Isn't this Asian Activism Too Militant?

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    Wrong. Totally wrong.

    I hope to dispel this belief here.


    Here’s your history:

    White “Christians” committed innumerable atrocities against us: invade, sexual violence, genocide, enslave, drug up, plunder, bankrupt, nuclear/biological/chemical warfare, etc


    Victims: China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Korea, and Japan.


    white “Christians” whitewash these crimes against Asians and present themselves as heroes fighting evil Asians and saving the Asian female. A revolutionary like Mao is hated for kicking out all western imperialists and is demonized as an “evil genocidal maniac”. These lies spread virulently through films, tv shows, textbooks, and news to create generations of people who reflexively hate Asian men.


    This same group lectures the world about human rights, dignity, justice, law, freedom, Christian values, and democracy.


    But, you’ll say “That’s in the past. You need to get over it and stop being bitter.”


    So, in our “post-racial” world…

    Asian men contribute by:

    ● enlisting in their military to fight illegal wars of aggression for their ancestor’s enemies.

    ● forming the backbone of their innovative industries as high tech coolies

    ● designing advanced military technology that were used against Vietnam, Korea, Laos, Cambodia, China, and Japan. They are now pointed at China’s and North Korea’s face with the “Pivot to Asia”.

    ● Adopting western culture - convert to Christianity, master English, dress like them, eat their foods, listen to their music

    ● worshiping white people

    ● paying to watch wm/af films that disrespect us

    ● abiding by the law. We’re (East Asians) the least criminal across the board of all crimes - especially violent crimes like rape.

    ● educating ourselves highly

    ● becoming productive members of society

    ● paying a lot of taxes

    ● making little to no noise and keep our head down

    ● performing self-hating comedy


    Your reward?

    ● perpetual foreigner

    ● small penis lies

    ● labelled as a misogynistic woman beater / rapist yet also asexual / feminine

    ● uncreative copycat lies

    ● the most bullied group in schools - more than homosexuals. You being Asian is worse than being gay to these people.

    ● your media portrayals are almost always slanderous and destructive to your mental and physical health.

    ● society and media openly and callously uses chink, ching chong, small dick “jokes”, and mocks Asian national disasters like when Asians die from plane crashes to earthquakes with impunity.

    ● many Asian women hate you after “learning” about how “evil” you are from…white people and liars like Maxine Hong Kingston (who was awarded National Medal of Arts in 2013 by Obama)

    ● cockblocked from selective schools using “holistic reviews” (eg too many Asians)

    ● cockblocked from positions of power and are relegated to be high tech coolies

    ● cockblocked from many non-Asian women who believe the smear campaign against you

    ● cockblocked from many Asian women who believe the smear campaign against you

    ● cockblocked from geopolitical power - notice the stink about Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) by America. The AIIB wouldn’t even be created if China were given more influence in IMF commensurate with their funding contributions.

    ● am/any female media is actively boycotted and complained about by white “post-racial men”


    To put all this into perspective,


    After 6 million Jews (a contested figure) died in Nazi Germany, Jews pump out new “Nazi documentaries and shows” every month, build up their power by hiring Jews into power, hold disproportionate numbers of positions of power, and slander Asian men using media.


    Despite all their power, they have hair-trigger reactions to “anti-semitism” - eg being called a Jew.


    Meanwhile, Asians who lost at least 50,000,000 lives pump out af/wm films, heap praise and awards onto liars who praise the Asian equivalent of Nazis as “white saviors” and Asian heroes who died fighting them as overbearing rapists/assholes, believe in hiring “equally” while being discriminated against at every level, and react to racist jokes with “I’m Asian and I’m not offended.”


    Finally, whites - especially males - who can’t speak/read/write the Asian language of their destination country, teach English without any credentials, get paid more than many skilled locals, insult the people and the culture there yet they enjoy access to many woman for sex or relationships (unlike Am in the west who far more often end up alone) and get respected by the locals who “love anything western”, and spend a lot of money to buy western products (made by people who disrespect them like Tommy Hilfiger).

    When people like us expose these injustices and the mental colonization, we’re “militant”.

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