Guide -- Rewire Asians / culture / behavior from sheep to tigers

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    The problem

    Asians are sheep to the slaughter. We are excessively nice, tolerant, honest, and straight forward. Whites are generally the opposite. They are predatory, intolerant, pathological liars, and hypocritical.

    An illustration of why our attitude is self-defeating are Chinese who trip over themselves to praise white people who string together three Chinese words. This sets the mental frame that whites have higher status than us. Most of that white privilege will disappear if this gushing stopped.

    We will now rewire ourselves from sheep into tigers.

    Asians will police everyone through rewards and punishments

    This is done by creating a punish / reward system that police everyone to behave accordingly. We will police Asians into being
    ● pro Asian
    ● assertive / inflict consequences against foes [all races including Asians eg Af who date wm, traitors like Amy Tan, self haters like affirmative action supporters]
    ● distrusting of whites
    ● See whites as beneath us [see ourselves as superior / see whites as inferior] - This is very important because it auto-corrects our white worshiping and self-hating.

    Whites instinctively do this. Whites have a very high standard of masculinity and they relentlessly pressure their peers to fit the mold. They shame non-masculine men as nerds, geeks, dorks, basement dwellers, virgins, pansies, pussies, etc. They shame wf who date out as whores, mudsharks, slut, etc.

    They constantly bash other cultures, races, and especially Asian men. It’s a hidden but widespread smear campaign that brainwashes the populace into certain beliefs.

    Asians don’t do this at all. Instead, we heap undeserved praise on them.

    99% of the problem in real-time is the element of surprise and instinct to respond positively when someone speaks to something personal to you. So I believe the bulk of our effort is conditioning how people think about this ahead of time.

    Credit to Arcterex and pbw for their insights

    Note The more extreme ideas come from me though so if there are criticisms over that, address them to me.

    How this works

    The main content to reinforce
    Show the following to everyone [with a focus to Af and other females] casually but liberally.

    ● Pro-Asian – inventions / creativity, genetic superiority, achievement, rapid growth, low crime rates, no imperialism [mostly], recovered FROM western imperialism, Asian economic miracles, etc
    ● Anti-white– exposes, white degeneracy (incest, pedophilia, bestiality, etc), poor, bankrupt, white crimes against Asians and rest of humanity, especially the reality vs Hollywood/claims, entries, inferior genetics, associate white features to the ugliest animals that resemble them [eg droopy eyes = bloodhound dogs]
    ● Anti-wm – see list of warning to Asian females

    The main punishments

    Asian men you must:
    ● Never marry or support Asian women who self-hate, white worship, have a history of dating non-Asian men, shun Asian men, or have hapa children. They are dead to us.
    ● Always warn every Asian man to avoid these types of wrong types of Asian women. Turn them into pariahs.
    ● Always police other Asian men who look like dweebs. All Asian men must level up.
    ● Always harass non-Asians going after Asian women

    Asian women, you must:
    ● Call out Asian women who self-hate, white worship, shun Asian men, etc.
    ● Call out creepy white guys and ridicule them [as long as it’s safe to do so].
    ● Speak out against any anti-Asian male toxicity - especially other Asian women - and turn those people into pariahs

    Asians, you must:
    ● Always inflict as much damage as possible [without breaking the law] on anti-Asian foes to the point where they will be psychologically and financially scarred for life.

    Associations to create

    ● all Asians = needs to be rescued from white wolves in sheep’s clothing / comrades who get our full support
    ● Af = needs to be rescued from creepy white guys / wm violence / incest / pedophiles / rapist / murder / psychopath
    ● wf = needs to be rescued from wm violence / incest / pedophiles / rapist / murder / psychopath
    ● hot wm = players / pedophiles / rapist / murder / psychopath [See Michele Leng]
    ● avg wm = creepy white guys / players / pedophiles / rapist / murder / sex tourist / psychopath [See Michele Leng]
    ● old wm = creepy white guys / pedophiles / rapist / murder / sex tourist / psychopath [See Michele Leng]
    ● wm with crappy Asian skills = creepy white guys / pedophiles / rapist / murder / sex tourist / psychopath [See Michele Leng]

    Normal behavior of ASIANS towards ASIANS

    Always stick up for Asians - especially in public
    ● Reward those who are pro-Asian
    ● Punish in an escalatory manner. those who are anti-Asian (three types: self haters, useful idiots, traitors -

    • educate and stigmatize…if that fails
    • stigmatize and exclude…if that fails
    • discredit / destroy / ruin

    Self-haters includes especially afwm and amwf self haters - those who only date / fuck white, dated down hard, and insult Asians.

