I feel terrible for Michelle Leng. Not only did she die at such a young age, but she died a brutal and painful death! The death penalty wouldn’t be enough for her killer, I rather watch him suffer like she did before letting him die.

I remembered watching a lot of forensic file episodes with my mom when I was younger and I remembered seeing quite a lot of episodes involving married couples (mostly wmwf but a few wmaf too) where the white husband murdered his wife. I had a suspicion that white men were violent but I had nothing to back up my suspicion. I used to joke with my parents that if I were to ever had the misfortune to end up with a white husband, he would probably murder me in my sleep. I had no idea at the time about statistics but this sure confirms it. Had no idea how close to the truth my joke really was.

the influence of trend setting female movie stars, finding a laowai for a husband was in fashion for young Chinese women

Yes, I believe a lot of it has to do with fashion. How can you possibly be attracted to someone who has absolutely no cultural ties with you, had completely different experiences growing up, can’t understand you when you speak, and you can’t understand them when they speak. How can any kind of chemistry develop?

I want to feel bad for the women who enter these marriages, only to regret it later, but I don’t. They’re doing this all in the name of “fashion” aka status-seeking. On the other hand, I do feel terrible for innocent victims like Michelle Leng who wanted nothing to do with these men in the first place.