Guide -- Asian Men Style Guide -- Part 1 -- Style / Fashion Bible for Asian Men

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    Do not match any negative stereotypes, get a hot body, clear up your skin, and fix your hair. These four will do more for your sex appeal than anything else by FAR. Then, copy what celebrities wear

    It’s easy. The rest of the guide just provides you with lots of detail so you can’t fuck up. And yes, it’s possible. Here’s some proof

    vjApk2yt.jpg >> FjLoxBHt.jpg >> 0aZ7M5Mt.jpg

    bad [], better [2], best [3]. First two were board game master, Ke Jie. Last guy is someone else. Notice the transition. The further away from hideous girly hair, nerdy glasses, you went the better you looked.


    This guy did this in two years. After one year, he would already have a very good body.


    Fashion Style

    Core rules:

    ● I must say it again, Do not match any negative stereotypes, get a hot body, clear up your skin, and fix your hair. These four will do more for your sex appeal than anything else by FAR.

    Scrawny bodies hold up and fill clothes poorly and everything looks like shit on you. Think about women. We will pick a hot woman in a t-shirt over an ugly wearing $4000 in designer labels.

    ● Wear classics. Don’t follow trends, which are often ugly and temporary, and a waste of money. Copy Hollywood’s leading men, but add your own variations. Notice, they all look similar in films with a modern setting. They have teams of stylists.

    Note: I would’ve urged you to copy Asia’s leading men but they’re currently led by androgynous female repellent.

    ● Look like you belong to a gang. Ever watch those HK films about triads? Look something like that. They blend into society but they have a bit of an edge. For the most part they are understated and refined especially at the “officer” level. You instinctively know not to fuck with them.

    ● Stop making it worse with your girly bowl cuts, perms, glasses, smiley peace signs, and other forms of auto-castration.

    ● Show off some skin - neck, clavicles, chest, forearms. These are the same areas you should build. Also shoulders and traps. They give a big visual impact. Easiest way is to use shirts [many kinds], t-shirts, and tank tops.

    ● You can’t pull off most styles. Hot men can afford to wear hideous crap and have girly hair because their high masculinity balances it out. Most of you are not hot and your results will be much much worse. See what you think you are vs reality. Use what works for you.

    One simple test - Ask yourself “Will people laugh at me 400 years from now for wearing this?” Certain looks stand the test of time and they are all functional: buzzcuts, shaved faces, slicked back hair, etc. Don’t end up like one of these clowns below. lol

    0hTGafZt.jpg WXRgK5mt.jpg mKtPuxWt.jpg 9UisehIt.jpg 5s9d1ogt.jpg

    Things to do:
    ● Get tailored clothes that fit (at the very least, buy ethnic brands suited for you).
    ● Use darker colors to accentuate light skin or lighter colors to accentuate darker skin.
    ● The 3 colors that women find most attractive on men are (starting with the best) blue, black, and grey. Oddly, they hate orange. Also add white for versatility.
    ● Look like you’re doing well. Not necessarily rich, but well-off.
    ● Wear appropriate clothing for your environment, event, age, etc.
    ● Show that you care and respect yourself - even better if you can show you are successful.
    ● Show your best physical traits and hide your worst physical points. Working out is the only cure to this. Do not be lazy. Wear better fitting jeans and shorter tops if you have a nice butt [if not: wear longer tops and slightly looser fitting pants]. Wear tshirts if you have nice arms [if not: wear long sleeves with thicker fabric]. roll up your shirt sleeves if you have nice forearms [if not: don’t roll up sleeves], unbutton the top of your dress shirt or wear tank tops if you have nice upper chest [if not: cover up more], etc.

    Things to avoid
    ● short-sleeved shirts like 3/4 lenth
    ● bulky items in pants pockets like overloaded wallets and big set of keys
    ● all black. It looks too threatening. If you must then at least use shades of black or grey so you don’t look like a burglar.
    ● ditch childish styles past your mid 25’s. You should look like an adult by then.
    ● Dress above average vs your social peers (not your friends, but your school, work place, etc) but still look like you belong.- eg leader of the pack - not a follower.
    ● No sneakers + blazers. Looks childish.
    ● brand names and expensive hidden features [precious materials like platinum, silver, endangered specie’s wool, hand stitched, “artisan”, “limited edition”, special watch movements, pricey art/design because it’s so subjective, etc]. Almost no one you meet [unless you’re ultra elite] can tell.


    You guys need to stop looking like women. I have never seen another group of men [East Asian] try so hard to look unfuckable. You are doing glam metal levels of cringe.


