Good list!

Asians come from a culture where we generally say what we think. That kind of honesty whites laugh at- they consider it the highest form of naivete. I think generally Asians take things on their face. Psychologists know the value of a first impression- we are biologically hardwired to classify someone on that impression. What Asians need to realize is what all people need to realize at a more general level - all people are not like you. We naturally are solipsistic and assume the way we see the world and interact is how other people do so. Corrupted thinking from the White Brand and braindead assumptions that other people (whites) are like them, they don’t understand that the twin tactics of whites, not just on a social level, but individual level are manipulation and domination. Look at how whites greet you- gregarious and inviting- that’s exploiting the biological flaw of overvaluing first impressions. Then later it’s not hard for them to be cold and judgmental- this is their natural proclivity for domination.

When I say domination I don’t mean physical. I mean interpersonal techniques like selectively ignoring what others say to convey their control of frame. Actively disagreeing to subtly intimidate the other person or devalue their point of view. In real life, I have a bit of a temper and I’m not afraid to show it to whites early on. If they’re overly assertive or rude, they get to see it. And what do they do? Back off. And approach more gingerly. So long as it’s controlled, they do respond because they see everything in terms of aggression and response to aggression. You can just focus on making nice with whites and expect good favor in return; with other Asians I do interact in this way because it’s more productive and reciprocated. You can’t fear social disharmony.

In many of your examples, that Asians still white worship even though we’re more successful on average than whites, suggests to me that a shift of perspective is needed in the extreme. Only through the lens of superiority can you combat the instinct of white worship. Only by meeting social needs through one another instead of depending on them. Only by a solid professional network where you can get great opportunities without white butt kissing. Then you release yourself from white dependency, need for validation and social acceptance. Concrete steps to erode white worship. White worship is understandable and expected in a society without these features.

Only through the self-perception of superiority can one combat white superiority. You can’t combat it with “we’re good” or “they’re not superior”. Jews learned this. People bash Jewish superiority but you have to be blunt about it with each other in order to combat Aryan superiority - which they advocate constantly, granted through more subtle means. When Aryans are in numerical advantage, they can afford to push their superiority in camoflauged ways. The minority cannot- and must be explicit with each other about it. Whites are mediocrities and resting the laurels of their past conquests. Look at their obesity and laugh; knowing its symbolic. The Asian era was destined; and the superiority of the Asian diaspora even within a hostile white majority proves it.

We must always remind each other of our superiority. We must conceive our own term for the ‘goyim’ that Asians use to describe pink buffoons. We must look down on them as yesterday’s news. Sundar Pichai is 43. He moved to the US at about 22. In less than 20 years, not even speaking English as his first language- he leapfrogged every self-professed white genius at Google. He makes $100M a year now. You can’t white worship inferior people.