It's official: American Caucasian white males commit mass murder disproportionately to their population size

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    Stephen Haddock is a mass murderer. During a concert in Las Vegas, he opened fire with a machine gun. He injured 500+ people. He killed at least 58 people.

    He is a Caucasian white male.

    His partner is an Asian woman. I won’t comment on that for now since investigations are still ongoing.

    I do want to address the common gaslighting from Caucasian white males. Comments pointing out that mass murderers are predominately Caucasian white males are often dismissed. They often say…

    Caucasian white males mass murderers aren’t over represented. It only seems that way because there are more of us in America. [what about Asian and Black mass shooters??]

    I am sure you heard something like this before. Well, good news, here’s a study that debunks their claim. Use it next time you hear them spread fiction.


    In the Unites States, middle-class Caucasian heterosexual males in their teenage years and in middle age commit mass murder, the killing of at least three victims during a single episode at one or more closely related locations, in numbers disproportionately high relative to their share of the population.

    among many mass killers, the triple privileges of white heterosexual masculinity which make subsequent life course losses more unexpected and thus more painfully shameful ultimately buckle under the failures of downward mobility and result in a final cumulative act of violence to stave off subordinated masculinity.

    Mass murder is the only subset of homicide that can be considered a predominantly and even disproportionately white phenomenon. As such, white privilege and entitlement play a major contributing role in the phenomenon. Whites commit mass murder in numbers disproportionately high relative to their share of the population. Fox and Levin (1998, 435) find that 69.9 percent of American mass killers are non-Hispanic whites,2 while non-Hispanic whites make up only 63.7 percent of the US population (Census Briefs 2011). This white disproportionately (albeit fairly close to proportionality) is exclusive to this type of killer.

    Triple Entitlement and Homicidal Anger

    It is interesting that they blame their mass murdering pass time on white fragility. It sounds like another more sophisticated deflection. Now, we’re supposed to “feel sorry” for the “oppression” they go through.

    ps: You may have noticed that I seldom post. I have been working on a big data dump. Hopefully, I can post it all in a few more weeks. I think most of you will find it very valuable.

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