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    After an enormous amount of work by a fellow activist, trancefan, and myself, the web app version 1.0 is complete. The web app is an online database that you can search instantly as you type. It contains over a thousand data records covering major topics relevant to Asians - especially the diaspora living in hostile racist Western nations.

    Why is this important?

    ● Did you ever want an immediate answer to some very specific question? And, someone told you to 'just google it, bro". Or, perhaps they uselessly recommended reading a 600 page book.
    ● Did you ever get gaslighted and lied to about something such as…Asians need to check their ‘Asian privilege’ or Asian men are “toxic” or white men are “gentleman” or “white male child rapists in Asia is rare”. You knew it was a lie but you didn’t have the credible and extensive data/studies/answers at your finger tips to debunk the lies immediately?
    ● Did you ever have a hard time convincing your family or oblivious friends that anti Asian racism is real and not just your “insecurity” or “imagination”?
    ● Did you ever wish you didn’t have to read dozens of boring, and sometimes, conflicting, academic papers for days to find proof that affirmative action definitely hurts Asians?
    ● Did you ever wish you could get the gist of an academic study instead of reading through it yourself? Perhaps, learning that it was paid for by groups designed to keep Asians down?
    ● Did you ever wonder if an “Asian activist” you never heard of, such as Jenn Fang, can be trusted?
    ● Did you ever wish you could generate a list of crimes against Asians and sort it by country and by year and even by the type of crime?

    That’s what this web app is for. It is a highly organized collection of curated credible data/answers at your finger tips.

    Unlike every other forum, discussion/chat app, website, etc, this is not just a messy data dump that no one can utilize because nothing can be found without wasting hours of one’s life. This is, as far as I know, the only custom database of its kind in the world that provides Asians with decades of accumulated research, data, and examples in a usable format at scale.

    Every single data record was curated and the excerpts [most important parts] are available as text that you can copy with a single click. That’s right. You don’t have to read a 10 page article. I did it. You don’t have to watch hundreds of hours of lectures and seminars to get the most important clips. I did that too. I read through thousands of articles and grabbed the most important parts so you don’t have to, which saves everyone a colossal amount of time.

    Some of the topics include…

    ● systemic racism against Asians in hollywood / Asians in media
    ● discrimination - school AKA affirmative action in America is racist and harms Asians in the admissions process
    ● discrimination - love AKA discrimination against Asian men in romantic settings
    ● creepy white guys preying on Asian women
    ● self hate in the Asian community
    ● white worship in the Asian community
    ● list of Asian foes that are funded by western controllers to subvert Asian advocacy
    ● the difference between afwm vs amwf and why they are completely different
    ● half Asian half white AKA Eurasian AKA hapa family issues and psychological problems due to the extremely racially charged nature of Asian women with white male pairings.
    ● white degeneracy - pedophilia - especially in Asia
    ● white crimes against Asians - imperialism

    So far, I only added the most important records. I have a backlog of about 10,000+ more records that will be added over time.

    How to use

    Go to https://asiansoul.org/app

    it’s really as simple as typing keywords into the search field [labelled “name”] at the top

    Here’s more detail

    A key tip is to use the keyword “core” in your search. Core = the most important data records for that specific topic. eg the search phrase “core anti Asian hate - racism” would find the strongest evidence of anti Asian hate - racism. I tag data records with core specifically to annihilate gas lighting, lies, excuses, cherry picked anecdotes, self policing and other behavior that downplays the severity of our problems.

    Here’s a list of tags you can search with to find what you want. Familiarize yourself with the list. I think the tags are obvious except for anti Asian hate - attack and warning to Asians. Those tags are not exclusive enough and it was an error of judgment earlier in my data organizing system. Keep in mind, I had to invent and rename lots of these tags. Each renaming was extremely tedious so I avoided changing tags as much as I could. There are newer tags that will be included later.

    To copy the information, select the results you want and left mouse click the copy button OR you can hold the control key THEN press c key THEN release c key THEN release control key. Yes, you need to press the buttons in that order. We couldn’t solve the glitch.

    You can and should combine tags to help narrow your searches.

