Debunked Myths - Asians just need to try hard and assimilate and we'll be accepted

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    No. You will never accepted. Asians are already called the “model minority” for being well educated, law-abiding, peaceful, productive, and sustaining stable families. Asians are actually seen in many ways as superior to whites themselves yet they still discriminate against you heavily with hatred and racism.

    It’s been over 100 years. How many times do they need to spit on your face, rape you, and kill you before you understand?

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    In his study of Jewish “self hatred,” Sander Gilman (1986 - 2–5) describes how ideologies win compliance by inspiring a desire among the subjugated to be like the oppressors.
    He uses the example of the liberal myth that social categories marking difference, such as race and ethnicity, are mutable and all can join the powerful if they abide the rules and behave like the dominant group. The more the subjugated identify with the powerful, the more they accept the ruling values and structural arrangements that keep them down. Gilman calls this a classic double bind situation.
    The empty promise that the oppressed can escape their “otherness” by shunning their difference lures them into supporting the very rules that define them into existence as the “other”—as those who are not allowed to share power. “Become like us and you will be accepted into our group.” But they never are.

    What is Internalized Racial Oppression and Why Don’t We Study it - Acknowledging Racism’s Hidden Injuries


    You tried so hard to be good and be accepted. You tried everything and thought:

    ● maybe if we work real hard on the mines and railroads and other dangerous jobs?
    ● maybe if we stay silent even though they pay me 50% less than whites?
    ● maybe if we pay the racist and very expensive head tax?
    ● maybe if we mastered your language?
    ● maybe if educate myself?
    ● maybe if contribute to the science and technology and get zero credit like Qian Xuesen?
    ● maybe if we fight for my new country?
    ● maybe if we die for my new country in suicide runs like the 442nd battalion
    ● maybe if we pay taxes?
    ● maybe if we let you steal everything we had and lock us up in Japanese internment camp without trial or any wrong doing and forgave you?
    ● maybe if we forgave all your racist laws without any compensation that were used against us for simply looking different?
    ● maybe if we keep quiet, don’t complain, or cause trouble?
    ● maybe if we obey laws?
    ● maybe if we never harm white women?
    ● maybe if we never harm white people?
    ● maybe if we wear their clothes?
    ● maybe if we know your culture, food, music, films, tv, history (fake history)?
    ● maybe if we teach them our martial arts?
    ● maybe if we tell the smartest people to come over here for the brain drain to benefit them?
    ● maybe if we even adopted your debunked religions to worship a white-passing God?
    ● maybe if we openly insult Asian men to ingratiate myself to white people?
    ● maybe if we let them whitewash all my movie / film roles?
    ● maybe if we only date white guys to show them that I’m one of them?
    ● maybe if we contribute to their charities?
    ● maybe if we pay to watch Asian female white male films that disrespect us and insult our race and masculinity?
    ● maybe if we play these racist and insulting roles where Af are cast as cheap whores for white males and the Asian men as sexless eunuchs for their pleasure?
    ● maybe if we produce propaganda that exalts Asian female with white male pairings as normal by ignoring the racism, four times higher divorce rates, and domestic violence by white males?
    ● maybe if we work ourselves to death in factories overseas to provide affordable stuff to sustain their opulent lifestyle while they live on credit?
    ● maybe if we let create detrimental environmental laws so that they can pollute our countries while we produce your products for them?
    ● maybe if we lend them over 2,400,000,000,000 dollars to save their economy after their corrupt system created the 2008 world financial crisis that harmed the entire world
    ● maybe if we do joint productions to let them sell their racist white supremacist films in China?

    All of these things happened. I can source all of them. Yet, whites still…

    ● hate you openly without consequences

    How Come McCain’s “Gook” Slur Isn’t Bigger News?:

    ● smear you with endless lies


    ● viciously attack you. In the UK, Chinese are 0.7% of the UK population yet suffer 3.4% of all violent crime.

    A detailed review of policy and research evidence confirmed the extent and seriousness of racist crime against the UK Chinese population. Although the number of Chinese origin victims of racist crimes appears to be small, relative to the numbers of Chinese people in the UK population, the figures are disturbing. The evidence from the literature suggests that in the UK and in other countries where there is a substantial settled population of people of Chinese origin (such as the USA and European countries), the Chinese are
    disproportionately represented as victims of crimes with a racial content, more than those from other minority ethnic groups. In the UK, Chinese fast food (takeaway) shops feature in police reports and research findings covering workplaces involving Chinese people, as the most likely outlets to experience racial attacks.

    Chinese families are known to prefer to deal with their own problems without recourse to public support and there are important issues relating to their lack of confidence in the criminal justice system to provide them with fair and appropriate service.

    Hidden from public view - Racism against the UK Chinese population Quan Finished Report.pdf

    ● sexually abuse your women

    The participants of one thread theorized Asian women have different gynecological anatomy than other human beings. Others repeat racist beliefs that this entire ethnic category of [Asian] women are ‘submissive’ and mindless, sexual playthings to be bought and sold.

    stereotypes are dangerous. Reducing Asian women into a sexual object is not funny, it is not flattering. It is perilous. We can see this when Asian women are subject to race targeted sexual violence. The racist nature of the crimes go unrecognized and unpunished, as if there is nothing wrong with choosing a rape victim because she is Asian.

    In Spokane, Washington, two white men and a woman specifically hunted random Japanese women in an elaborately planned scheme to kidnap, rape, sodomize, torture and videotape them. Their motivation - According to police reports, the rapists had a sexual ‘fantasy’ and ‘fixation’ about young Japanese women, who they believed were ‘submissive.’

    Motivated by their sexual biases about Asian women, all three used both their bodies and objects to repeatedly rape vaginally, anally and orally two of the young women over a seven hour ordeal.

    But in rapes and sexual assaults targeting Asian women, I can find no instance of prosecutors or police bringing ‘hate crime’ charges. It seems our society frowns on the rape itself, but accepts the racial motivation behind it. Mainstream society simply is blind to this type of racism.

    Another stunning case of authorities failing to properly apply a ‘bias crime’ label to race based rapes took place in Los Angeles. In 2005, the LAPD arrested a serial rapist who explicitly only sought Asian looking women, particularly Koreans, to rape, assault and rob.

    A secretary in the press office, however, flat out dismissed my queries by telling me the rapes were ‘not a hate crime.’

    the biggest obstacle to bias crime charges in those cases is that society at large thinks it benign to hold sexualized stereotypes about Asian women.

    Asian women routinely are dehumanized in popular culture as sexualized, meek and voiceless objects. These very stereotypes have led to violent attacks. Let’s call it what it is - a hate crime.

    Asian Women: Rape And Hate Crimes | Jaemin Kim:

    ● symbolically castrate your men


    ● teach your children to hate themselves, their parents, and their race

    ● discriminate against you in selective schools

    ● put a glass ceiling over your career

    Assimilation is a dead end

    Assimilation means you are a domesticated pet. They throw you scraps occasionally and pat you on the head. Look at many Muslim groups in the UK. They refuse to integrate and their communities are still intact. Asian integrated and now Af hate Am? We are led by morons who fight against Asian interests. We have afwm “leaders” who lecture us about how to be better Asians. It is 100% crazy.

    Why do whites hate us?

    They hate you because you’re different. You look different. You sound different. These can never be changed. This is why assimilation will always be a dead end with whites.

    ps Other whites like Swedes didn’t do or go through 1/20th as much as us and they were accepted within weeks. Meanwhile, they treat you like dirt after two centuries while ignoring their crimes against you, and lecturing you about non-existent “Western Values”.

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