I think because the number of Asian women who specifically chase and marry white men are so high, the rest of society notices this and looks down on them for it because it indicates lack of self-esteem. Tbh, most people can sense low self-esteem from a mile away and when they think you have no respect for yourself, why should they respect you? Even if there are a VERY small number of wmaf couples out there who married not because of fetishization or white worshipping, no one cares because the vast majority has to do with fetishization/white worshipping (otherwise wmaf wouldn’t be the most common interracial coupling ever nor would the ratio between wmaf and amwf be so skewed).

I’m gonna copy and paste what I wrote from the hapas sub a while ago to here but I think it’s relevant to the point I’m trying to make:

What pisses me off the most are the actions of the Asian women that caused such disrespect towards them in the first place (whoring themselves out to any white guy they see, no matter how hideous said white guy is). They’re a fucking embarrassment to me because look at how everyone sees all Asian women as now…less than whores because at least whores charge for money. These women’s only accepted currency is whiteness. If you’re white–free of charge.
Controversial opinion but most of the time, I confess that I do wish Asian women would stay exclusive to only Asian men. I will probably get accused of being “backwards” and “close-minded” by yellow fever white trolls and their Af lapdogs but imo, the women would’ve at least earned hell of a lot more respect from society as a whole if they did that.

From here https://www.reddit.com/r/hapas/comments/4wvd0m/from_2011_why_eastasian_women_are_repulsive/d6bvwvx

From the way I see things, the lack of respect towards Asian women isn’t going to change unless a. we somehow manage to raise the number of amwf to match the number of wmaf so that at the very least, it will look like that Asians, as a whole, are simply a very desired race because not only are the women considered attractive, but so are the men or b. we stay exclusive–in which case, we will also earn respect by not caring to mix our bloodline with those we deem less than ourselves.