Update: webapp, crimes database, Asians in hollywood/media database, exposes, black pill science

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    I’ve been busy working on things off site. There will be a big update this June 2018.

    A webapp will make a lot of content available in a very accessible manner. You will be able to instantly find almost anything Asian related within a few keystrokes.

    Crimes against Asians, Asian women, and Asian children database will be part of that deal. Same with Asians in hollywood/media. It will be similar to http://www.zakkeith.com/articles,blogs,forums/hollywood-asian-stereotypes.htm but more thorough - especially with regards to images and video.

    Exposes that were floating around elsewhere will be ported to this site as markdown.

    A bunch of scientific research on black pill will be put up. This is especially important for Asian men who want to succeed in the dating/marriage area.

    Stay tuned.

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