    [book rev]
    [case study]
    [compare contrast]
    [compare contrast] - amwf vs afwm

    [North korea]
    [South Korea]

    [new zealand]

    afwm achievement - abandoned hapa bastards
    afwm achievement - anti-Asian
    afwm achievement - creep
    afwm achievement - divorce
    afwm achievement - familicide
    afwm achievement - hapa psychopath
    afwm achievement - killed
    afwm achievement - my wife gf is Asian
    afwm achievement - pedophilia
    afwm achievement - pro white supremacy

    anti Asian hate [alternative spelling is aah]
    anti Asian hate - attack [alternative spelling is aah - attack]
    anti Asian hate - killed [alternative spelling is aah - killed]
    anti Asian hate - racism [alternative spelling is aah - racism]
    anti Asian hate - robbed [alternative spelling is aah - robbed]

    anti Asian lie [alternative spelling is aal]
    anti Asian lie - accused of spying [alternative spelling is aal - accused of spying]
    anti Asian lie - no freedom [alternative spelling is aal - no freedom]
    anti Asian lie - no leadership skills [alternative spelling is aal - no leadership skills]
    anti Asian lie - uncreative [alternative spelling is aal - uncreative]

    anti blackness

    anti China lie [alternative spelling is acl - ]
    anti China lie - accused of spying [alternative spelling is acl - accused of spying]
    anti China lie - Chinese crap [alternative spelling is acl - Chinese crap]
    anti China lie - minority repression, oppression, Uyghur, Tibetan, Xinjiang, cultural genocide [alternative spelling is acl - minority repression, oppression, Uyghur, Tibetan, Xinjiang, cultural genocide]
    anti China lie - neocolonialism, imperialism, debt trap [alternative spelling is acl - neocolonialism, imperialism, debt trap]
    anti China lie - no freedom [alternative spelling is acl - no freedom]
    anti China lie - no leadership skills [alternative spelling is acl - no leadership skills]
    anti China lie - uncreative [alternative spelling is acl - uncreative]

    apology - gaslight - grow up, you oversensitive -
    apology - gaslight - I don’t see race, we’re all one -
    apology - gaslight - I was paying homage -
    apology - gaslight - our nation’s humor -
    apology - gaslight - public relations statement -
    apology - gaslight - you are racist -
    apology - gaslight - you misunderstood, I didn’t mean it -
    apology - gaslight and afwm achievement - my wife gf is Asian -

    Asian hero
    Asians don’t matter [alternative spelling is adm]

    Asians in hollywood [alternative spelling is aih]
    Asians in media [alternative spelling is aim]

    balanced perspective

    bbb [note: may be obsolete]
    brainwashed - afwm
    brainwashed - forgive easily
    brainwashed - harming Asians - anti soft power
    brainwashed - harming Asians - general
    brainwashed - helping enemy - general
    brainwashed - helping enemy - media
    brainwashed - helping enemy - soldier
    brainwashed - one sided love
    brainwashed - self hate
    brainwashed - self policing
    brainwashed - white worship
    brainwashed - zero consequences
    brainwashed - zero standards
    brainwashed - zero standards afwm



    counters - incite disloyalty
    counters - incite white guilt
    counters - laws
    counters - power of consequences


    discrimination - all
    discrimination - love
    discrimination - media
    discrimination - school
    discrimination - social
    discrimination - work

    fake white allies
    fake white competitiveness
    fake white democracy
    fake white freedom
    fake white human rights
    fake white international institutions
    fake white justice
    fake white leadership
    fake white transparency

    I didn’t mean it
    non-asian actvists are better

    proof of brainwashing
    proof of conspiracy

    racist hypocrites

    warning to Asian men [alternative spelling is wtam]
    warning to Asian men - you look repulsive [alternative spelling is wtam - you look replusive]

    warning to Asian women [alternative spelling is wtaw]
    warning to Asian women - creepy black guys [alternative spelling is wtaw - cbg]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - attack [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - attack]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - dating [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - dating]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - domestic violence [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - domestic violence]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - false flag [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - false flag]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - killed [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - killed]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - misogynistic [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - misogynistic]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - psychopath [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - psychopath]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - racist [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - racist]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - racist hypocrites [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - racist hypocrites]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - raped [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - raped]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - raped killed [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - raped killed]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys - you are being used [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - you are being used]
    warning to Asian women - creepy white guys [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg]
    warning to Asian women - real Asian men [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - real Asian men]
    warning to Asian women - real white males [alternative spelling is wtaw - cwg - real white males]

    warning to Asians [alternative spelling is wta]

    we’re all one

    white cowardice

    white crimes against Asians [alternative spelling is wcaa]
    white crimes against humanity [alternative spelling is wcah]

    white deceit - betrayal
    white deceit - cheating
    white deceit - defending scum
    white deceit - lies
    white deceit - scam
    white deceit - stealing credit
    white deceit - victim blaming
    white deceit - whitewashing crimes

    white degeneracy
    white degeneracy - bestiality
    white degeneracy - family values
    white degeneracy - greed
    white degeneracy - incest
    white degeneracy - pedophilia
    white degeneracy - tourist

    white fragility
    white hypocrisy
    white psychopathy
    white psychopathy - terrorism
    white quality
    white racist hate [alternative spelling is wrh]
    white supremacy blueprint [alternative spelling is wsb]

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