Guide -- Dating guide for Asian men - Part 13 - Dating guide for Asian men - How to be funny / humorous

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    Be humorous, but not clownish. Humor is like salt. You want some sprinkled on. Crack a joke every now and then to make them feel comfortable / relaxed that you’re not a stern humorless weirdo, but you MUST show your serious side, sexual side, vulnerable side, and other sides. The full-time clowns are never taken seriously. Believe me, I know.

    Laugh together at things. Don’t try to laugh at your own expense, but be able to laugh at yourself if it happens.

    Tie your humor to sexual tension. I recommend these types of humor to escape the friend-zone fast. This is what girls mean when they say they like a funny guy - a guy who uses humor to sexually escalate.

    When she’s showing interest or the interaction is going well, accuse her of:

    ● Undressing you with her eyes
    ● Being a crafty player when the conversation goes well
    ● Ask her ridiculous questions like "Will you respect me in the morning?"
    ● Explain that you’re an oven - not a light-switch
    ● Tell her things are moving too fast and next thing you know, we’ll be married with 3 kids…
    ● Re-frame her casual touches as gropes. When she touches even more, you can tickle her back.
    ● When she smiles or giggles at you, tell her, "Stop playing innocent. I know you’re a player. My mom warned me about bad girls like you"
    ● When she compliments you, reply with “I don’t believe you. You’re just saying that to get into my pants”. A softer version is "I don’t believe you. You say that to all the cute guys you’re trying to seduce."
    ● When she calls you weird or crazy (usually a sign of interest unless you did something weird or crazy) reply "oh, she’s playing hard to get. I like that."
    ● Make up some silly reason why you two can’t be together like she wears scarfs and you don’t. Another would be that your parents just wouldn’t approve and then use a silly assumption like she’s too primp and proper or too domineering (when she says “No, I’m not you” can say “See!! Domineering. Oh, this is no good, I want a divorce.”).
    ● Talk about the children you would have together by mixing up the features in silly ways like your shoes, tie, her earrings. Just silly nonsense. Our daughter, Lisa will have your beautiful eyes and.and my deep voice.
    ● Joke about your future in divorce court. “I think I’ll be fine. I’ll move on in a month, but you’ll keep facebook stalking me and harassing me to take you back. For the sake of our two kids, I do, but then the fights start again and you’ll keep stealing the blanket.”

    Just be silly and fun but make sure there’s a sexual / showing interest part to the jokes. Notice that the jokes flip the script on her, leads the interaction, assumes attraction, escalates, and shows off your personality? Also, do you notice these jokes come from the strong mental frames. My frame is that “she wants me” so my jokes express that belief.

    When she does silly things, gets upset, does even anything slightly aggressive, make fun of her:

    ● Why am I also attracted to the abusive bad girls?!
    ● Think out loud by saying "Beautiful but needs adult supervision"
    ● You’re so beautiful, who would’ve thought there was a little rage demon living inside.
    ● Talk to her like a baby. Jokingly, sincerely ask her "What’s wrong? Are you hungry? Do you need to get burped?"
    ● You’re not going to be emotionally abusive to our kids, are you?

    Tease Her:

    Tease people about their positive traits. Avoid teasing about the negative traits. Only really hot women can handle the latter traits and even then do it only once or twice.

    ● The girl is very pretty so I call her “la face” or “Zoolanda” (the female version of Zoolander)
    ● The girl looks very well dressed so I nickname her "Coco or Mrs. Chanel"
    ● The girl wore glasses to work one day [she rarely does] and I called her a naughty librarian
    ● The girl is very sociable so I call her a "sneaky player"
    ● The girl is good at reading people say I call her “FBI agent [her last name]”

    When she told me about her day, I re-framed the most inane interactions as conspiracy theories.

    ● a child smiled at her and offered her his gummy bears. I said he’s trying to get her to bend over so he can see down her generous top.
    ● A man at a bus stop offered to let her board the vehicle first. I remarked he’s clearly trying to inspect her butt.

    Girls will tell you that you’re crazy, but they secretly love it. All women love attention. Search for “sexy butts” (I did it for science, rly) and you’ll find girls showing off their butt on the internet.

    There are many ways to learn comedy: buy a few books on comedy writing, watch late night tv shows for jokes, watch comedy specials, look up jokes online, etc. You will start to learn the patterns of humor. Stick with simple humor. Complex stuff can backfire and make you look like a try hard or retarded.

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