Guide -- Asian Men Style Guide -- Part 3 -- What you think you look like vs What you really look like AKA You are totally deluded

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    What you think you look like vs what you actually look like

    What you think you look like

    H5Gutwot.jpg EwOsPxPt.jpg VJk9fgGt.jpg d34ZrPtt.jpg

    You think you look like attractive men.


    What you actually look like

    aPx6eO5t.jpg HBQweNGt.jpg APPqDVSt.jpg

    You actually look like total nerds, dweebs, sensitive ladies, IT support staff, and awkward virgins.


    Wake up!!! Even many male celebrities look hideous with this style.

    What chance does the common man have? Stop deluding yourselves.

    b6e1h4pm.jpg oc8EM3h.jpg o7TCzvGm.jpg




    Bro, I am a male celebrity and even I can’t pull this look off. Take a hint.


    Bowl cuts are sexual suicide

    Stop it. Just stop it. Don’t ever get bowl cuts.

    3q3YmJhm.jpg V2PRiagm.jpg b2mTuQ0m.jpg

    Your bowl cuts are sexual suicide everywhere outside of Asia.

    The only other place I have seen bowl cuts is by an actor who plays a mental retard in the comedy film, Dumb and Dumber.

    ELlfuxkm.jpg VVgcI1rm.jpg

    That’s not a typo. Read it until it sinks in. Your “fashion” is associated with mental retardation in the West.

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