    Never accept, help, take back, support, rescue, network any them if they were lost after the “educate and stigmatize” stage

    Note: hapas are NOT Asian unless they’re dedicated to ending wm and afwm bs. Never accept or help them because very likely they turn to Asians after they realized anti-Asian white society hates them for looking “too” Asian.

    Normal behavior of ASIANS towards WHITES

    Our behavior is two fold
    ● Extreme distrust
    ● They are beneath us [Asians are superior and whites are inferior - key factors IQ, anti-aging genetics, culture, not barbarians, defeated imperialists with inferior weapons]

    “Extreme distrust” gifts us with…
    ● Exclude wm and whites from everything especially from Af. Exclude Afwm from everything. Make them feel unwelcomed and despised everywhere.
    ● Vigilant for signs of racism, fetish, disloyalty, talking behind others, always look at how they treat others
    ● Zero forgiveness because we know they ultra untrustworthy. Every race has been victimized by them.

    “They are beneath us” gifts us with…
    ● self love
    ● Expect respect and be shocked by disrespect and punish defiance harshly – THIS IS THE KEY FOR INFLICTING CONSEQUENCES.
    ● minimal assimilation
    ● Exclude wm and whites from everything especially from Af. Exclude Afwm from everything. Make them feel unwelcome and despised everywhere. [dupe]
    ● Stigmatize / ridicule- eg ugly traits – giant beaks, hideous red scaly skin, droopy bloodhound eyes, lopsided afwm / amwf couples
    ● Unimpressed / impose high standards – we are appalled when they butcher our language, harshly judge afwm couples especially lopsided ones [applies to hapas too]
    ● assertive (confrontational, and when required, vicious)
    ● undermine them [see tactics list]
    ● Judge poorly

    Note: If you have weak English skills then curse them out in your native tongue. The key is delivery and assertiveness.

    For af, be hyper-aware of wm racism, fetish, make him wait at least one year for sex to test if he’s for real, break off even with the slightest hint of disrespect / racism. [See list of warning to Asian females link to??? ]

    Example - Whites who butcher our language

    ● “Are you open to constructive criticism?” [while smiling]
    ● heh [look at them dismissively]
    ● what? come again? you’re not making any sense. [just repeat this]
    ● It’s ok. Just speak English. I’ve mastered both languages already.

    I could see a funny youtube video where an Asian takes a video of a white person speaking in let’s say Hindi; then makes video responses to sections - pointing out correct pronunciation and grammar. Someone posted earlier that a popular YouTube personality in China is a white guy who corrects the English of Chinese people. There’s no reason we can’t do the reverse.

    Doing it light-hearted is one approach, being “helpful” is the second (helpful but also asserting the position of superiority and expertise), and third is just frankly insult comedy. All can be done but they are all distinct forms.

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    This is why whites absolutely slaughter you [Asian men] in dating. While you smile like an idiot at Asian girls dating out to white guys by the tens of thousands thinking it’s “progressive” and “I don’t own these women”, here’s what your white friends are doing…

    I reflected on the wreckage of that discrimination — especially the people we never expected to stand against us. People we considered mentors and friends - it’s like they were lying to you all along.
    "Everything they said is true especially about passive-aggressive that some of my white girlfriends have told me they get from their (white male) friends about me. They seem to have been rather fortunate because I’ve actually had to end friendships when my white girlfriend overheard some of my white male friends telling racist jokes about me behind my back.
    Is it just coincidence that the people in question are all European, Americans, and mostly male - I once wrote that my marriage to a Chinese man put me in a lonely club, and I never imagined that I would understand that on another level. The loss of trust just makes us feel isolated all the more.