    You may think you look like some super cool guy like K from King Of Fighters?? Wake up!

    lfjOOtxt.jpg hlJuSYvt.jpg

    K from King of Fighters [1], not K from King of Fighters [2]

    Ask yourself one question:

    Does my desired hair style look cooler than a buzzcut?


    If your hair style can’t beat a buzzcut then just default to a buzzcut because you can at least look like a man instead of a girl.

    Things to Avoid
    bowl cuts. I don’t care what kpop tells you, it’s retarded. No woman outside of Asia sees you as a man unless she’s specifically into kpop hardcore.
    ● perms
    long bangs

    Look at this image of the computer-averaged faces of men around the world. East Asian men are the only group dumb enough to feminize themselves with long bangs to such a suicidal degree. No other race of men does this to themselves.

    99SFAD6m.jpg CfTLfKZt.jpg Vhiyg8wt.jpg cfnv7Pat.jpg

    Full image of different men’s faces around the world

    Ok a few of them are fine, but many key representatives [Korea, Japan, China] of East Asian men are not.


    I cut my hair and I feel so much better

    ● long girl hair
    ● gelled spiky hair
    ● long hair
    ● dying your hair. It is expensive and you often pair it with really girly looks so it’s sexless and hideous.

    Things to Do
    ● Get a haircut that makes your face look slim and oval in shape. Your sides need to be short and the top short to medium length.
    ● Use something like Redken Glass serum [looks very natural by adding weight to your hair ] or hairspray or a bedhead type product. Avoid gels. They look too fake.
    ● Wash and style your hair before you leave your place in the morning.
    ● Use this chart to pick the right hair product[s]


    How to style hair

    The following advice is from someone who looks great

    ysl_oneLately I’ve been getting messages asking how and what I use to do my hair. I have thick stubborn straight hair and it takes a lot of work to stylise. I wash it and blow dry it back with a brush. Use straighteners to blend it in the direction I want it to go. Using my hands I brush in with a bit of ‘Schwarzkopf got2b beach matt paste’ and to hold it together with some hairspray. Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be, have a good one ;)


    Asian vs West with girly hair


    Westerners can get away with girly looking hair more easily because it’s obvious they are not women. They have plenty of facial hair and coarser features to balance it out. Most Asian men look very youthful. It’s a blessing and a curse. Unless you have very masculine features to balance out the girly hair avoid it.

    Examples of good Asian hair
    C7Ny1u9m.jpg 7w9wzUim.jpg J0VCCghm.jpg gADB3Cgm.jpg Jq4BNH0m.jpg qTEWc2Sm.jpg 8Qq7ozXm.jpg vAvMKPvm.jpg XBw7Apxm.jpg FfHgb42m.jpg 0X9D4qQ.jpg

    Last one - Not Asian but good if you have the face for it.

    See many more examples of good and bad hair.

    Facial hair

    A lot of us can’t pull off facial hair. It looks repulsive.

    WKaSda8t.jpg k0Sdv7at.jpg Qm79PDet.jpg I1Ay97St.jpg oFkJDPIt.jpg

    This says “I’m not manly enough to grow thick facial hair.” [1,2,3,4], Says I look like a slob [5]

    Unless you have strong beard genetics like these guys below then just shave it so people can’t laugh at you.

    QgeI98Ut.jpg jnNQGBet.jpg BQ8ybm7t.jpg
    Strong beard genes.


    z6U47jft.jpg oDpQa0wt.jpg yJqxcI5t.jpg KEVsrrht.jpg
    Actor, Louis Koo, does either beard or none. Full [1,2], None [3,4]. He rarely shows up in gross quasi beards.



    ???I want to rewrite this section but prefer people with expertise write it instead.
    Ask a dermatologist and use Accutane if you have chronic acne. I don’t know if this actually works. I think most people have diet
    problems that cause acne. Switch to a vegan diet and look into mercury chelation (see Andy Cutler). I recommend people to fix their
    diet and only use medication as a last option.

    Use m2 lotion to fix hyperpigmentation from acne if you have it

    link to??? harke’s skin bible. wash once a day to avoid stripping away all moisture. actually, depends on their skin condition


    ● Never pick or pop pimples. That can leave scars.
    ● Avoid excessive sunlight because that breaks down skin and ages you rapidly. If you want sun then enjoy it in the mornings and evenings.

    Grooming and Hygiene

    ● Brush and floss your teeth in the morning, night, and after each meal / snack. Your teeth are super important to your health.
    ● Bathe daily.
    ● Shave daily unless you have and want to shape your facial hair.
    ● Cut your finger nails every 3 weeks.
    ● Cut your toe nails every four weeks.
    ● Cut your hair every two to three weeks. Find some cheap place and just do touch ups to save money.
    ● Trim your nose hair every 4 weeks.
    ● Trim your ear hair every[I don’t have it so I don’t know.]
    ● Trim your pubic hair every 2 weeks if you’re getting intimate with women.
    ● I wouldn’t tweeze my eyebrows. I’d tweeze if they were a unibrow though.

