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    For decades, many Asian women, especially Asian “feminists”, juggled two personalities simultaneously.

    In one personality, they publicly fought against racism and social injustice. Examples of such injustice include red lining, imperialism, Islamophobia, discrimination, racist stereotypes, police brutality, hate crimes, glass ceilings, etc. The bulk of these crimes are the creation of white men.

    In the other personality, they were the white worshiper with zero self respect. Such Asian women are so infamously easy that a white nationalist site has described dating Asian women as a “rite of passage for white nationalists”. Remember, that’s not just any white male, but a white nationalist - the polite term for a white supremacist - a white male who views other races as “beneath” him.

    When called out for their dishonesty and hypocrisy, these Asian women resorted to more lies such as…

    ● “Love” is colorblind / I don’t see color
    ● It’s just my “preferences”.
    ● White males “treat me better”.
    ● Asian men are jerks.
    ● Asian men have “tiny” penises.
    ● Asian men are just jealous losers.
    ● Asian men are hypermasculine/violent
    ● Asian men are girly

    For a long time, with the enormous help of a white male controlled media, they fooled the world into accepting those lies. Not anymore.


    Note: It turns out this author only goes half way. She blames racist white males, but ignores Asian women’s complicity. I’ll let these two wisemen sum it up. They do a much better job.

    she fails to ask the most important question of all: why are Asian women choosing to partner with racists? Why are they choosing complicity in white nationalism and anti-blackness? Lim deals with this awkward fact by ignoring it…

    The uncomfortable truth here is that white nationalists pursue and attain Asian female partners simply because they know they can, and that there are some Asian women who are very willing to partner white racists. There’s no mystery about it.

    At first, I didn’t click it because I thought I would be disappointed. Then finally, I clicked it…and was disappointed.

    The difference between what I want to see and what I actually see in the media can be summed up in two words: personal responsibility. I’m really not so surprised that the Alt-Right is into Asian women, and I’m not so surprised that Asian women are into Alt-Right white guys. Asian women are often conservative, so there’s no surprise that conservative guys would like them. Many (though of course not all) Asian women also love and idolize White guys, so there should be no surprise there either. What is surprising is that writers in major newspapers continue to talk about problems and ONLY point the finger at White guys. If racist Alt-Right White guys are marrying Asian women, you can’t just question the White guys. Obviously Asian women are also choosing the Alt-Right. Shouldn’t this be at least as big of a story?


    The Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish - The New York Times

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