@bugoutfever I always have very mixed feelings whenever Asians enlist in a white military. I don’t know enough about the connection between fighting and gaining civil rights, but I do know know this still exists.

anti-Chinese USA | http://www.zakkeith.com/articles,blogs,forums/anti-Chinese-persecution-in-the-USA-history-timeline.htm

anti-Chinese Britain | http://www.zakkeith.com/articles,blogs,forums/chinese-in-britain-history-timeline.htm

A detailed review of policy and research evidence confirmed the extent and seriousness of racist crime against the UK Chinese population. Although the number of Chinese origin victims of racist crimes appears to be small, relative to the numbers of Chinese people in the UK population, the figures are disturbing. The evidence from the literature suggests that in the UK and in other countries where there is a substantial settled population of people of Chinese origin (such as the USA and European countries), the Chinese are disproportionately represented as victims of crimes with a racial content, more than those from other minority ethnic groups.

Min Quan Finished Report.doc - Min Quan Finished Report.pdf:
http://www.sociology.leeds.ac.uk/assets/files/research/cers/Min Quan Finished Report.pdf

Why should Asians “need” to prove themselves with such huge sacrifices to gain a minimum of human rights? We’re still subjected to widespread racism.