    Compensating for your body

    ● short - vertical lines for top and pants

    ● Skinny

    • horizontal lines for top
    • thicker material like ribbed cotton, wool, puffy winter jacket
    • layering
    • Brighter colors

    ● Fat

    • dark colors like black
    • Thinner material like linen, thin non-ribbed non-textured cotton

    ● Too many girls hitting on you

    • kpop bowlcuts

    ● Allergic skin

    • cotton + nylon or spandex mix [not spandex alone]
    • avoid wool
    • avoid cashmiere

    How much style is enough?

    Look better than the average in your peer group [school, workpace, social circle, etc]. Many women have type(s) that they like. Try to look like a positive stereotype (gang member, rocker, surfer, etc) unless you have a good personal style already.

    How to look stylish?

    It just means you look well put together. Personality is different.

    Focus on fit, color coordination, fabric, and accessories. Each look you create should be a theme such that one can look at you and conclude “he’s going to the gym, on a date, business meeting, etc”. Accessories are the key that adds personality [see below].

    Key looks:
    ● lounge - look at romantic films
    ● casual / streetwear - I have no good source yet. Common sources are plagued with ugly crap.
    ● business - look at media about wall street, triad, mafia, and cartels.
    ● sport - look at media about street hoops, boxers, surfers, skaters, snowboarders, [optional but recommended and be careful. Lots of ugly shit.]
    ● action / military - look at media about modern assassin, black ops, military, special forces [optional but recommended]

    Mix and match compatible pieces. Do not wear camo with your blazer for example.

    How to show off your personality?

    Personality is what makes you unique. Driving an expensive car is stylish, but the paint job, interior finishes, and mods give it personality. Undertand that you only add minor variations to express personality. There’s no need to look like a freak.

    ● color coordination
    ● accessories
    ● uniqueness [ordered from most effective to least]

    • art [see cultural factors]
    • material / texture / pattern
    • function - eg a watch can be a cutesy Swatch brand, camping, sporty, military, aviation, naval, business, etc
    • method of wear - eg scarves can be worn in many ways, shirts and blazer can be unbuttoned simultaneously, zipped up / half zipped / unzipped cardigan, tucked vs untucked, rolled up dress shirt sleeves, popped collar [Be careful. Easy to look like a douchebag]
    • layering
    • cut - some shirts are rounded, sharp, boxy, etc

    Examples of uniqueness
    ● inner lining uses different color / material than outside


    ● custom drawstrings / laces / paracord / shoe laces on jackets, sweatpants, hoodies, and shoes

    RGo6NVDm.jpg e2BgxNAm.jpg gnYxxdcm.jpg
    Paracord hoodie strings


    ● custom decal / embroidery on baseball cap
    Tt8Criit.jpg YL3KrIHt.jpg E211w1Tt.jpg
    Caution: Logo for Kojima Productions [1], marijuana / drug [2], and sueded cotton cap [3].


    ● The many variations of oxford dress shirts [this doesn’t even cover other styles or ethnic types like Chinese style]
    Good guide Backup:

    Cultural Factors:

    ● our language. The characters look really cool especially when done by master calligraphers [make sure you get accurate translations]


    ● our animals [real and mythical]
    IHWz74wt.jpg Er3kMe0t.jpg EHs7U8dt.jpg mR6yNpYt.jpg UZB5mOBt.jpg 3JmgHTRt.jpg
    dragon [1], tiger [2], phoenix [3], kylin [4], red panda [5], pandas [6]


    ● our architecture
    Btui1vnt.jpg nDbrsFut.jpg
    “pagoda” traditional Chinese roof [1], “torii” Japanese gateways [2],


    beMqhgb.jpg JsMEfxUt.jpg
    Chinese furniture patterns [1], India pattern [2]


    ● our art style and miscellaneous
    PO0xwqPt.jpg hTvGclWt.jpg fha7ajit.jpg
    scrolls [1], Chinese paintings [1], bansai [2], our unique environment like bamboos [1], thin vertical mountains [3]

    Your arsenal:

    Ordered from highest roi and easiest roi:

