My thoughts on soft power, marketing, and branding

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    @natalie_ng It’s not funny when its our people making these absurd mistakes. I don’t even know why I need to explain 99% of this shit.

  • @secondstrike Oh I see. I have a feeling that it’s gonna be hilarious for some reason. Like you’ll have pics of toothless villagers under the “what is not soft power” side and pics of people with perfect teeth under the “what is soft power” side :rofl:

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    @natalie_ng That’s not done yet. It’s just a messy list of stuff at the moment.

  • @secondstrike Oh, I meant the compare and contrast table.

  • @secondstrike Lol I’d love to see it! Post it here!

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    @natalie_ng Yup. I agree.

    You’ll love this section about 85k characters…including a compare and contrast table to show them what IS soft power and what IS NOT soft power [what they usually do]

  • @secondstrike

    showing old toothless/dental cavities villagers constantly

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: this is so true. They DO do that. I almost forgot about it until you brought it up.

    they don’t seem to understand that they are grand masters at anti soft power.

    :rofl: Yeah, they’re horrific.

    I almost forgot to mention this–which may be useful for your guide too if you haven’t added it already: but some people naturally have an eye for all things beautiful (whether it’s fashion or architecture or movie backgrounds, etc…) and some people just don’t. To us, Uniqlo jackets are hideous but to some, they’re gorgeous and these are the people I’m saying DON’T naturally have good judgment of what is attractive. And these are the people you also don’t want to be in control of your soft power/entertainment industry.

    In cases like these, I think it’s best to hire someone who does, even if it means bringing in people from other countries. For example, some Southeast Asian countries will hire Korean designers or Japanese make-up artists, for example, to make their movies look better.

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    @natalie_ng Ya, I meant their soft power is bad. Related to the point you made, flower boys, Chinese opera, dweebs as news casters, speaking in broken English, afwm, showing old toothless/dental cavities villagers constantly, etc. I understand why they do some of the things that they do, but they don’t seem to understand that they are grand masters at anti soft power. I am not sure if I will post the guide here. It’s one big guide and I doubt anyone besides them would care.

  • @secondstrike lol, are you going to be posting your guide here as well? And when you said “they’re so bad”, do you mean their soft power strategy is bad?

    Because if so, yeah, I agree–it’s horrendous.

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    @natalie_ng Agreed. This is in my [work in progress] soft power guide that I’m writing.

    Actually, they’re so bad, I have multiple sections dedicated to this. lol

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