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    The short version is that since the 1400’s, Caucasian terrorists have brutalized and enslaved much of the planet. The excuses/justifications/pretexts have changed from Christians “saving souls” to “defending democracy” to “promoting prosperity” to “humanitarian intervention” to “defending women’s rights”, but the goal and the result is always the same - the destruction and enslavement of non-white nations for the benefit of Caucasian ones.

    I will prove this extensively with heavy documentation and numerous case studies that involved Asian nations. That’s why it will take a long time.

    Obligatory note to the morons with their lame excuses. Yes, it’s not all white people, but the balance of power is obvious to even the most retarded person. Secondly, Caucasians are unified by their remarkable silent complicity as these crimes are carried out. Yet, they are quick to condemn any perceived misdeed by non-white nations. So, no, the vast majority of Caucasians are not “ignorant” or “innocent”. They are complicit morally bankrupt liars - with very few exceptions.

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