Debunked Myth -- Asian men are so controlling that's why Asian females hate them

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    This is pure nonsense. Never listen to rhetoric especially from the many Am-hating and hypocritical Af and wm who victim blame. Instead, judge their actions and results.

    Wm are the most controlling by far. This is the race that went around the entire world slaughtering innocent men, raping their women, passing laws to sanction racist hate crimes against non-white men to prevent unions with wf, organized 500+ lynch mobs of white men to hang non-white men from trees while children watched, smearing non-white men with endless lies, even exporting this racist hate globally, blacklist white women who date Black men and call them whores and mud sharks, insult and try to break up non-white men / white female coupes, and even socially abandon their Asian-looking hapa sons. They do all this while calling themselves egalitarian gentlemen and the world believes it.

    Now, let’s look at Asian men. Despite all the racist hate white males inflict on you and your race, you still:

    ● Introduce wm to Af knowing they’re going to take advantage of her.
    ● Kiss their ass in Asia and give them "white privilege"
    ● Praise afwm couples and openly accept their children, who afwm often socially ostracize.
    ● Elevate their status in your media
    ● elevate their physical features - and ignore all their obvious and disgusting flaws like giant noses, grizzly hair, and rapidly aging skin
    ● Didn’t inflict lynchings / mass murder on them
    ● Didn’t rape white women.

    Yet, these lying wm and their Af enablers hypocritically smear you as chauvinistic pigs and the world believes it.

    Look at these other guys.

    Hispanic men are controlling. They are known for “machismo”.

    Black men are controlling. They are the most violent groups in America who are highly over represented in rapes and murders.

    Middle Eastern men are controlling. Some even disfigure women’s faces for refusing their romantic advances.

    Here are the USA government’s crime statistics from 2007


    Not only are Am not controlling. We’re the least controlling, least criminal across the board. Whites commit 628 more domestic violence against their wife and child. The rate for wm is probably much higher since they also rape women at 397% the rate of Am.

    None of these non-Asian men have problems with their women hating them or their race and pursuing white males en masse.

    The reason is that, at some level, these women respect their men because their men generally ACT like men.

    Many Asian men are ultra pushovers and that’s a major reason women of all races including their own hate them. Yet ultra stupid Asian men think they need to be even less masculine. Currently, you serve your women up on a platter like clueless virgins.

    Look, don’t be a controlling asshole towards women, but at the very least you should behave like men. Be angry at the situation, be territorial, be adversarial with non-Asian males, and FIGHT BACK.

    The simple version

    Asian men were shit-tested for decades and we repeatedly failed. We were failed by our stupidly peaceful culture, upbringing, and duped by new-age liberal bullshit. No one respects us because there are no consequences for messing with us. We are seen as completely spineless. All women HATE spineless doormats and that’s what our image is now.

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    60 per cent of Chinese women control family finances - AsiaOne Asia News

    Show this the next time some racist white guy is trying to smear you as a control freak who doesn’t respect women like white “men” do.


    60 per cent of Chinese women control family finances
    The report gives a portrait of a typical woman in charge of her finances - 25 35 years old, financially independent, living in first tier cities or coastal cities in southeast China.
    Online financing and bank savings are women’s top financial choices, and the percentage of women investing in the stock market and real estate are lower than men.

    60 per cent of Chinese women control family finances: Report, AsiaOne Asia News:

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    This is a great piece on why being nicer isn’t the answer. Lu = Anna Lu = slang for sellout Asian woman who only dates white guys and likely harbors hate for Asian men.

