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    This isn’t a total myth. Living here has a lots of benefits.However, It was bought and paid for with your non-white lives, dignity, and lands.

    You may see graphs like this that show how The West rose through its own “merits” because of its work ethic, creativity, freedom, and “free thought”, etc.

    What you don’t see is this…


    China’s Rise, Fall, and Re-Emergence as a Global Power |

    BRITISH INDIA RAJ 1858 - 1947
    Estimated deaths: min 100 million includes the Bengal famine which claimed a minimum of 5 million based on corrupt British sources only. Indian or non-Anglo sources, logically more reliably, record 14 million. The 100 million figure does not include (a) the bloody chaos caused by the 1947 Partition estimated to be 1 million (b) the ensuing violence and disaster that continues to beset both Pakistan and Bangladesh. Britain literally tore asunder the Indian sub-continent during its reign of imperial terror, enslaving and starving millions for its vampiric empire. The British made famines including the 2 that devastated Bengal, were to be called the “Late Victorian Holocaust”.

    The 100 million figure is regarded as an extreme under-estimation by some non-anglo sources.


    Enduring criminality: In spite of the revisionism by that vile anglophile, Niall Ferguson, Indian chaos and appalling poverty is inextricably linked to the plunder and pillage by the British Raj. Britain imperialism savaged the food economy and geo-politics of the India sub-continent. Indigenous tribes and ancient caste systems were vandalized and re-engineered by British imperialists to leverage greater domination of the population. British meddling gave birth to the splinter ‘nations’ of Pakistan and Bangladesh, both regions wracked with perennial instability and desperation. Pakistan has become an eternal enemy of its ‘birth mother’ India. Motivated by a mutual “furnace of animosity” both nations have developed weapons of mass destruction.

    An estimated 61 million Indians survive in urban slums, while in the rural areas, 300 million are mired in the tyranny of poverty. Noam Chomsky points out: “India is still devastated by the effects of British colonialism…”(How the World Works, 2011).

    Enduring spoils for the British: Nineteenth and twentieth century British economy was hugely supported by the rapacious crimes of the British Raj. The profit Britain flogged from India was reinvested into other imperial and iniquitous ventures, including the numerous invasions into African nations.

    India remains part of the neo-imperialist group of Commonwealth countries. India’s membership to this vainglorious mutation of British imperialism perpetuates Britain’s continued ability to exploit, infiltrate and damage the indigenous world under the guise of ‘common wealth’. Cow dung is still dung by any other name.

    The eternal dispute, tension and instability between the partitioned Pakistan and India, a geo-political-religious fissure created by British imperialism, provides Britain exploitative opportunities in the form of arm sales and general chicanery.




    There are many other victims across Asia like Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Asian coolies, etc.

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