This is why whites absolutely slaughter you [Asian men] in dating. While you smile like an idiot at Asian girls dating out to white guys by the tens of thousands thinking it’s “progressive” and “I don’t own these women”, here’s what your white friends are doing…

I reflected on the wreckage of that discrimination — especially the people we never expected to stand against us. People we considered mentors and friends - it’s like they were lying to you all along.
"Everything they said is true especially about passive-aggressive that some of my white girlfriends have told me they get from their (white male) friends about me. They seem to have been rather fortunate because I’ve actually had to end friendships when my white girlfriend overheard some of my white male friends telling racist jokes about me behind my back.
Is it just coincidence that the people in question are all European, Americans, and mostly male - I once wrote that my marriage to a Chinese man put me in a lonely club, and I never imagined that I would understand that on another level. The loss of trust just makes us feel isolated all the more.

Who Can We Trust After The Discrimination? | Speaking of China:


You’re going to get shit tested by American society like there is no tomorrow. Most guys of other races are going to go hard at you for being with these girls, especially some of the angrier white guys. I would recommend learning how to fight by taking up MMA, you’re going to need it.
American society does not like it when minorities start going for its precious blondes. I promise you, you will see American society’s true racist views once you get with these women.

Advice and a guide for Asian and Indian guys that want to get cute blondes - from a white guy. : TheRedPill:


One white woman who is dating a Vietnamese American man shared with me that non-Asian men [usually white] consistently ask her why she chose to be with him since “his penis must be small.” She becomes embarrassed by the fact that they ask her right in front of her Asian American boyfriend.
Brent’s comment demonstrates the centralization of the small penis stereotype that plagues Asian and Asian American men. White supremacy begets controlling sexual images of people of color and for Asian American men the stigma persists about a supposed inadequacy of their sexual organs.
There is a racial castration process that takes place where Asian American men are stripped of all sexual elements.

Asian American Sexual Politics: The Construction of Race, Gender, and Sexuality: Rosalind S. Chou

Let’s recap, idiotic Asian men fund afwm media and listen to afwm couples while white guys try to destroy your life and you even need to learn martial arts to defend yourselves. Like I’ve always said, when it comes to race relations, we’re raised to be sheep to the slaughter for wolves. It’s time for you guys to grow some fangs.