'Like an angel': Michelle Leng's family arrive at court after [WHITE] uncle charged with murder [Warning to asian females] [case study]

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    Derek Barrett, 27, is accused of stabbing the 25 year old business graduate to death.

    Mr Chen condemned reports of speculation that Ms Leng had met with a boyfriend online before her death. He asked that the media stop spreading ‘fake information’. ‘[There have] been lots of stories, some of them not true and the family are very saddened by this.’

    He indicated his client was not coping well with incarceration. “Obviously he is very upset, shocked. He’s not finding the Sydney Police Centre particularly attractive. It’s a terrible place to be incarcerated and I can only hope he will be moved in the near future.”

    Ms Leng’s body was dumped in the ocean more than 100km away.

    She had been stabbed at least 20 times.

    Ms Leng had lived with Barrett (her uncle), his 48 year old wife and her cousin.

    Like an angel : Michelle Leng’s family arrive at court after uncle charged with murder - Yahoo7:


    Unemployed IT worker Mr Barrett, married to Ms Leng’s aunt, is alleged to have stabbed her more than 30 times.

    He said the case had generated interest in China, where Ms Leng’s family came from.

    The case has generated interest among Chinese international media, who attended the hearing, along with the dead woman’s brother and mother, who have flown to Australia.

    Her social media accounts have been flooded with more than 2000 tributes and Chinese online media agency Wesydney said the case had been huge news in China because many parents of students studying in Australia were concerned.

    Alleged killer Derek Barrett to plead not guilty | News Local:


    University graduate Michelle Leng was stripped naked, bound and gagged before her uncle allegedly stabbed her and dumped her body in a blowhole on the NSW Central Coast. The horrific details of Ms Leng’s final hours have been revealed after detectives laid further charges against her uncle Derek Barrett on Wednesday.

    The former IT worker was charged with 27 additional offences, including detaining for advantage, committing an act of indecency and filming private parts without consent

    Some of the charges relate to a child of whom Mr Barrett is accused of taking photographs while she was sleeping.

    He is also accused of filming himself masturbating over the child and Ms Leng in several separate incidents before Ms Leng’s death.

    Police will allege they came across the material alongside photographs showing a naked Ms Leng, bound with duct tape around her wrists and across her mouth.

    Ms Leng was stabbed more than 30 times and suffered a number of defensive wounds.

    Ms Leng was being kept captive and bound upstairs.

    Uni student Michelle Leng ‘stripped, bound, gagged’ before alleged murder:

    Afwm cases involving pedophilia, rape, murder, pedophile rings are extremely frequent. I have NEVER heard of such cases with amwf. The reason is simple. Their relationships are so often based on racial hatred, white male entitlement, hypersexualization of Asian females, and a colossal failure of Asian parents and women to recognize and stigmatize these sordid relationships built upon racist hate and domination.

    This case has all the classic symptoms of afwm “progressive” couples:
    ● he is white
    unemployed IT worker leeching off the wife
    ● married to woman near twice his age
    ● is a sick pedophile who secretly recorded videos of Mengmei and an other young girl in the house.
    made a pass on Mengmei when his wife was away
    stabbed Mengmei 20x when she rejected his disgusting unwanted attention
    ● dumped her body in a lake far away

    To add insult to injury, the pedophile / rapist / killer’s white lawyer is worried about how “attractive” the police station where his client is kept inside. Meanwhile the so-called Western FREE press™ insinuates that Derek is innocent by fabricating a story that Mengmei met “someone online”. Whites take no responsibility, blame the victim, and are more concerned about the feelings of a sick twisted evil white man.

    What can we learn?

    ● You can NEVER know if a white males if a psychopath. This is not a mere “bad apple”. How can the high frequency of afwm couples involved in pedophilia, rape, murder be explained? Especially when it almost NEVER happens with amwf couples?

    ● Asian women, especially young Asian women are not safe around white males.

