Sun Yat Sen - the ultimate forgotten Asian American

  • Who is Sun Yat Sen? He was a revolutionary that overthrew the manchu Qing Dynasty of China in the early 20th century.

    What connection does he have with AAs? Sun Yat Sen moved from Guangdong, China to Honolulu, Hawaii after finishing elementary school and lived there until he was 17 before returning home to China. Sun was a FOB, unable to speak English at first, but picked it up so quickly that he received a prize for outstanding achievement from Hawaiian King David Kalākaua.

    Sun and many other people in China were angry at the fact that the Manchu controlled Qing Dynasty was corrupt and ineffective at defending against the invading Japanese and British armies, and wanted to overthrow the Qing. Sun went up and down the west coast of the US, fundraising money from Chinese families in Seattle, Tacoma, San Francisco and other places to finance the revolution. His brother even sold over 12000 acres of property in Hawaii to fund him, and eventually through much effort and suffering, Sun led many revolutionaries across China to unite and finally overthrow the Qing.

    Not bad for a FOB who went to school in Hawaii eh?

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    Wow I didn’t know of his connection to Hawaii. Very interesting.

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    @growingmyknee He’s one hell of an Asian - certainly more credible than “Asian activists” that blog about “West Coast fusion” and praise propaganda disguised as entertainment like Miss Saigon that whitewashes


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