Debunked Myths -- I am Asian and I'm not offended

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    Whenever there is an insult, simply ask yourself one question, “Would this be allowed against Blacks, Jews, or Hispanics?”. No, the vast majority of the time, it’s no.

    People can freely call Vietnamese gooks without even hurting their chances when running for the presidency.

    the tolerance for racism against Vietnamese and other Asians is higher, but it seems to be. I would be just another blogger in the bunch, barking loudly, if McCain had uttered the word nigger or kike. But gook, and I’ve got to dig to find any major media discussion already in progress.
    This isn’t a drunken, private rant by some radio shock jock, it’s from a man running as the leader of the Republican Party, and the chief global policy job. McCain wants to be the Bridge Builder in Chief. This man would decide how we interact with a dozen Asian nations several of which we’ve fought wars against

    How Come McCain’s “Gook” Slur Isn’t Bigger News?:

    You didn’t notice because you were born and grew up in an nation where anti Asian hate was normalized via endless racist Western media. You think it’s normal because it’s all you’ve ever known. If it’s so normal then explain this.


    The first national study of Asian-American mental health finds that the second generation is more likely than their immigrant parents to have emotional disorders.

    Asian-American mental health

    Notice, second generation Asians do worse than their broken-English immigrant parents. Isn’t that strange? Despite these second generations being more culturally assimilated and speak near perfect English, their mental health is worse.

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