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    The following is generally about China. It may apply to others but I don’t want to assume. I’m not even sure if this all applies to China.

    The chief problem with these defects is that they break the two cardinal rules of life: avoid pain and seek gain. These rules are the foundation of all survival success. This problem is hugely magnified due to the different natures of Asians and non-Asians, especially whites. Our systems work for us because our society is mostly civil (the current environment is bad due to rapid industrialization, but still generally less predatory). Whites are natural predators and our culture makes us the perfect prey.

    cultural defects that over-emphasizes harmony and peace >> government >> society >> parents >> children >> subjugation by our enemies

    Ignorant that whites are wolves in sheep’s clothing

    Hollywood has created a larger than life White Brand™, which says whites are good, heroic, honorable, brave, intelligent, honest, sexy, smart, creative, etc. You are disarmed by this subtle but extremely powerful mind control. Asians have fallen very hard for their tricks and are constantly blindsided by their duplicity.

    The twin natures of whites at both a societal and individual level are manipulation and domination. Look at how whites greet you. They are gregarious and inviting - that’s exploiting the biological flaw of overvaluing first impressions. Then later it’s not hard for them to be cold and judgmental- this is their natural proclivity for domination (at least inter-personally), their true personality.

    They selectively ignore what others say to control situations and disagree to intimidate the other person or devalue their point of view. If they’re overly assertive or rude, you should assert yourself. Do not let them walk over you. They often back off and approach more gingerly. So long as it’s controlled, they do respond because they see everything in terms of aggression and response to aggression. You can’t just focus on making nice with whites and expect good favor in return. You can’t fear social disharmony.


    Asians are too peaceful / Excessive tolerance / Obsess about harmony

    Modern Asians with the exception of Imperial Japan are too peaceful because you wish to maintain harmony. That’s your biggest problem when living in non-Asian nations - especially Western nations with white people. You are what Westerners called “weak” men. This affects everything including dating, violence/bullying, white worship, allowing pedophiles into your country as teachers near your kids, getting insulted constantly in media, overlooked for job promotions, etc.

    Everyone attacks / disrespects Asians because it’s so safe to do. Being more tolerant and peaceful only encourages more abuse. It’s suicidal.

    Compare Am vs wm. Wm have psychotic levels of jealousy over wf with Blacks, Native Indians, Chinese, Filippinos, Syrian Refugees, etc. In every case, the wf would briefly hook up with non-whites and wm would mobilize to smear and destroy the non-white men. In contrast, Am have been subjugated for centuries and you “fight back” by giving them white privilege. Wm even treat their own half-white half-Asian bastard children like shit and shun them while Am embrace them like it’s a prize and put them in the media as symbols of beauty. Wm psychopathy is awful, but at least they act like men and protect their turf.

    even compare Am vs hapa am. Both suffer from white racist emasculation and Am suffer the most. Yet, who lashes out at the injustice violently, vocally, and publicly? Hapa Am. Maybe it’s genetic, but more likely, it’s cultural. They’re less likely to be raised with Asian values like excessive tolerance so they don’t hold it inside, they fight.


    No, this isn’t just my imagination. Here’s a study that proves how shockingly meek we tend to be.

    The African American participants were more likely to directly respond to their racist partners than the Asian American women, who preferred to retaliate in secret by not giving the good jellybeans.

    RESULTS: The African-American participants were more likely to directly respond to their racist partners than the Asian-American women, who preferred to retaliate in secret by not giving the good jellybeans.

    The researchers state that they found no difference between the results of the American-born Asian women and the foreign-born:

    Extra kind to undeserving foreigners - especially white - while harsh on other Asians.

    Confucianism teaches Chinese to be extra polite towards outsiders, kind-hearted to ethnic minorities, but it doesn’t say anything about Compatriots. Chinese, as a result saves all the negatives for their fellow people.

    ● Hong Konger and Taiwanese look down at Mainlanders
    ● City people look down at rural workers
    ● A Hong Kong writer wrote a book “Don’t be a Chinese Next Life”

    Meanwhile, white racists, pedophiles, rapists, murderers, thieves, liars, and CIA infiltrators have infested your esl schools, churches, media, and other institutions. The people who deserve the most severe punishments are treated with astonishing levels of respect while insulting your nation and degrading your women. I haven’t even mentioned all the horrific crimes they committed against us like Opium Wars, mass rapes, nuclear bombs, massacres of Chinese coolies, Korean War, Vietnam War, agent orange chemical weapons, etc. Whites have never suffered for their crimes against us. They instead enjoy white privilege.

    No wonder very few whites respect China and other Asians. They can walk all over you with impunity while you stupidly smile like imbeciles.


    Saving face

    The first step to solving problems is to ADMIT there is a problem. You can’t even do that. Decades of hell caused directly by white racist hate is unknown to most Asians. They even think whites are egalitarian and so wonderful like Hollywood portrays them. The cycle repeats on the next generation of Asians.

    Embarrassment, pain, suffering, etc are life saving devices. They tell you to change whatever you’re doing to stop the pain. Yet, our culture shuts that device off and pretends there is nothing there. The problems we face get worse and worse until we have the epidemic today.