    Credit to: Roving_redditor

    My father was caring, sincere, funny, smart, devoted, a good dancer and singer, a practical joker, a perpetual student, a romantic, a hard worker, a dreamer, loving, and in our lives for too few years. I was a daddy’s girl and he died when I was fifteen. I have continued to imagine what he might of thought of what I have done through the years, the bad, the good, and especially the wonderful.” - Amy Tan
    It just goes to show that it wasn’t the supposed misogyny on the part of Asian-American men that drove Lu’s such as Amy Tan into such venom against their other half.
    In fact, I daresay that aside from pressures from white supremacy, Asian men are cornered into this predicament because they were not “misogynistic” enough (as a matter of fact, research study supports that Asian-American men are actually the most egalitarian).
    In other words, we failed to pinpoint bad behaviors destructive to our already fragile minority community, and decisively put our foot down upon those behaviors, or socially shame and penalize those types of behaviors. We failed to take charge of our social circles, even in pre-dominantly Asian enclaves. This is the reward for being respectful, wonderful, and caring. While trying hard not to be misogynistic, that label gets tacked on anyways. That’s because it’s not the guilty that gets tried for crimes, it’s the powerless that gets tried for crimes.
    Has anyone ever heard of black men being stereotyped as misogynist? No. But in reality, what does lyrics in hiphop show us? Talking about women as if they are interchangeable, replaceable, disposable toys. The special term they have for women is “shorties”, I guess equivalent to the white term “chicks” and “bitches”(which begs the question, since when did Asian men coin derisive terms for women in America? So misogyny ehhh?) Black men had also been openly chauvinistic about black women dating other races (a micro-version of white men’s chauvinism and possessiveness over women of all races), while turning around to openly holler at other women. They can yell out “hey, shorty!” out in the streets, yet no feminists come in to shout them down. Through all this they somehow get a pass. Why is that? Sure, there might be grumblings from some black women about the deadbeat tendencies of black men, but those are miniscule complaints because the criticisms are only behavioral (and deadbeat guys apparently have no trouble finding mates to go deadbeat on anyways so no real criticism). This is in stark contrast to the genetic criticisms from Asian women regarding their male counterparts. The level of slander has no comparison in other minority groups.
    This is a demonstration that overall,

    women will only respect men who set boundaries and exert control over them (if not on the macro scale of greater society, then at least on the micro scale of everyday life). Laissez faire is interpreted as a sign of weakness (whether there is objective truth to it or not). They have more contempt for a morally just powerless man than for a morally degenerate man that exerts power in destructive ways, such as criminals.


    They will save the most ball-chopping type of criticism and venom for the former, and only token complaints for the latter.

    #When Asian-American men, already powerless on the macro scale, failed to exert any type of power on the micro scale by checking bad behavior in their own community, in their own social lives, that’s when they have damned themselves into oblivion with their own kindness.
    Are there philosophical women who see past the outward trappings of power into the moral fiber of a man? Sure there are, but they are the exception rather than the rule, and no Asian man should center their life strategies around the luck of running into exceptions. This is not to say that only women are superficial. Fact is, most people in this world, men and women, are superficial (men manifest this bandwagoning aboard power in different ways as discussed elsewhere). So to close, we are so contemptuously despised by our female half not because we are repressive, but because we are so new-aged progressive to the point it threatens our own social existence.
    P.S. - Lastly, inb4 someone says this is so “redpill”. This is merely common sense if one is observant enough of his own life experiences. The so-called redpill is nothing but a buzzword label seeking to hype a few common sense points about human behavior into an overly-inflated and overly-analyzed “body of knowledge” or “revelation”, a bandwagon upon which some lost souls in the First World can jump onto. I suppose a spot of cum I left on the hotel sheets can be over-analyzed into a “body of knowledge” as well if one puts his mind to it enough <shrugs>. But we’ll be doing ourselves a disservice if we shy from certain ideas formed from plain ole observation, just because some twerps slap a movie-copied label on those ideas and try to claim originality and ownership of them, common sense points about human nature that had been there since beginning of humanity.

    Slipped from the Horse’s Mouth: Why Asian Men Being Progressive and anti-Misogynist was the Real Cause of Betrayal from Asian Women, Rather Than Any Real “Misogyny” as Claimed.

  • As a female (and I risk feminists hating me for saying this) but I’m going to have to agree. Personally, it’s difficult for me to love someone I have no admiration or respect for. And most of the female friends I’ve spoken to on the subject agree.

    I think I mentioned this a couple of times here but my mom is far from being naturally submissive. However, she is very much so with my dad not because he’s abusive or terrorizes her but because she has a lot of respect for him. Not only that, but his white male acquaintances also have massive respect for him and they never dared joke about Asians in front of him. He has shown himself several times that he can protect her and us, he’s not afraid to get into fights if it means protecting us or defending himself, he’s not afraid to speak his mind (he’s very well-read and well educated about global, racial, societal, political, religious and historical issues so when he gets into arguments with whites, he has evidence to back up what he says), he is confident, he has a lot of pride in himself and his Asian heritage, he knows when and where to set the limits and boundaries in terms of how others treat him (this goes for his wife and kids too), in other words, he doesn’t take bullshit. But as a result, his wife loves and adores him while his kids don’t turn out to be self-haters.

    Many outsiders accuse him of being “too dictatorial” in how he interacts with his family and others but to us, sure he may come off as tough, unyielding, slightly egocentric and pretty intimidating a lot of times but he is a good man with a big heart who always has our best interests in mind.

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