Debunked Myths -- Blacks are our enemies

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    First, the facts. There is a lot of Black on Asian crimes. Blacks benefit from affirmative action that harms Asians. However, it’s not that simple. For a long time, Asian were used to divide and conquer. It’s the same today.

    ● Somewhere after 1850, Chinese coolies were imported and used as strike breakers against Black (and white) workers.

    ● Around 1965, cherry picked high achieving Asians were imported and called the Model Minority. Blacks were shown these fake model minorities as “proof” that Blacks have no one to blame but themselves for their poverty.

    ● Around the 1970+???, white flight of White residents from increasingly Black inhabited areas gave Asians the opportunity to open businesses to serve Blacks. Blacks resented Asians for their business success, which led to riots like the LA riots, where White cops protected Whites and effectively funneled the violence onto the unprotected Koreans store owners, who lost their livelihoods.

    ● Around 1980, the automotive industry were out-competed by Japanese cars. Japan was blamed instead their own incompetence. Vincent Chin, a Chinese mistaken to be a Japanese was killed. The White killers didn’t go to jail. They are White, but they could have easily been Black.

    ● Around ???, affirmative action in schools, which was supposed to compensate minorities for decades to centuries of White crimes instead stole seats from Asians and gave the to other POC like Blacks. Whites were left largely unharmed. In fact, White women are the main beneficiaries.

    ● 2008+ unemployment has soared and China is blamed — instead of the White oligarchs who gutted America’s industries and off-shored those jobs to China. See Death by China documentary.

    ● 2015 - After decades of White racist cops intentionally and ruthlessly killing innocent and unarmed Blacks, they find the “courage” to sentence Chinese rookie, Peter Liang, for accidentally killing a Black man with a ricocheted bullet. He is a scapegoat.

    **Over and over, whites use divide and conquer by pitting on minority against the other. While it’s understandable that hate on Blacks who commit anti-Asian crimes, remember that this keeps Whites safe - even though they are the root of the problems.

    Avoid getting divided and conquered.

    Always point to our main enemy, White supremacy.

    However, remember rule 1 - Asian for Asians. If your diplomacy fails then too bad.


    Let’s see who really had your back using facts from history…

    Asian American soldiers fighting in an unpopular war against an enemy who looked like them

    note: these stupid Asians were fighting their own people for their actual enemies, white psychopaths…

    They had to protect themselves not only from Viet Cong guerrillas but also from racist abuse, both verbal and physical, within their own ranks.
    'We discovered Asian Americans had unique problems discrimination, getting beat up, getting called names, getting shot at,’
    'For some of them, their identity’s crushed,’ Adams said. ‘They’ve been American all their life, then they go into the military and are told they’re not American. Their whole view about themselves is shattered.’
    Adams, who is Chinese American, was an Army nurse in Vietnam. She said she often was mistaken for a Vietnamese prostitute by other Americans
    When David Oshiro, who is Okinawan American and grew up in Hawaii, lay wounded and bleeding in Vietnam, his fellow Americans were reluctant to put him on the helicopter.
    ‘They’ll get all the black and white guys before they get the Asians out.’
    ‘I’ve been called ‘gook’ more times than I care to think about,’
    ‘I experienced a lot of rednecks,’ he said.
    Once he got to Vietnam, he said one sergeant seemed to have it in for him, calling him racist slurs, threatening him with a gun, even waking him up in the middle of the night with a bayonet at his throat.

    many of the subjects in the study forged relationships with black soldiers. 'A lot of times, black soldiers took them in, protected them, made friends with them, versus people of other ethnic backgrounds

    Asian American vets can’t forget Vietnam War racism - SFGate:


    Legendary boxer Muhammed Ali famously explained his refusal to fight in the Vietnam war: “No Viet Cong ever called me n—–.”
    Ali joined in a long tradition of Black anti-war sentiment, which found expression inside the military itself, as Black service members have repeatedly come to identify more with those targeted by U.S. imperialism than the racist politicians ordering them into war.
    In 1953, after the Korean War, Corporal Clarence Adams and two other Black soldiers were part of 21 U.S. troops who chose to live in China instead of participating in a prisoners-of-war swap. Adams in particular cited racism in the United States for his commitment to communist China. He broadcasted for Radio Hanoi during the Vietnam War from China, calling on other Black soldiers to throw down their weapons and go back to fight inequality at home. The Vietnamese liberation fighters frequently sent the same message to U.S. troops on the ground in flyers and billboards.

    The hidden history of Black soldiers’ resistance - Liberation News:


    Philippines - Blacks switched sides because they weren’t called niggers

    But seldom do we hear of those Black soldiers that deserted to fight on the anti-imperialist side in the brutal U.S. war against Filipino independence, at the turn of the 20th century. As one journalist of the day put it, “the negro soldiers were in closer sympathy with the aims of the native population than they were with those of their white leaders and the policy of the United States.”

    Black American Anti-Imperialist Fighters in the Philippine American War | Black Agenda Report:


    Asians have a history of supporting Blacks

    ● Many Asians supported the Black Lives Matter campaign.
    ● Some Asians even supported anti-Asian affirmative action for university admissions.
    ● Many Asians even supported calling out so-called anti-blackness in the Asian community…while getting attacked by disenfranchised Blacks.
    ● Some Asians even stupidly claimed they have Asian privilege to atone for sins of racist whites against Blacks.
    Stood shoulder to shoulder with Black Power during the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement.


    Remember our one and only common enemy - white supremacy.

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