Not all whites are bad

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    “In their zeal to protect something precious, people sometimes decide to dig the moat too far out, thinking that it is safer to defend too much than risk defending too little. The result is that they end up trying to defend the indefensible, clinging to an extreme position that is actually vulnerable only because of its exaggeration.” - D. Dennett

    Learning about white crimes against humanity sickened and enraged me. Now that I have time to see the bigger picture, I can see like most things, it’s not black and white.

    Examples of good whites

    ● Many books that expose Western evils are written and promoted by Westerners themselves. american empire project

    ● Many whites joined the civil rights protests and anti-police brutality protests

    ● PETA - People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They are controversial but let’s not spit hairs.

    ● Temple Grandin campaigned for better animal welfare at industrial farms -

    ● Dr. Jonas Salk - invented polio vaccine. Tested it on himself and his family first and gave it away freely (never patented) it even though he could make billions.

    ● Author of Animal Farm and 1984, Orwell helped to warn of the dangers of totalitarian states. He also wrote in support of the disadvantaged sections of society, and criticised imperialism

    ● Tim Berners Lee (1955- ) - Tim Berners Lee is credited with inventing the World Wide Web, which enabled the internet to display websites viewable on internet browsers. He developed the http:// protocol for the internet, and made the world wide web freely available.

    ● Annie Besant involved in representing women and workers in 19th Century Britain. Became leading member of Theosophy society and supported Indian independence

    ● The Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin invented the seatbelt in 1959 and gave it away without patenting - would have made him hundreds of millions

    ● J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904–1967), United States – Atomic bomb. Oppenheimer was in charge of the Manhattan project which led to the creation of the first atomic bomb, later dropped in Japan. He later campaigned against his own invention.

    ● John Rabe protected Chinese citizens and Minnie Vautrin who organized and ran the Safety Zone.sanctuary during the Rape of Nanking (however, whites created the mess in the first place see

    ● John Brown died while leading slaves to freedom. He was the real white hero, who cared about Black slaves. He was the one who sacrificed his life to save them - not war criminal, Abraham Lincoln.

    ● Matt Lee - an honest journalist asking the hard questions

    ● Edward Snowden is a CIA whistleblower about nsa super spying program

    ● Western media does report disasters in Asia and donations do come from whites. However, there is a lot of racism in these reports sometimes like the Japanese tsunami is an act of god.

    ● They adopt Asian kids. However, this is controversial since many do so in a white-savior / self glorifying manner eg look at me, I’m so great. Furthermore, many adoptees are AGAINST adopting. That ought to make you think.

    Still, my daughters don’t see themselves reflected in my and my husband’s faces. They will confront racism in their lives, which neither my husband nor I ever have.

    ● Around 1960-1970’s Vietnam War anti-war movement there was a huge anti war movement…and lots of troops (500,000) defected. In an astounding statistic, more Vietnam veterans have committed suicide than were killed in the war. Millions of Americans, many of us students on college campuses, marched, demonstrated, spoke out, sang and protested against the war. Thousands were arrested and some, at Kent State and Jackson State, were killed. The military draft and images of dead Vietnamese galvanized the movement.

    ● anti-imperialist league of America and Britain, anti-Vietnam War, “panda huggers”, anti-War in Iraq

    ● trying to get president George Bush to be punished as a war criminal.

    ● affirmative action even though it later got hijacked to benefit mainly white women

    ● allowing immigrants to study at top universities…even though brain draining and money are huge motivations

    ● A rule of law that works most of the time…even though there are outrageous and consistent injustices based on race

    ● They give billions of pounds in charities that get sent to poorer countries…after they raped, enslaved, genocided, plundered, and continue to economically rape them. A lot of aid actually
    goes back to western companies as subsidies to put the local businesses into bankruptcy.

    ● allow millions of people to come from all over the world and have free healthcare, social services, housing benefit, education at their expense…same as above
    for the above two points see

    ● They stop their own children getting jobs when they leave school so that people from other countries can come over and get a job…not really. Immigrants are desired by white oligarchy to cut costs down and also for brain drain. It’s not different than the Chinese coolies being imported to break strikes by Black and White railway workers. The reason immigration is so high in many recently created white nations is due to their history of imperialism. Whites are foreign invaders. Where will they get the man power?

    The military draft and images of dead Vietnamese galvanized the movement.

    ● Although white lunatics created the Refugee crisis with their wars of aggression in the Middle East, there are good whites like these.

    Not all white nations are equal

    I actually don’t have the time to prove this thoroughly but the strain of whites from Britain are disproportionately violent. Look at all the places they gone and what they did - New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA. China, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Africa, Hawaii, Mexico, etc. The Netherlands, Portugal, France, Belgium, Italy, and others also committed plenty of crimes.

    Why not all whites are bad.

    Whites are so brainwashed by their schools, news, falsified history, entertainment, etc that they honestly believe themselves to be innocent and can’t understand why anyone would hate them.

    They hate us because of our freedom - George W. Bush

    They think whites built everything yet Chinese were 90% of their railroad workforce.

    They think Jesus saves everyone yet they ignore the overwhelming evidence that god, if it exists, hates and brutalized every non-white group on behalf of whites. Many of these civilizations are practically exterminated.

    They think they invented everything that is good while ignoring the contributions of many non-white nations.

    They think immigrants are taking over “THEIR” land, a place that was stolen through genocide of the Native Indians.

    They honestly think they are endangered eg white genocide lollll.

    They think they are honorable and peace keeping, when the west is the largest manufacturer and has the world’s largest stockpile of the world’s most lethal and horrific weapons - that they used on innocent people. The American government even exonerated Nazi (s and Japanese war criminals in exchange for technology. They prop up dictatorships in other countries to keep them down (–Updated/dp/1567512526/). Their destabilize governments around the world and economically rape them with “restructuring policies” (

    They see their white women being taken away by Blacks yet they never think about the countless women from other cultures that they raped, child molested, or took advantage of because of their wealth disparities. To them, any loss of women to them is a grave injustice seeking to exterminate their race while the opposite is perfectly normal and post-racial and angry non-white men are oppressive control freaks jerks.

    The typical white person’s perspective

    Yes, we did some bad things, but everyone did them. What about all the benefits we gave you (science, technology, medicine, arts, entertainment, democracy, god, etc).

    Meanwhile, we’re increasingly heading towards minority status in our home, where we lose in school admissions because of affirmative action, lose good paying jobs because of cheaper immigrants and off shoring, lose tax money to pay for social support/welfare, etc. The middle class is shrinking and my kids have no future. I’m not a racist but minorities accuse me of being a white supremacist. This is unfair.

    Notes: Remember, they were accustomed having these things and now these normal things are taken away. Multiculturalism is shoved down their throats and they’re branded as white racists if they oppose. I do sympathize with their loss even though I see the bigger picture while they don’t. They are getting screwed over by history and the white oligarchy but minorities are scapegoated. To add insult to injury, whites have to pretend to embrace “diversity” while other non-white nations don’t.

    Why Whites cannot change and become better

    What prevents many whites from being good people is the massive brainwashing / propaganda they are programmed with since birth. Because of this they lack REAL history and fail to see how the people they hate are in fact victims. The vast majority of whites are not intentionally evil. In their minds, they are doing the right thing.

    The programming is so bad that many Asians get brainwashed protest for #BlackLivesMatter but they won’t do anything for Asian causes

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