    Who Can We Trust After The Discrimination? | Speaking of China:


    You’re going to get shit tested by American society like there is no tomorrow. Most guys of other races are going to go hard at you for being with these girls, especially some of the angrier white guys. I would recommend learning how to fight by taking up MMA, you’re going to need it.
    American society does not like it when minorities start going for its precious blondes. I promise you, you will see American society’s true racist views once you get with these women.

    Advice and a guide for Asian and Indian guys that want to get cute blondes - from a white guy. : TheRedPill:


    One white woman who is dating a Vietnamese American man shared with me that non-Asian men [usually white] consistently ask her why she chose to be with him since “his penis must be small.” She becomes embarrassed by the fact that they ask her right in front of her Asian American boyfriend.
    Brent’s comment demonstrates the centralization of the small penis stereotype that plagues Asian and Asian American men. White supremacy begets controlling sexual images of people of color and for Asian American men the stigma persists about a supposed inadequacy of their sexual organs.
    There is a racial castration process that takes place where Asian American men are stripped of all sexual elements.

    Asian American Sexual Politics: The Construction of Race, Gender, and Sexuality: Rosalind S. Chou

    Let’s recap, idiotic Asian men fund afwm media and listen to afwm couples while white guys try to destroy your life and you even need to learn martial arts to defend yourselves. Like I’ve always said, when it comes to race relations, we’re raised to be sheep to the slaughter for wolves. It’s time for you guys to grow some fangs.

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    Case Study #1 Uyghur terrorist attacks in China [2014] vs Nice, France terrorist attacks [2016]

    A few years ago, China suffered a few waves of barbaric terrorist attacks by crazies within the Uyghur minority. The violence was believed to have been instigated by so-called Western NGOs like National Endowment for Democracy see Rogue State, which spread anti-Chinese government propaganda to incite violence.] The French [government, maybe people] called these people “freedom fighters” and blamed China for its so-called oppressive policies. The callous disregard for Chinese lives and lionizing of terrorists angered Chinese citizens.


    Chinese victims


    The Western media calls them “terrorists” in a sarcastic manner to discredit China’s claims and insult the slain Chinese victims



    Fast forward a few years and a large truck barreled through Nice during the Bastille celebration and killed 84+ people and injured 100+.


    French victims


    The Western media doesn’t use air quotes " " here…wonder why…/sarcasm


    Here’s the Chinese citizen’s response…

    ● “My campassion simply go on strike when ‘France’ remind me what our torchbearer suffered on wheelchair in Paris, all their police just stay and watch.”

    ● “Cry out in desperation from the supressed.”

    ● “I’m expressing regret for the death of minoritiy and religious.”

    ● “When we refuse to extend the visa of Ursula Gauthier, what did French government say? It is just karma.”

    ● “Why don’t we have journalist like Ursula Gauthier? Write something!”

    ● “‘It was a pityful racial conflict in Nice. French government should communicate to muslim group with dialogue, not supress the peaceful protest of muslim right protectors. We condemn all violence happened. However, situation today is because of systematically persecute to minorities, brutually repress to their religious belief and lifestyle, which committed by French government.’ official statement from France in July, 2009, I only changed subject and object.”

    ● “Dont say we don’t have compassion. We just dont use it on those who never show the same to us.”

    ● “You give me fruit, I payback with jade. Same reversely.”

    ● “‘Only government and media are noxious, not people.’ R U serious? Tell me which snowflake is innocent in avalanche.”

    ● “‘When people cannot express their appeal by lawful method, sometimes they have to go violence.’ Similar? I rly wanna know how they feel after seeing what they said to us.”

    ● “How can u say I am inhuman? Are u insulting Confucious’ teaching? ‘If you render good for evil, what can you return for good? Return impartial for evil, return good for good.’”

    ● “Gloat? You are damn right! Cuz I remember every single word they show no mercy to our terrorism victims.”


    You may find this distasteful, but this exactly the sort of stone-cold tit-for-tat reminder that these sanctimonious racist Western hypocrites need. Ignore the morons appealing to “be the bigger man”. Only by shoving their hypocrisy right into their face, will they understand that it’s “not funny” and maybe change their despicable ways. The current method of showing kindness hasn’t worked at all.

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    Tactics list

    Try to deliver the responses casually, humorously, without bitterness or aggression. Have whites qualify themselves to you. They must earn our respect.