    ● 2 blazers
    ● 2 jeans - dark colors are safe
    ● 3 dress pants - wool, cotton, blend
    ● 2 dress shoes - brown, black, boot
    ● casual / sneaker / skater shoe / canvas shoe
    ● 3-4 shirts - Chinese collar, white, black, charcoal, henley, long sleeve, "raglan"
    ● 2-4 sweaters - cardigans, pull over sweater
    ● 6 tank tops - varying colors and textures - this is where you can splurge just because it’s cheap, very versatile, and gives understated sex appeal.
    ● 6 t-shirts - same variety as tank tops

    Other pieces
    ● scarf (not the feminine kind that that are being worn like necklaces)

    ● 10 accessories

    • 2-3 belts - 1-2 leather, 1 sporty made out of non leather like canvas
    • watch (1)
    • necklace (1)
    • bracelet (1)
    • scarves (2 depends on your location)
    • pocket squares (2)

    ● baseball cap or some other cap
    ● get 1 suit if you need it for job interviews
    ● get 3 ties if you need it for work.

    Regarding maintenance, the first things to wear out are likely t-shirts and tank tops. You shouldn’t need to replace the other stuff until they look obsolete, but since you’re buying classics, that shouldn’t be a problem. I ignore vests and polos. I personally find them associated with boredom.

    See Key looks from media to understand that most looks consist of only these pieces in mainstream films. It’s what works.

    Your Arsenal in detail

    Your Arsenal - shirts

    ● dress shirts - Good guide Backup:

    Oxford cotton dress shirt is a staple


    Chinese styled shirt
    d98lVhYm.jpg 2SVBygxm.jpg
    There are variations in collar sizes, buttons, cut, etc. These work with blazers well.


    ● long sleeve [like a t-shirt but long sleeve]


    ● long sleeve with 1/4 button down AKA “henley” [like a t-shirt but long sleeve - ribbed cotton]


    Your Arsenal - “light” shirts [lol I don’t have a better name]

    ● tank top


    ● t-shirt


    ● baseball two tone shirt AKA “raglan” [short or long sleeve]
    Hu6lgePt.jpg 43AkEODt.jpg


    Your Arsenal - “heavy”

    Blazer and cardigan sweater are key. They are very versatile.

    ● blazer

    • Cardigan sweater [pair with tank top or t-shirt or dress shirt. scarf optional]. Extremely versatile and adds bulk for skinny guys.

    mdpDUvPm.jpg MbfZy21m.jpg 7bGz5xBm.jpg yof4eYLm.jpg iIwG6PHm.jpg

    The different textures are examples of uniqueness


    ● pull over sweater
    F4QsUAwt.jpg h3slRMDt.jpg nVmdRolt.jpg 8NH5Sbwt.jpg


    ● military jacket [key is the pockets and tough(er) material]


    ● military overcoat
    rdtppmim.jpg xM5CN9cm.jpg


    ● Military camoflauge jacket [optional. It’s young and associated with street wear]


    ● leather jacket [really need the right body for it]


    ● overcoat
    hSDFD11m.jpg uZmQK4um.jpg yvuKvGdm.jpg

    Get the first if you have sufficient height, the second if you’re wider, and third if you’re shorter.


    Your Arsenal - pants

    ● Dress pants [wool]
    yzzCExYm.jpg KHt2pQpm.jpg
    thin and thick versions


    ● Jeans [dark is my preference, no holes, slightly pre-worn is ok]
    Hq8Xf8tm.jpg dz2TPDEm.jpg

    If possible, get two pairs when you find the perfect jeans. It’s a pain to find.


    ● Casual pants [sueded cotton are my personal preference. I recommend it over khakis]
    ● Cargo pants [canvas, cotton, cotton, wool]
    ● Sweat pants
    ● Military camoflauge pants [optional. It’s young and associated with street wear]


    Your Arsenal - Shoes

    under $200 is fine. Girls notice shoes if they look like shit so look decent and you’re good. You could spend more on high end and they will last very long, but it’s not worth your money or time at your age.

    ● nice leather shoes - lounge / business. May not be needed if you have boots already.

    Oxford lace-ups


    ● Boots - lounge / business

    8VSDpJZm.jpg vujCrRAm.jpg 7RqU1Xom.jpg
    Desert boot [1], Chelsea boot - suede [2], Chelsea boot - leather [3]. You can just get Chelsea boots. No need to get deserts also.


    ● canvas / sneakers - casual / sport

    p0qQ7txm.jpg bzvDnMGm.jpg 09tRvjnm.jpg SXXCYZpm.jpg AdTjIYHm.jpg z2Hlhwfm.jpg
    Skater [1,2,3] canvas [4], slip-on [5,6]

    Note - avoid Airwalk. They break fast.