    ● You endanger your family and friends by welcoming white males into your lives.

    I know you want to claim “not all wm are like that”, but according to USA government statistics, they are:
    397% more likely to RAPE than Asian men.
    628% more likely to ACT VIOLENTLY AGAINST THEIR FAMILY AND CHILDREN than Asian men

    Keep in mind, that’s just the general number including their behavior towards white women. When narrowed down by afwm only couples, the numbers are likely much much higher.


    And most dangerously, they are almost exclusively the ONLY group to commit familicide. This is not cultural. This is genetic. No other race even comes close.

    But even though ongoing struggles for women’s rights have won passage of laws against abuse in the home, domestic violence is still a leading cause of death for women aged 15 44. Women are often killed after leaving a relationship with a spouse or lover who felt entitled to enforce his terms on her departure.

    What’s Really Behind the Catholic Church’s Sexual Abuse Problem? | Alternet:


    Cases in which one intimate partner murders another and the children and then kills him or herself are rare and usually garner widespread media coverage. This type of murder suicide is called familicide.

    In almost all of these cases, the killer is a white, non-Hispanic man

    In most cases, the man exhibits possessive, obsessive and jealous behavior.

    Murder-Suicide in Families | National Institute of Justice


    You think I’m kidding? Would you believe Chinese celebrities that had the misfortune of being in relationships with white males? The running theme is VIOLENCE and DISLOYALTY

    You can better appreciate Chinese men after marrying a foreigner
    Chinese actress Yuan Li

    movie star Yuan Li candidly opened up on a talk show interview about her marriage. In interpersonal relationships, male foreigners are very different than Chinese men due to cultural differences. Yuan Li said, “You (can) better appreciate all the good qualities of Chinese men after marrying a foreigner.” Yuan said after the wedding that she felt pain and torment like she had never experienced before. She said she felt nothing but anguish at the beginning of the marriage, saying, “It was like a stuck gear made of flesh and blood, clacking away, grinding down upon my heart and my soul.” For a time, she only wanted to forget about this period in her life

    the influence of trend setting female movie stars, finding a laowai for a husband was in fashion for young Chinese women who emulated their role models and followed fads. With laowai cheating their victims of money and sex as well as having to endure domestic violence, many of these Chinese women have come to regret their decisions.

    The Chinese Movie Stars Who Regret Their Failed Relationships with Foreign Men | The Nanfang:

    This angel has been taken away from her mother [who lost her husband to an earthquake a few years back]. We must not let her death at the hands of this sick white psychopath be in vain.


    Spread the news. Translate it. Wake Asians up to the epidemic of racist white male entitlement, degeneracy, and psychopathy.

  • I feel terrible for Michelle Leng. Not only did she die at such a young age, but she died a brutal and painful death! The death penalty wouldn’t be enough for her killer, I rather watch him suffer like she did before letting him die.

    I remembered watching a lot of forensic file episodes with my mom when I was younger and I remembered seeing quite a lot of episodes involving married couples (mostly wmwf but a few wmaf too) where the white husband murdered his wife. I had a suspicion that white men were violent but I had nothing to back up my suspicion. I used to joke with my parents that if I were to ever had the misfortune to end up with a white husband, he would probably murder me in my sleep. I had no idea at the time about statistics but this sure confirms it. Had no idea how close to the truth my joke really was.

    the influence of trend setting female movie stars, finding a laowai for a husband was in fashion for young Chinese women

    Yes, I believe a lot of it has to do with fashion. How can you possibly be attracted to someone who has absolutely no cultural ties with you, had completely different experiences growing up, can’t understand you when you speak, and you can’t understand them when they speak. How can any kind of chemistry develop?

    I want to feel bad for the women who enter these marriages, only to regret it later, but I don’t. They’re doing this all in the name of “fashion” aka status-seeking. On the other hand, I do feel terrible for innocent victims like Michelle Leng who wanted nothing to do with these men in the first place.

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