    For bad Asians - hurt them AND help them to correct them
    For bad whites - need to hurt AND …maybe correct them.
    For good Asians - just encourage and promote
    For good whites - encourage and leverage them…eg meet girls, network, etc.

    Note: Many of these tactics sound despicable, but this is exactly how many (not all) of them they treat you (all Asians beat their women, cheat, have small penises, copy everything, no creativity, steal everything, despise human rights, eat dogs, hideous, etc). Stop being chumps. Maybe save the most vicious attacks until they really upset you, but definitely smear them consistently…

    For GOOD Asians
    ● supportive [defend Asians being harassed in public, laugh at anti-white / wm insults, support other Asian opinions, praise them as a great catch, vouch for their recruitment / promotion, cronyism]
    ● cooperative [offer to help and do your best]
    ● encouragement [I think you’re really creative, I love your singing, you have beautiful Asian eyes]
    ● attentive [listen and be enthusiastic]

    Against BAD Asians
    ● shame them

    • af with wm [couldn’t get the Am you wanted?, self hate much?, why limit yourself to wm?, you are racist against your own race? lol, what happens if your son comes out looking Asian?, please don’t make an Elliot Rogers sequel, is he a father figure like Woody Allen was to his daughter / wife?]
    • afwm feminist [get on your knees! that’ll show the white patriarchy!, you sure made them pay for the Vietnam War / Korean War / Opium Wars / Phillipine-American War / Agent Orange / nuclear bombs against Japan / Chinese exclusion Act / Japanese concentration camps / Vincent Chin]
    • Am who look girly / not masculine - this needs to be accompanied with USEFUL help though [why are you such a nerd, dweeb, loser, clueless virgin, mama’s boy]
    • Am who are too shy to approach [quit being such a bitch, better get her before she gets pumped and dumped by a wm]
    • Am who have nerdy hobbies [esports? lol, how many pounds can your thumbspress?, do you wear sweatbands for that?]

    Against BAD Asians and BAD whites
    ● Shame them [afwm – please don’t make the Elliot Rodgers sequel / how you going to explain this to your Asian-looking son? / most hapas look Asian you know?]
    ● Shame them [they get mad at amxf – call them racist, insecure, jealous, oppressive, controlling, patriarchal]

    Against all whites
    ● Confront them [they make racist joke – never laugh and call them a racist and ask them if they would say that to Blacks so why is it okay to say to Asians?]
    ● Shame them [wm who like / with Af [suggest it’s Bm taking all the wf / yellow fever pervert / creepy white guy / creep / loser / can’t get wf / virgin] [See list of crimes by whites]
    ● sarcasm [they brag about human rights or insult China’s – ask how’s human rights for Iraqis?]
    ● control [interrupt, switch topics, end conversations first]
    ● mock [laugh at their worship of nonexistent god, blind belief in democracy which has resulted in brexit, world financial crisis, illegal wars of aggression in Asia and the Middle East, etc. See lists at the bottom]
    ● dismiss / belittle [meh, right…, get over it, move on, why are you so insecure?, look bored, talk to someone else, curt responses]

    • they brag about innovation – you say lots of patents are owned by Asians just look at Silicon Valley and University r&d labs
    • they talk about leadership – you bring up Iraq fiasco and 2008 world financial crisis
      ● punish [this is related to imposing high standards on them]
    • when they fall short – we mock them
    • When they meet / beat standards – belittle it the way they do to us. [meh, shrug, change topics]
      ● deflect [see list do this everywhere]
      ● discredit - similar to dismiss
      whatever they repeat from Western media – you dismiss as propaganda of Western mouthpieces. Key examples are fake wmd in Iraq, Gulf of Tonkin lie to start Vietnam War, CIA in Tibet, Tiananmen Square massacre Columbia Journalism review shows was a lie]
      ● ignore
      ● challenge [always ask them for proof for all their claims / cal out their hypocrisy]
      ● undermine
    • smear wm especially to women who are involved / around them
    • cast doubt on everything they do to instill self-doubt by themselves and their peers
      ● uncooperative [decline requests, do a bad job, “forget” to do things, “something suddenly came up” at the last minute to leave them hanging]