    This is utterly insane and seems exclusive with only Asians. Native Indians, Blacks, Hawaiians, etc all know what the “white devil” did to them. Asians know about the past to some extent such as the Opium Wars but they mistakenly believe whites are “enlightened” today. They may not overtly massacre us, but only because the hostility has turned covert through mind control.

    ● You do not talk about shameful, unhappy, things such as racism, creepy white guys, glass ceilings, media stereotypes. This allows the cancer to spread from a single toe to the body.

    Examples include:

    ● Asian women suffering in marriages with white males She faces far higher domestic violence rates, far higher divorce rates of whites, her kids will have 100% higher mental illness especially for afwm couples and especially for Asian looking sons. Asian women have no idea of this huge problem until it’s too late.

    Instead, there’s a cover-up. Many, not all, Asian females “save face” by lying about how wonderful their marriages are.

    ● Around the 1850’s-1900’s, Chinese coolies burned their diaries due to shame of how horrible their lives were due to white racist hate. The result is that the truth of America was hidden.

    ● Today’s immigrants don’t want to look bad so they tell their hometowns what a great time they’re having in America when the problems outlined at the top are as bad as ever.


    Status seeking / blind worship of anything perceived as superior

    One victory (Western imperialism) turned into a decades long rape of your mind and body. Examples include:

    ● Paying large premiums for Western brands (even though the products are made in your country)
    ● Traveling to Western countries to spend money on their economy (when their museums showcase are filled with artifacts stolen from your nation, their people are hostile towards you, and they still have not paid the price for their crimes against you)
    ● Western fast food (even though it’s dangerous and there’s an entire pro-health that is shaming these Western firms)
    ● Western music lessons, which is a gateway to life long white worship.
    ● Western universities (where they hit you with affirmative action and demand 4x higher tuition rates, while bullying, murdering, and sexually assaulting your children.)


    Excessive deference to authority

    You automatically trust authorities, which is actually efficient when your society is run by decent people. However, as proven repeatedly, whites are not the same as Asians. They are natural predators. Until you evolve, you will remain sheep to the slaughter. Examples include:

    ● “Christians” love prey like you. These pedophiles in men’s dresses are being slowly purged out of the Western world because people are learning the truth and debunking their propaganda. And, I’m not exaggerating when I say they are pedophiles.’s_really_behind_the_catholic_church’s_sexual_abuse_problem

    ● Wm pedophiles AKA “teachers” sleep with students across Asia because you do not warn your children that not all authorities can be trusted. The vast majority of wm travel to Asia for sex. Many of them are pedophiles. This is indisputable. It is mind-boggling that Asians would hire primarily wm and put them in positions of authority over their sexually and mentally naive children to be exploited.

    ● You believe in the justice system will treat you fairly when certain Western nations have proven without remorse that they do not care about justice.

    endless wars
    police brutality
    racist justice system


    Tiger parenting

    Excessive focus on practical things like STEM and money, which are not bad. The problem is that you are deficient in other areas which your foes exploit fully. Example include:

    ● You fail to understand soft power, propaganda, which leaves you a social science cripple. Wm fully and ruthlessly exploit this against Asian females.
    ● You compare yourselves against others in a blind status seeking behavior. America has this and that so we must have it too. A consequence of this is that you artificially inflate the image of America and other Western nations to set a higher standard for your own nation, which sounds good, but is insane. You have given them massive soft power, for free. Now, your own citizens are sheep being fed to wolves when they migrate to the West.

    -You tell them how racially tolerant America is. your children go there and face anti Asian hate.
    -You tell them how much opportunity there is. Your citizens go there and get suppressed by glass ceilings in their careers.
    -You tell your daughters how wonderful white men are. They get pumped and dumped with impunity and are laughed at as easy whores.


    Too lax about daughters marrying non-Asian and strict on sons marrying Asian.

    Asians parents, the fathers especially, are incredibly stupid. First, you’re unaware that racist white sexual predators are hunting your daughter en masse. They are racist, violent, use, and abuse your daughters. Yet, you stupidly encourage this behavior. No other race of men encourages their daughters to get used by their enemies. White males treat you like shit. That is not even debatable. Why aren’t you extremely protective? Second, you are unaware that these same white males work overtime to smear your son to ruin his life. There is a large chunk [possibly majority] of Asian females who have been filled with so much self hate and anti-Asian male lies by white males that they refuse to date/marry Asian men. Asian men have no choice but to marry non-Asian…but you prevent that.

    As a result, they look desperate for Asian females and gives Asian females huge leverage in relationships to act with impunity by using Asian men as backup plans after they’ve been used and abandoned by racist white males. Worst of all, it reinforces the emasculating message of Asian men getting cuckolded by the vast numbers of Asian females picking racist white males while a large number of Asian men die alone.

    You have setup your sons for dating/marriage failure - not to mention endangering your daughter’s safety.