    ● sandals [optional - only for beach]

    Your Arsenal - misc stuff


    ● belt [leather] - Infinite fits are good though if you can’t find the right sized belt.
    xdxmf5Om.jpg I4LsiCPm.jpg


    ● belt [canvas - optional for sporty looks]
    pfQQnBWt.jpg ZELmGN6t.jpg lMR0v1Wt.jpg f4MeCjrt.jpg


    ● watch - These are all under $200 USD (maybe even under $100 USD) is fine. Very few will be able to tell.
    r0pnE8Kt.jpg UfHDqCTt.jpg MvffMVKt.jpg 8hqkLZFt.jpg MNppmwst.jpg 84cPJEQt.jpg wp6BnMtt.jpg l8LcgpRt.jpg yGfayINt.jpg esQtQw1t.jpg 3a2FL3It.jpg 42fSlPXt.jpg



    ● Shades [black, red, tingEd] Avoid big silly ones. Aviators have a bad connotation with douchebag, but they do look good.

    I included the face compatibility chart below for shades. I have no idea if this chart is right. [in-exhaustive]



    ● Baseball cap - I showed a few above already.

    ● Scarf [black, grey, navy blue, burgandy, maroon]

    Remember when I said a key rule is “will they laugh at you 400 years from now?”? Heed my wisdom.

    ZGlSgKft.jpg AX7ozIIt.jpg mtLymbDt.jpg


    Never wear a scarf just for looks. Remember, you should wear things, typically, for functionality. Scarfs in summers just screams “try hard”.

    KvmMsgEt.jpg ZAXacKXt.jpg iOpM1R7t.jpg kHIoOBWt.jpg


    how to wear a scarf - safest options are top-middle and bottom-right


    ● socks - They should match pants. Use simple stuff. No one will care.
    ● gloves

    Tweed/Leather [1], Leather [2], Fingerless [3], Convertible mitten/fingerless [4], Leather [5]

    hHtG7DGt.jpg TulgQynt.jpg UGduPOdt.jpg 7ACrryxt.jpg qCgzLuwt.jpg


    ● fountain pen - This seems like overkill, Jinhao makes very nice pens and most retail under $ 15 USD. It’s a steal and a quick way to differeniate yourself.



    ● umbrella - Get one size smaller than a golf umbrella.

    ● ear rings - [optional]
    ● finger rings - [optional]

    Your Arsenal - Jewelry / Bling

    ● jade - goes with dark colors
    ● gold - goes with dark colors

    ● necklace [steel, gun metal, charcoal, gold, jade, Buddhist beads] - see bracelets. They’re almost the same
    ● bracelet [steel, gun metal, charcoal, gold, jade, Buddhist beads]

    iLUQYcQt.jpg zoxe9xmt.jpg gNDmouQt.jpg m8XNfCJt.jpg Y4PuUrMt.jpg SsGd2Ygt.jpg 4RvNSCMt.jpg eFcsOOMt.jpg 1qp4UGOt.jpg GdF9Kv5t.jpg Yulj4gBt.jpg SBZF1vqt.jpg

    Where to find unique items?

    Based on my research, this is unnecessary but if you insist then…

    ● Shop non-mainstream such as foreign brands. Foreign = / = expensive, it just means a different source, whose culture introduces different looks.
    ● Get Custom made. You know about tailors, but stuff like this is also possible. Not sure of the cost though…

    ● Search laterally. Lots of clothing here are examples already [gym, military, indsturial / work wear, hiking / camping, sports which can be further split by type].

    ● Look at video game character designs especially fighting games, Yakuza, rpg, and the firms Capcom / SNK.

    Key looks from media

    High net worth entertainers have teams of stylists to make them sexually appealing. Just copy what works. It’s easy.

    Examples of combos

    zipper cardigan + blazer
    blazer + tank top
    cardigan + shirt
    blazer + shirt
    blazer + henley
    tank top + camo / cargo pants
    blazer + pull over sweater
    long sleeve shirt + different colored t-shirt on top [optional to have artwork]
    overcoat + dress shirt
    overcoat + cardigan + t-shirt
    overcoat + "henley"
    overcoat + pull over sweater
    overcoat + scarf drapes down your chest
    blazer + Chinese shirt + scarf tied around your neck

    Examples of color combos

    ● muted gold [buttons, tie] on black / blue blazer
    ● gunmetal dark silver [buttons, tie, necklace, bracelet, cufflinks] over black [blazer, dress short, long sleeve shirt, henley]
    ● Charchoal / black [jacket, shirt] + burgandany / maroon [scarf, tie]
    ● navy blue shirt + black blazer
    ● grey + black
    ● dark blue [jeans] + white / black / grey / dark red + brown [Buddhist beads]

    backup copy

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