    ** common rebuttals**
    ● They call Asians violent / imperialists / Tibet / Tiananmen Square [see list of white crimes, especially compare whites in Africa vs China in Africa]
    ● They call Asian tourists awful [see list of pedophiles across Asia]
    ● Any time Western values are brought up - laugh, call bullshit, and refer [see list of white crimes, list of lies, etc] [see list of white crimes]
    if they call Asians uncreative [name drop Chien-Shiung Wu of the Manhattan Project, Charles Kao inventor of fiber optics that makes the global Internet possible, Tu Youyou invented Malaria cure that saves millions of lives each year, natively designed Chinese super computer Sunway TaihuLight, Chinese quantum encrypted communication, DF-21d carrier killer missile]

    see list at

    For everybody and everywhere

    pro Asian
    ● Market ourselves [Am] as saviors to xf from abusive, misogynistic, and entitled xm - especially against whites - eg aren’t you tired of having to answer to white guys who try to control who you date and marry? This is 2016, they have no right to police your freedom. I can’t believe they call wf whores for dating out like just really sick names like mud sharks and they run off to find mail order brides. They’re such losers.

    ● Brag about harmonious Asian values by contrasting between China [extremely peaceful development in past 200 years] and Western nations [imperialism]

    ● Brag about how Asian men know how to treat their women well. There are more twice as many females in executive positons in China than America and far more Chinese female billionaires. You almost never see them raping or killing their wives in a jealous fit of rage, but you see white male doing that every other week.

    ● Bring up how Asians saved Whites and how they’re such ingrates – you’re welcome for bailing out your nations from the 2008 world financial crisis under white leaders, saved Western companies by offering low cost labor, lowered their pollution by manufacturing everything in China, responsible for history’s greatest reduction global poverty, made Western imperialism possible with the four famous Chinese inventions, held off Imperial Japan while America watched China get brutalized, build railroads and then get purged, made nuclear bomb possible through Chien-Shiung Wu, etc

    ● happy news [Asians out innovating America on per capita basis]

    Anti white
    ● Always shit on them - especially events that prove it’s NOT just a “bad apple” eg Vatican church pedophile coverup. Can be fake as long as it’s plausible. Racialize and generalize bad traits onto whites. Bring it up innocently like "have you noticed?.. why does white culture?.., why are whites? it true that?..

    • so many pedophiles [infestation of pedophiles all over Asia disguised as priests, esl teachers, and volunteers, Hollywood, churches that Vaitcan covers up the protects pedophiles, government eg Franklin scandal]
    • encourage incest [stories of whites raping their children and raping and passing around adopted Asian children, especially young girls]
    • so barbaric / violent / war-like [list of white crimes against humanity], USA has the world’s highest per capita prison population
    • encourage racism
    • encourage genocide
    • psychopathic [especially against Af, pedophile rings in Asia]
    • rape culture - their schools, within their military [at least USA, UK, and Australia], by overseas military bases [South Korea, Japan, Phillipines]
    • pathological liars [see list of lies]
    • white males so insecure, jealous, and possessive? They need to pass laws to control their women and demonize Asian men yet they enjoy watching cuckold porn with Bm tag teaming attractive wf,
    • encourage bestiality [wm pay for sex at animal brothels across Europe and America]
    • wm need viagra to tackle the silent epidemic of erectile dysfunction?
    • culture of obesity [1/3 of British males can’t see their own penis]
    • terrible in bed [only last 5 minutes]
    • a culture domestic violence [628% more likely to beat their wives, familicide where almost only wm kill their entire family and then committ suicide]
    • culture of misogyny and anti-female agency - they have hate groups like mra and mgtow that hate feminists and look for easily controlled / submissive Af
    • chronic drunkenness that leads to domestic violence and rape
    • wm pay thousands of dollars a year to get bikini maxes to treat their hairy butt and backs?
    • [Western nation is doomed?] [see white problems]

    ● whenever whites screw up in real life or news, blame it on their culture [see list of white crimes] eg Flint lead poisoning in water scandal – “Well, what do you expect? It’s in their culture to look for shortcuts or it’s their culture to prize profit over people. Just look at how they treat Blacks.”

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