    Conversations about sex are taboo

    Asians parents avoid this topic and the children are left to learn about it from dubious sources like the friends, media, and internet where negatives stereotypes about Asian males and positive stereotypes about white males are rampant. Combined with the encouragement of daughters to date out to white males who are in fact wolves in sheep’s clothing and you’ve setup your daughters to getting used and abused. Your sons learn to accept false negative stereotypes about themselves eg tiny penis so they become even more shy around women. Talking about sex may not be ideal but it’s by far, the lesser evil than avoiding the topic completely.



    Many Asians, specifically, the Chinese are too greedy and corrupt. Many will

    ● hire unqualified “esl teachers” who specifically go to Asia as sex tourists to prey on our children instead of warning parents
    ● work on weapons r&d labs for your white enemies who brutalized us horrifically.
    ● sell off children/babes to adoptive white parents when there are many many stories of them murdering, raping, sexually swapping even their own children. Who knows what horrors our Asian children are going through?
    ● constantly degrade our race to win approval of people who despise your even more for your spinelessness. Examples include many actors and entertainers in Hollywood like Ken Jeong, Bobbi Lee, Matthew Moy, etc.


    Special section: How this affects Asians and dating:

    Asian men
    Our culture creates “weak” men also known as “beta” men in the West. In the West, women hate “weak” men. Out of our desire for an unobtainable harmony / respect / saving face, we become excessively tolerant to racists / disrespect, hold poor eye contact, quiet / inexpressive AKA Asian Poker Face that can creep people out by making you seem heartless and unromantic, are shyness passive socially awkward “nice guys” who take little to no risks, etc. All these traits are repulsive to women. It says to them “I’m not a man. I’m just a weakling. I have no opinions and I can’t protect you.”

    On top of that, there are cultural differences in attractiveness. In the East, being quiet, thoughtful, and…looking like a girl [] hideous hair styles is apparently seen as attractive. In the west, these same traits means you’re boring and hideously girly - both are unforgivable sins to most Western women.

    Don’t let the bad parts of our culture poison your mind or prevent you from being a man. Most of our Asian cultures are great, but the part I just mentioned is suicidal outside of Asia.

    Asian women
    These same behaviors turn Asian women into the perfect prey for racist sex predators, namely racist white men, who target you for being submissive, quiet, respectful, and excessively tolerant of all kinds of racist, misogynistic, and sexist beliefs. This problem is so widespread that there are literally tens of thousands of children from afwm couples who hate their parents especially their deeply racist and misogynistic white fathers who found a gullible Asian woman to marry. The divorce rates for afwm are 387% higher than for afam marriages.

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    Good list!

    Asians come from a culture where we generally say what we think. That kind of honesty whites laugh at- they consider it the highest form of naivete. I think generally Asians take things on their face. Psychologists know the value of a first impression- we are biologically hardwired to classify someone on that impression. What Asians need to realize is what all people need to realize at a more general level - all people are not like you. We naturally are solipsistic and assume the way we see the world and interact is how other people do so. Corrupted thinking from the White Brand and braindead assumptions that other people (whites) are like them, they don’t understand that the twin tactics of whites, not just on a social level, but individual level are manipulation and domination. Look at how whites greet you- gregarious and inviting- that’s exploiting the biological flaw of overvaluing first impressions. Then later it’s not hard for them to be cold and judgmental- this is their natural proclivity for domination.

    When I say domination I don’t mean physical. I mean interpersonal techniques like selectively ignoring what others say to convey their control of frame. Actively disagreeing to subtly intimidate the other person or devalue their point of view. In real life, I have a bit of a temper and I’m not afraid to show it to whites early on. If they’re overly assertive or rude, they get to see it. And what do they do? Back off. And approach more gingerly. So long as it’s controlled, they do respond because they see everything in terms of aggression and response to aggression. You can just focus on making nice with whites and expect good favor in return; with other Asians I do interact in this way because it’s more productive and reciprocated. You can’t fear social disharmony.

    In many of your examples, that Asians still white worship even though we’re more successful on average than whites, suggests to me that a shift of perspective is needed in the extreme. Only through the lens of superiority can you combat the instinct of white worship. Only by meeting social needs through one another instead of depending on them. Only by a solid professional network where you can get great opportunities without white butt kissing. Then you release yourself from white dependency, need for validation and social acceptance. Concrete steps to erode white worship. White worship is understandable and expected in a society without these features.

    Only through the self-perception of superiority can one combat white superiority. You can’t combat it with “we’re good” or “they’re not superior”. Jews learned this. People bash Jewish superiority but you have to be blunt about it with each other in order to combat Aryan superiority - which they advocate constantly, granted through more subtle means. When Aryans are in numerical advantage, they can afford to push their superiority in camoflauged ways. The minority cannot- and must be explicit with each other about it. Whites are mediocrities and resting the laurels of their past conquests. Look at their obesity and laugh; knowing its symbolic. The Asian era was destined; and the superiority of the Asian diaspora even within a hostile white majority proves it.

    We must always remind each other of our superiority. We must conceive our own term for the ‘goyim’ that Asians use to describe pink buffoons. We must look down on them as yesterday’s news. Sundar Pichai is 43. He moved to the US at about 22. In less than 20 years, not even speaking English as his first language- he leapfrogged every self-professed white genius at Google. He makes $100M a year now. You can’t white worship inferior people.

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