg

    ● Misc
    IcOJJmWm.jpg 2lvq6m9m.jpg AqKm69Om.jpg 5txInMgm.jpg

    Good Looks Level 2 - Fashion magazines / advertisements

    mjj0GGum.jpg SiD7twQm.jpg 7J24B9hm.jpg

    [1] He needs a better body for this look, but general style is good. Shirt is bit too fancy and too many accessories.
    [2] Good but sub optimal. He would be labelled nerd in the West even though he’s very handsome. Could do much better with no glasses.
    [3] belly area looks like a fanny pack, jeans bit skinny, hair is not that girly but he has a good face to help.

    Good Looks Level 3 - Amateur / Instagram models


    Street wear and fitness wear done well

    Note: I’m not a fan of the cuffed ankles / tight pants, but he has a great body to pull it off.

    Good Looks Level 4 - Gangsters / Triad / Mafia

    Here are some Asian gangsters fighting in Boston. That’s closer to how you should dress. Notice, you instinctively know they are bad boy types. It’s in their deliberate movements, no glasses, hair, mature clothing, and even the way they wear it [some are unbuttoned, untucked, turned collar]. The quality of their women is high. No dweebs here. This can and should be you.

    2MJSyTvm.jpg cH3er84m.jpg
    lfXTWjIm.jpg 3j0y5g6m.jpg
    nwFOKEDm.jpg 2TAcMD9m.jpg
    T25Ujtbm.jpg XckCqKJm.jpg
    JIN8rnxm.jpg 0SqaPGNm.jpg

    Good Looks Level 5 - Randoms


    Buff so clothes look good, good hair, clothes are comfy to touch it seems

    Bad Looks Level 1 - excessive fashion

    Justin Timberlake, wearing too many layers.

    Bad Looks Level 2

    vw2GDFym.jpg r1yF74gm.png gQhdgxSm.jpg XRF1QIxm.jpg HqL28Pcm.jpg bTZ3d9Wm.jpg UfzqVbwm.jpg PHFlVnSm.jpg CMemjsVm.jpg fDce6X2m.jpg zz0XZhtm.jpg Zuua2U5m.jpg P6ih38um.jpg DVnBBA0m.jpg kFX10o5m.jpg hVCuBQkm.jpg 3UnzELEm.jpg eTTLJTYm.jpg AqpHIiim.jpg cvTn7jym.jpg XGHevmwm.jpg

    [1] scrawny, decent face, but wasted on a nerdy look [glasses and high too high]
    [2] hideous half man scrawny nerd
    [3] computer nerd / geek / virgin
    [4] clothes and face are fine but he’s too scrawny and girly hair
    [5] glasses, scrawny, girly hair., tucked in tie is super try hard. Remember, what I said about the 400 year rule?
    [6] scrawny, nerd, girly hair, skinny pants, tying sweater around waist just accentuates how girly thin he is.
    [7] clothes are barely passable, scrawny, nerdy, glasses, hair ok, accessory ok
    [8] ok style, pants too short, too scrawny, nerdy, glasses, girly hair
    [8] ugly shoes, hair, skinny jeans, good blazer + dress shirt + vest combo. stop looking so girly
    [10] ok style, girly hair, scrawny
    [11] girly hair, silly over-sized coat, good pants tho. can be salvaged with a bit of help.
    [12] total nerd. girly hair really makes him look like a girl, skinny jeans, scrawny.
    [11] nerd
    [12] nerd
    [13] nerd - no body, glasses, not masculine enough to do long hair, gross quasi mustache
    [14] don’t wear plunging necklines. It looks gay. He can sort of pull it off because he’s hot, but he has a very average chest.
    [15] nerd
    [16] nerd and fat too
    [17] nerd
    [18] girly, childish
    [19] nerd needs to remove glasses, too many accessories hanging off his coat


    Daniel Choi is a colossal nerd in almost every single image. Study his look and avoid every. single. one.

    Bad Looks Level 3 - Mental retardation

    aWYqCV5m.jpg qtbNiISm.jpg 5XdOK6sm.jpg 1DCy33Zm.jpg 9Ksmfm0m.jpg pIcKS0rm.jpg CB6C28sm.jpg N6bKtdzm.jpg VJeOFwmm.jpg a3rbXInm.jpg 3LoSE4im.jpg RWhS03Gm.jpg SecM1mcm.jpg OtMmzacm.jpg

    rKIgcNdm.jpg zwJnxmNm.jpg

    [1] silly, but he’s very good looking. Don’t be fooled. This look doesn’t work.
    [2] silly, but notice his body makes it look almost acceptable. He has broad shoulders and a chest. See how important the body is?

    Bad Looks Level 4 - Androgyny

    DhW4sJWm.jpg oQduGjpm.jpg gnBZAvz.jpg 4TUJvdym.jpg

    [1] decent face and body but totally ruined by lipstick? and girly mop hair
    [2] scrawny
    [3] Jung Ll-Woo is a South Korean male actor, scrawny, girly long hair
    [4] Jang Keun Suk is South Korean male actor, scrawny, girly long hair.

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